Illegal Alien Charged After Raping 14-Year-Old Maryland

Two suspects reportedly in the U.S. illegally allegedly raped and sodomized a 14-year-old Maryland high school student on Thursday after trapping her in a bathroom stall during the school day, according to police.

A detective from the Special Victims Investigations Division Child Abuse/Sex Assault (SVID CA/SA) interviewed the victim, identified as “Victim A,” on Mar. 16. The young victim was allegedly orally, anally, and vaginally raped. Below is a transcript from three of the four available pages from the detective’s statement of probable cause:

One March 16, 2017, your affiant, a duly sworn Montgomery County Police Detective, currently assigned to the Special Victims Investigations Division Child Abuse/Sex Assault (SVID CA/SA), began an investigation into the allegation of rape of a minor, known to your affiant, and referred to as Victim A from this point forward.

Victim A is a 14-year-old female (DOB: 4/16/2002) who attends Rockville High School located at 2100 Baltimore Road, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland 20851.

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  1. Thus is the reason we need to know who they are and that they have the money to support them selves for at least 1 year without working and they must stay in monthly contact either with Law Enforcement or the Dept. of Immigration!!!


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  2. Ron Warren says:

    Since illegals are not US Citizens their names should be published regardless of their age. As non-citizens they should not be able to file lawsuits. So who is protecting these rats?

  3. If you are an illegal you have nothing binding you to our constitution so you act out. If you gather in our streets you should be jailed you have no say in our politics? You illegals cant have it both ways now can you?

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