Iran Flaunts New Missiles, So U.S. responds

Recently the United States, working in cooperation with Japan, successfully intercepted a ballistic missile target in a training exercise in Hawaii, according to the U.K.Express.

This exercise seemed to be in response to Iran’s recent tests of ballistic missile systems, which have not gone over well with either President Donald Trump or his administration.

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  1. El says:

    Give me a minute while I remove my shoes. Toes are my digital calculator. Now that is better. So the US FIRES A MISSLE and shoots down another missile that is ours. So that appears to me that the US HAS WASTED two missiles that could have been used to destroy two Iranian missiles. Considering these were not fired at an Iranian missile to start with, my digitalis indicate that the score in now 3 to 0 in favor of the Iranians. Some may disagree and perhaps I made an error due to the fact I forgot to remove my socks. Should anyone agree with me please let me know as I need your help in verification of my statistics as I am applying for a position as janitor at the Army War College. Credentials Matter( sort of).

  2. omen11 says:

    You are correct. If we are able to shoot down missiles then why do we not shoot down the NKorean missles and Iranian missles when they play the missile test game. Every time they shoot one up,we Shoot it down. THEN THEY WILL STOP!!

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