Is Ted Cruz About to Rise From The Dead? (Primary Might Not Be Over)

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.09.48 PMThe fat lady hasn’t sung yet! Ted Cruz is open to restarting his campaign if he sees a path to victory. Donald Trump would need to have a major meltdown for this to happen. Ted Cruz says he is hanging on to his delegates to have sway over the party platform.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump may have thought he delivered the knock-out punch to Ted Cruz — but the Texas senator apparently doesn’t see himself down and counted out of the 2016 Republican presidential race.

Not yet, anyway.

Cruz, in an interview Tuesday with radio host and supporter Glenn Beck, opened the door just a crack to kick-starting his now-suspended campaign if he somehow starts winning primary contests again. Asked what he’d do if, for instance, Nebraska voters back him in Tuesday’s primary, Cruz said he assumes that won’t happen but added:

“Let’s be very clear, if there is a path to victory — we launched this campaign intending to win.”

Ted Cruz has lost Nebraska but that was just one hypothetical. If Donald Trump were to stumble between now and California Ted Cruz is ready to jump back in the race. With Kasich out it would be easier for Cruz to rack up delegates in states like California that award them by congressional district. Again, there are no signs Cruz will resume his campaign unless Donald Trump hits a major roadblock but Cruz is keeping his delegates and options open.

It ain’t over until Chris Christie sings!