Is the Tea Party Movement Spreading to Europe? Maybe…

Europa-highly detailed map.Layers used.Most Tea Party groups around the country started with libertarian-leaning folks who wanted government to get out of all aspects their lives – from their bank accounts to the bedroom. In another country across the Atlantic, people are demonstrating in the streets against their socialist leaders and over-reaching government programs.

This political uprising is from an unlikely sector: Social conservatives in one of the most liberal countries in Europe – France. This cultural political movement seems to be spreading like wildfire throughout Europe.

This backlash against liberal social policies started in opposition to certain teaching in French schools. Students were required to read books that promoted non-traditional gender roles such as “Daddy Wears a Dress.” One boy reportedly had been forced to dress up as a princess for a school party. In response, social conservatives organized a “take your child out of school for a day” protest.

A recent same-sex marriage law signed by French President Francois Hollande turned more French citizens against these liberal policies.

Political fuel was added to the fire when a rumor circulated that Hollande may have secretly renounced his Christian faith. This is something that’s difficult – if not impossible – to prove, but it stirred up social conservatives even more.

These political newcomers have taken to the streets in the tens of thousands to voice their disapproval of the Hollande government. They organized assemblies and social media campaigns… and targeted Socialist politicians, but also right-of-center candidates who they didn’t think were conservative enough.

This organized, focused action paid off as French conservatives won recent elections in a nationwide landslide. The runoff vote gave the far-right National Front party its biggest victory ever, taking 11 towns and a major district in Marseille. The center-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) took elections in more than 150 other French cities.

These heavy Socialist losses reflected extreme disapproval in the leadership of President Hollande. In response, Hollande reshuffled the French government the day after the election. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault was replaced by Interior Minister Manuel Valls. In the newspaper Journal du Dimanche, Valls warned:

“We are witnessing the rise of a tea party of the French.”

This political culture war is also being waged across Europe. In Spain, the conservative government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wants to push through legislation that would greatly limit abortion rights. This unleashed a bitter confrontation with the left and reversed a steady trend of liberal social policies in Spain since the death of General Francisco Franco.

In Poland, a measure that would grant same-sex civil partnerships failed last year due to massive opposition. After the bill went down to defeat, Prime Minster Donald Tusk said he saw no chance of these type of unions passing in the next 10 to 15 years.

Social conservatives have also gained momentum in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel sparked outrage among progressives after she expressed doubts about full adoption rights for same-sex couples. Merkel said in a German public TV interview, “To be completely honest with you, I’m having difficulty with full equality.”

Given the results of this recent election, does this mean we’ll see a limited-government Renaissance in France? Not exactly. This movement called the “tea party, a la Francaise” by some in France hasn’t had the same impact that the Tea Party had on US politics in the 2010 election. While some conservatives are opposed to high taxes and wasteful government spending, big government is still generally considered good government in France by many people on both the left and the right.

Many French social conservatives bristle at the comparison between them and the American Tea Party movement. But others say they see some similarities. “In a way, yes, on values, I think we could be described as a kind of tea party,” said Madeleine de Jessey, 24, a co-founder of the Common Sense Movement within the UMP. “But economically speaking, we are not conservative like them.”

While this political movement in France isn’t the same as the Tea Party in the US, it’s encouraging that more people are rejecting the cultural policies of the Left. Over time, maybe this opposition could also attack the failed liberal economic policies.


  1. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    The good news is that the movement toward conservative, less intrusive government is taking hold in Europe.
    This should help keep the fires glowing for our conservative movement. The rest of the world is moving toward removing the shackles of socialist government. More than anything this should reafirm the premise that the left wing liberal are not and will not ever be a viable solution for what ails the country.
    The big government movement in the US is losing momentum as fast as it is killing jobs and opportunity in all but the wealthiest class. The behemoth is crumbling under it’s own weight and a myriad of scandals, that expose the liberals for the mean spirited liar’s they truly are.
    Many of us are still waiting for the Owebama administration to deliver the jobs and prosperity it has promised time and again, but failed to deliver.
    Owebama Care, the one big ticket item they touted as a fix for the health care system has caused more problems than it cured. Even the insurance company’s who helped write the bill are not happy with it. Congress has done everything it could to exempt itself, the unions, and big campaign contributors. Yet the general consensus is that the only to fix the problem is to repeal Owebama Care and replace it.
    This all goes to the cardinal rules of government.
    1. If it ain’t broke. fix it till it is.
    2. Lets see how difficult we can make this
    3. If we can be held accountable, lets just pass a law exempting ourselve from prosecution.
    GET MAD!! GET REAL!! Vote the liberals out of congress come November regardless of party affiliation. Stop voting for liberals in future elections
    Let’s make this the first step toward getting America back on track.

    • OSAMA OBAMA says:

      To do this, we ALL must let the rulers know our disapproval of “Immigration reform”

      Otherwise, 12 million new socialists will be allowed to vote.

    • lexus alexander says:

      Maybe we can get creative and vote multiple times like those Acorny liberals do.

  2. WVF says:

    If European citizens are sick of liberal/socialistic tripe, that is good news for people around the globe. Liberalism/socialism is evil and destructive to the human spirit.

  3. OSAMA OBAMA says:

    The libturds hold up France as a “beacon of hope”, an example of “socialism at it’s finest.”..LMFAO!!

  4. RevAlvinCordes says:

    What is a liberal? What is a conservative? My chief criteria is: “How do you feel about killing the preborn?” Anyone who can help kill preborn babies who can’t fight back can’t have the morals to do much of anything else for the good of mankind, unless it is first for themselves.
    Check it out in the Bible. Nothing ticks God off more in His greatest rage is the “killing of innocent blood.” Look at how David and Solomon felt they had to deal with the killing of innocent blood by Joab.
    Look at God’s words to Cain for killing Able.

  5. Jerry Branson says:

    I am glad to see a backlash against liberalism anywhere in the world that it occurs.

  6. Rich Grise says:

    Out of the doctor’s office and out of the insurance business and out of the propaganda classrooms, too.

    Or, just write me in in 2016:
    I’ll fire the whole damn government!

  7. Susan Clodfelter says:

    I hope not, the contagion needs to be stomped on here. End the tea party now.

    • Steve wilkerson says:

      U are a Brainwashed Dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liberty says:

      All right. I’ll bite. What’s your complete and specific definition of the tea party?

  8. Taking care of business! says:

    We’ve ignited a fire that should have been exported to us, not started by us. They’ve a lot of catching-up to do, but welcome brothers-in-arms.

  9. Cooper says:

    Help IMPEACH >Obama< Some HOW !!###

  10. Lary Breeding says:

    The people, and that is all the Tea Party is, taking back control of government should be the goal of every human being. For decades governments, all over the world, have done nothing but get bigger and bigger including the U.S. The fact that the people are tired of taxation and more taxation is a very good sign. The fact that Europe has had to put up with it longer should explain a lot. Like in many things the U.S. hopefully will lead the way to reversing the socialist trends in the world.

  11. lexus alexander says:

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent value is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill

  12. lexus alexander says:

    Tea Party values will never die and is not necessarily a movement but good common sense of the majority.

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