Is There a Place for Atheists in the Tea Party?

Tea-Party-FlagLet’s dig into the mail bag and answer a reader question today…

An atheist would like to know if he’s welcome in the Tea Party movement. He writes:

I wanted to consider myself aligned with the Tea movement, but am an avowed atheist. I am understanding more and more that (as was stated to me at a rally a few months ago) my kind are not welcome at these events.

Is this somehow true? Must I take up and further divide the ranks of the party in order to join the movement?

Your writings suggest that to be a non-believer is akin to being a Democrat altogether. Correct me please.

It’s my understanding that the Tea Party movement has nothing to do with any particular religion or absence thereof.

The “TEA” part of the Tea Party actually stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” So the Tea Party is really a movement that opposes excessive taxation.

As such, it is a movement that appeals to Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians. It also appeals to voters of all religious persuasions, including atheists.

The author of this article has a friend and colleague in Ireland who is an outspoken atheist. Yet he is also a full-blown libertarian with a strong view against taxation.

Is there a place in the Tea Party for atheists? Absolutely.

Keep in mind, the Tea Party movement seems to appeal more to religious people than it does to secular humanists who often look to the government to be their “savior.”

So it may be the under-representation of atheists and secular humanists that makes them feel excluded from the Tea Party.

Frankly, a person’s religious persuasion (or lack thereof) shouldn’t have any bearing on their involvement in the Tea Party. It is the opinion of this author that people of all types need to come together to stand against the oppressive tax policies of the United States government.

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