Jeb Hints At Who He’s Voting For (Not Trump Or Hillary)

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.28.55 PMIt wasn’t long ago that Jeb Bush’s father, George Bush, allegedly said that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton. In the most low energy way he possibly could muster, Jeb Bush has subtly hinted at his choice for president and it’s not a Republican or a Democrat.

From The Blaze:

Throughout the Manhattan Institute luncheon, which was focused on education reform, inside sources told the Daily News that Bush joked frequently about “President Johnson” and went so far as to urge one undecided voter to cast his ballot for the former two-term governor of New Mexico.

“There was an old man talking to Jeb across the table and said, ‘I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary and Trump,’ and Jeb looked at him and mouthed the word ‘Johnson,’ silently,” an observer told the outlet.

Bush also quipped about Johnson becoming president during his speech at the event.

“If I did get a call several weeks after the election, what would I tell President Johnson — I mean, President whoever,” he reportedly said.

While a spokeswoman for the vanquished presidential candidate did not dispute the validity of the report, she did not indicate Bush is, in fact, supporting Johnson this November.

“Nothing has changed since the Governor wrote [a Washington Post] op-ed a couple months ago saying he couldn’t support Hillary or Trump. He has said he would consider voting for the Libertarian ticket. No decision/update though,” Kristy Campbell told the Daily News via email.

It’s not exactly an official endorsement but a pretty strong hint.

Donald Trump supporters can only get so mad about this news.

First off, Jeb’s candidacy was pretty much a joke and few people care who he votes for. Before anyone was #NeverTrump, lot’s of conservatives were anti-establishment and anti-Jeb.  Secondly, Trump has always disliked the Bush family and it’s doubtful that Trump would be publicly praising Jeb if roles were reversed. Trump went to the extreme of donating money to the Clinton’s and spoke out against the Bush family many times in the past.

It’s no surprise that Jeb would vote for Gary Johnson given the mistrust, disagreement and hostility between Jeb and Trump. I am glad to hear he’s not voting for Hillary like his father is.