Katie Couric’s Production Team Drinks Their Own Kool-Aid – Break Federal Firearms Laws (Insane Hypocrisy)

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.03.35 PMIn a totally dishonest attempt to create an anti-gun propaganda movie, Katie Couric’s production team appears to have violated federal firearms laws. Apparently these laws shouldn’t apply to left wing journalist trying to push gun control. Ironically, she may have just helped the NRA make it’s point that enforcement of existing laws is the real problem not the need for new ones.

Read how freaking insane this is, from The Federalist:

Stephanie Soechtig, the director, producer, and writer for Katie Couric’s scandal-plagued anti-gun documentary “Under The Gun,” confirmed in a statement to The Federalist today that her production team skirted federal gun laws governing interstate gun purchases.

During an interview with The Lip TV, Soechtig stated that one of her producers, a male from Colorado, purchased three handguns and a rifle from a private, non-licensed individual in Arizona and that a background check was never required. Federal law states that all interstate gun purchases must be processed by a federal firearms licensee (FFL). Under federal law, FFLs must confirm that prospective buyers have passed federal background checks prior to transferring ownership of guns to those buyers.

In response to a series of detailed questions about the incident posed by The Federalist, Soechtig simultaneously confirmed that she and her team skirted federal gun laws and declared that they did absolutely nothing wrong:

Thank goodness The Federalist exposed this insanity and was able to discredit Katie Couric’s so-called documentary. In order for liberals to support ridiculous laws like “assault weapon” bans they have to remain shockingly ignorant about guns and gun laws. But this very ignorance becomes a problem when they start actually trying to buy guns. After believing their own lies they get themselves into trouble.

Katie Couric can always blame the ignorant liberal media for convincing her that it’s legal to buy handguns across state lines without a background check (it’s not). The liberal media spreads lies about background checks all the time.  Ohhh, wait a minute, Katie Couric IS the liberal media, never mind…