Ku Klux Klan Makes Shocking Endorsement For President – Trump Will Love This

CaptureIt turns out the Ku Klux Klan doesn’t want Donald Trump to be president. A high ranking California Klan member known as a “grand dragon” announced his endorsement.

The Ku Klux Klan is ready for Hillary! They claim to have raised over $20,000 for her too!

From Vocativ:

Shortly after setting a giant cross on fire with dozens of other members of various white nationalist groups in Georgia on Saturday, Will Quigg, a Grand Dragon in a California branch of the KKK, sat down with Vocativ—which was there for a larger reporting trip about the modern state of the hate group—to talk about the 2016 election. According to Quigg, “For the KKK, Clinton is our choice.”

“She is friends with the Klan,” Quigg said. “A lot of people don’t realize that. She’s friends with Senator [Robert] Byrd. He’s been an Exulted Cyclops in the Klan. He’s been King Kleagle.” (King Kleagle is another KKK title for the leader of an entire “realm,” or state. Quigg is the King Kleagle for California.) Robert Byrd is a former U.S. senator from West Virginia. In the 1940s, Byrd organized and served as the leader of a Klan chapter in West Virginia. Byrd has long since disavowed the Klan and called his involvement “wrong.” In 2010, Hillary Clinton called Senator Byrd a “friend and mentor.”

Quigg said that he and other Klan members have raised more than $20,000 for the Clinton campaign and donated it anonymously.

The Clinton people are saying it isn’t so:

The Clinton campaign strongly denies receiving any donations from the Ku Klux Klan and rejects the organization’s endorsement. “This is completely false,” Clinton campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin told Vocativ. “We want no part of them or their money and vehemently reject their hateful agenda.”

Donald Trump had a really awkward moment where he initially refused to disavow David Duke, a former KKK member. It raised serious questions about whether or not he was try to send a coded message, known in political science as a “dog whistle,” to make some people think he secretly agrees with the KKK.

There was no “secret” message from the KKK however, they are ready for Hillary! I am guessing the majority of the mainstream media isn’t going to report on this one, so stick with Teapartyupdate.com for the great stories you won’t get anywhere else.