Latest Poll Shows Attacks on Justin Amash Backfiring in Michigan

Justin AmashIt’s no secret that the GOP Establishment in Washington, D.C. doesn’t like Justin Amash. He’s one of the most principled, pro-Constitution Congressman in the House of Representatives, and he’s not willing to compromise his principles for special interest groups.

That’s why he has a primary challenge from Michigan businessman (and 15-year East Grand Rapids school board member) Brian Ellis. Ellis has run a series of ads attacking Amash. But the results of the latest poll show these efforts have backfired. Big time.

FreedomWorks for America released the results of a survey conducted by the polling company, inc. for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, with Amash ahead of Ellis by a whopping 30 percent margin – 53% to 23%. The poll also confirmed that the Tea Party movement was still popular. The Congressman enjoyed a 57% to 24% favorable-unfavorable rating, and the Tea Party fared even better with a 61% to 20% favorable-unfavorable rating – better than a 2 to 1 margin.

“Congressman Justin Amash is the gold standard when it comes to individual liberty and constitutional conservatism. He has the support of grassroots activists across the district because of his commitment to truth and transparency,” said FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe.

“Primaries exist to provide citizens with an opportunity to upgrade their representation in Washington, but in the case of Congressman Amash, constituents know that there is almost no room for improvement.”

Kellyanne Conway, President and CEO of the polling company, inc. said: “Rep. Amash’s poll position reflects the goodwill he has among GOP primary voters in his district. Voters tend to reward principle and consistency.”

Now contrast these results to those of the moderate GOP challenger. Despite pouring over $400,000 of personal funds into his campaign, the survey showed Ellis with just a 16% favorability rating and a 19% unfavorable rating. Furthermore, over 30% percent of voters surveyed didn’t know who Ellis was.

This poll of 400 likely GOP primary voters in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional district was conducted from May 16-18 with live callers; 87.5% to landlines and 12% to cell phones. Margin of error is plus or minus 4.9% at the 95% confidence level.

Kibbe summed up the poll results best with this remark: “It is not a good sign for the Ellis campaign when 32 percent of voters haven’t heard of you, another 30 percent have no opinion, and 19 percent don’t like you.”

This race is an encouraging reminder that principled, pro-Constitution leadership is still popular and can stand up against special interests’ power and money.