Lead Benghazi Investigator Receives Death Threat

Trey GowdyIn light of recent developments indicating the Executive branch has hidden key pieces of information surrounding the Benghazi scandal, a new panel has been selected to review the events of September 11, 2012.

Since assuming the position as the lead investigator, Trey Gowdy has received threats against his life.

Apparently, these were not empty threats. The Washington DC police found reason enough to open an “active investigation” into the matter.

Gowdy, who in 2012 was approached by a deranged woman wielding a gun as he sat in his car, is no stranger to threats of violence.

Politico reporters said they had received two emails that leveled direct and immediate threats to Mr. Gowdy’s life.

Though the exact emails have yet to be released, police have been quick to say that they are looking into the matter, and are working hard to protect Mr. Gowdy.

Though many on the left believe that the ongoing Benghazi investigation is nothing more than a ruse meant to drum up anti-Obama sentiment, Gowdy insists that he wants to get to the bottom of this ordeal and find out where the responsibility for Benghazi truly lies.

As MSNBC reported:

Gowdy has promised to bring a no-nonsense, “prosecutor’s zeal” to finding the answers and in examining the Obama administration’s handling of the attack. He has insisted he’s not interested in rehashing previous investigations by Congress or in “whether the appropriate questions were asked in the past.”