Liberals Are Outraged Over This Picture Comparing Refugees to Americans

Think about what’s going on in Syria right now.

You’ve got men leaving en masse to get away from a civil war.

175 years ago America also went through a vicious civil war too. But it’s what the men of that time did compared to what the refugees are doing that is drawing some comparisons liberals don’t like.

And a meme demonstrating the difference has liberals furious.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.40.47 PM

What do you think about this, is it accurate?

One thing we know about this refugee crisis is that in most cases those who are leaving are men, military aged men, who are headed to different countries for God knows what.

Liberals are boohooing all over the place because they want refugees treated well.

Shouldn’t they be taking care of their own country?