Liberals Think Media Is Biased FOR Trump (Unreal)

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-12-27-45-pmHoward Kurtz of Fox News collected some really funny snippets of angry leftists who think media bias is helping Trump. The media already threw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump. They accused Trump (and every other previous Republican presidential candidate since Goldwater) of being racist, crazy, and ignorant.  What more could the boys who cry wolf possibly want?

From Fox News:

They are denouncing their profession, decrying what they see as a press corps that coddles Trump and castigates Hillary Clinton, and demanding a change before it is too late.

Let’s take a deep breath and see if they have a credible case, or whether this is pure partisanship.

It’s been just 18 days since Politico reported that Hillary Clinton’s advisers were telling her to prepare for a possible landslide in the Electoral College. Now, with Trump pulling roughly even in national polls and ahead or within striking distance in most battleground states, a Trump administration is no longer some distant mirage.

Some folks on the left are so convinced that Trump would be a disaster, and so mystified why roughly half the country doesn’t view him with the same disdain, that they are lashing out at the media.

I would pose this question: Why do these pundits think they’re so much smarter than everyone else that they can clearly see Trump’s flaws but others are blinded by lousy media coverage?

The article is full of funny quotes like this one:

“We owe it to our readers to signal when we’re writing about a crackpot. Even if he’s a presidential candidate. No, especially when he’s a presidential candidate.”

The problem here is that these are the same leftists who try to pretend that every Republican is a crackpot. They have no credibility whatsoever with Republican and independent voters.

Maybe, the media could have stopped Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination by attacking him for spending virtually his entire life as a New York City liberal, but then they would have to attack him on actual ideas instead of  just screaming about racism and xenophobia. Furthermore, the liberal media would have to criticize Trump for agreeing with them.

I personally have some big problems with Trump and don’t think my fellow conservative and libertarians truly realize how far to the left Trump is on some issues, but the idea of widespread pro-Trump media bias is just preposterous.