Loretta Lynch Plotting Politically Motivated Prosecutions – You Could Be Next

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.47.51 AMU.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and various other radical leftist are plotting and scheming to unleash politically motivated charges in order to stifle free speech and fund radical left wing activism according to the editors of National Review.

The game plan is to file charges alleging that companies like Exxon Mobile are guilty of racketeering and  fraud because they denied climate change and donated money to climate skeptics.

The genius behind these corrupt banana republic style assaults on the rule of law is that they are are directed against very unpopular companies. Since just about everyone hates big oil, progressives hope to get away with extorting big oil for millions or even billions of dollars to fund future radical left wing activism.

What is at stake here isn’t Exxon’s share price. Exxon can afford to lose a lawsuit. What’s at stake here is nothing less than the rule of law and the maintenance of a free society, one in which people, think tanks, and businesses are not subject to prosecution for political activism on contentious public-policy questions. This is an attack not only on the First Amendment but on the entirety of the political process itself.

Ohh and evidence? Apparently you don’t need any of that!

No one has offered the tiniest bit of persuasive evidence that Exxon has committed fraud or done anything other than pursue a policy agenda at odds with that preferred by Democratic activists.

Even worse the progressives are trying to take advantage of court systems that they believe are corrupt:
The case has unmistakable parallels to the shakedown of Chevron, in which a cabal of U.S.-based lawyers, left-wing activists with connections to the administrations of Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo, working in conjunction with corrupt judges and officials in Ecuador attempted to extort billions of dollars from the energy giant. That case continued to advance until a federal judge threw it out as fraudulent — among other things, much of the evidence was manufactured — and recommended that a racketeering case be made against the defendants.
The folks at National Review are really freaking out over this scheme.
This is banana-republic stuff. Kamala Harris, Eric Schneiderman, Claude Earl Walker, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should not resign — they should be hounded from office, and from polite society. Prosecuting political institutions and businesses for political activism is brown-shirt business, plain and simply and ugly and heinous. If you believe that this will stop at prosecuting wicked, evil “corporations,” you are deluding yourself.

You’re next.

This could be one of the boldest money and power grabs the climate mullahs have attempted to date. But the fight has just begun, the entire scheme will come crashing down if the next president kicks Loretta Lynch out of office.