Marines: ‘Readiness Required to Deter Aggression’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Marine Corps, under current funding levels, is expected to face “increasingly significant challenges” to the readiness necessary to deter aggression and win America’s battles, high-ranking military officials told lawmakers.

While the Marine Corps lieutenant generals noted that “the most dire readiness situation lies within our Aviation element,” they also conceded that the service branch is facing a shortfall in inventory of operationally available amphibious ships, a critical component of the service branch.

“Amphibious platforms provide the sovereignty, strategic mobility, unmatched logistical support, operational reach, and forcible entry capability required to deter and, when necessary, defeat our Nation’s adversaries,” they told a House panel Wednesday. “Our amphibious concepts have been validated throughout our history, and we will remain a conduit for innovation.”

Amphibious warships remain the preferred method of deploying the Marines into battle.

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