McCabe Firing Called KGB Like Action

Terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance of MSNBC suggested that the firing of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was similar to that of an action conducted by the KGB.

“You know, you always hear this phrase, ‘This came out of Putin’s playbook’ — well, this actually comes out of an older playbook, the KGB’s playbook. They had a four-point plan for how KGB operations propaganda and agents were to operate against both the CIA and the United States law enforcement,” Nance said. “[The] first was to use activities that would demoralize, discredit or disinform about their operations, then they would go after individual agents, then they would go after their leadership. Donald Trump is literally playing by the Russian playbook on this.

“This is a disgusting disgrace that Donald Trump would allow this to happen, but he’s engineering it.”