McCain braces for squeaker in today’s primary


PHOENIX — John McCain is hoping for a blowout in his Senate primary on Tuesday. He’s bracing for a squeaker.

McCain says people in his state are angry, the economic recovery is uneven and the atmosphere is volatile. He expects to prevail over conservative challenger Kelli Ward, but the margin of victory will decide whether he barrels or limps into the toughest general election fight of his 34-year political career, against Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

“It’s not so much I think it’s close. I just don’t think you should heighten expectations,” McCain said in an interview. “The one thing you never want to do in politics is heighten expectations. You always want to lowball it. That’s just the best way to handle it. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

Six years ago, McCain blew out insurgent rival J.D. Hayworth by 24 points with a $20 million show of force that demonstrated how long-serving Republicans could fend off the party’s tea party wing. Ward is seen as a significantly smaller threat, and McCain has spent far more judiciously against her, spending $6 million but stashing $5 million in his war chest for the general election, as of the latest campaign filings in mid-August.


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  1. Chandler says:

    This is the most asinine crap you people in McCain district are allowing.
    Are you all just to stupid for words or do you just not care what is happening in Arizona.
    McCain is 80 years old you idiots, he should be in a rocking chair or on the gulf course enjoying what time he has left on this earth,not a seat in the Senate for god’s sake.
    Yes we should be proud of him but you people that keep putting in the people that refuse to give up on Power so stay in until they are for the most part worthless.
    What the He** has McCain done for his district in the last 25 years or more.
    No wonder the Senate and house feel embolden to do anything they want, or do nothing at all.
    Most all in the House and Senate have done nothing to save this country from Barack Hussein Obama’s illegal activities or that of his cabinet on behalf of Obama. or stop the Muslims from flooding our country with Mosques on every corner. A christian church would be fined or closed down if they did what the Mosques do.
    Wake up America we must force term limits on all government to include the Judicial branch. They are not Gods nor Kings but they sure think that they are. We the people have not held a Politician accountable for there CRIMES or STUPIDITY, guess who is at fault. We the People must get involved and stay involved. Hello the Government works for us not the other way around.
    because they know the idiots will keep putting them back in no matter if they do wrong or

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