McCain Threatens to Shut Down Trump

Though President Donald Trump nominated top Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan to be the deputy secretary of defense in March, the prospective number two man at the Pentagon has only just sat down for Senate confirmation hearings. Now, he is at risk of being further delayed by one particular Republican senator.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee which is holding the hearing, threatened to withhold Shanahan’s name from being voted on due to finding the nominee’s answers regarding Ukraine and his ties to Boeing “not satisfactory,” The Washington Post reported.

“In your questions that were submitted to you, one of the questions was providing the Ukrainians with legal, lethal defense weaponry with which to defend themselves,” McCain said. “Inexplicably, you responded by saying you have to look at the issue. It’s not satisfactory, Mr. Shanahan.”

Shanahan made it clear that he did support arming the Ukrainians, but due to his current inability to see all classified information regarding such matters, he needed to wait until he was fully briefed before taking a final position. According to McCain, he found this explanation “very disappointing” and accused Shanahan of dodging questions.

“Not a good beginning. Not a good beginning. Do not do that again, Mr. Shanahan, or I will not take your name up for a vote before this committee,” McCain threatened, according to The Hill.

Though Shanahan seemed to be respected by most of the other members of the committee, McCain continued to chastise and grill him, both in regard to the Russia/Ukraine issue as well as his time as an executive at Boeing.


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  1. HDMania says:

    McCain = RINO and needs to go..

  2. beverly seymour says:

    McCain neeeds to retire and go golf at one of Trump’s golf courses. time to go. You had your turn.

  3. Bandit says:

    What do you expect from a demoncrat posing as a republican, someone needs to take him out to the wood shed and lay into him with a nice willow switch, if that does not work then use something stronger. That guy does not even come up to the level of a rino he has to climb a 30 ladder just to see the belly of a rattlesnake.

  4. Howard Rosenstein says:

    How on earth do we boot this piece of crap Democrat clothed as a Republican out into the street. As usual, Congress as well as the media is in an impenetrable bubble of Kingdoms D.C. & N.Y. They don’t realize how millions of citizens across America despise McCain. If they did, McConnell would sanction him and kick his ass off the Senate Armed Services Committee. But then again, the Senate is a tight knit club and McConnell would never consider hurting his pal. This situation of poor governance is so damn frustrating.

  5. Texas Belle says:

    McCain has 4 more years? He will be a blathering idiot by that time. He is an anathema to Trump, wants to destroy his presidency. He is long since past his prime and should retire.

  6. McCain has become a spiteful, vindictive, ego-driven old SOB, who has outlived his relevance, but has yet to get the message. After soundly losing to Obama it burns him to a crisp to see a “political amateur” like Trump literally come from nowhere and first knock all the GOP favorites out of the campaign, and then go on to demolish the Democrats’ sure-fire, already has it won,next President.

  7. John McCain has become irrational – a blithering idiot. There really should be some age limits on Congress.

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