Media Purposefully Hid Critical Information About Trump

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-1-25-15-pmThe media bias against Trump and the Republican Party has reached such an extreme that even #NeverTrump websites are outraged over it. is a fantastic conservative website run by Tea Party champion Eric Erickson. The Republican establishment’s worst nightmare has been Erickson, who took on the chamber of commerce and big business to elect Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. After carefully examining Trump’s words and deeds Erickson came to the conclusion that Trump would be a disaster for the Republican party. Erickson believes that Trump is an in-the-closet liberal who is out to destroy, not save, the conservative movement.

Erickson doesn’t think Trump is any less liberal or better than Hillary, but even he can’t stand the media bias any longer.

Check out today’s headline on

The Disgusting Media Sat on Sexual Assault for a Partisan Victory

Wowza!  Here’s the crux of the article:

It is one thing, however, to have a lean in coverage one way or the other. It is another to work in tandem with a campaign to manipulate what people see and respond to. This was the case when the Clinton campaign asked journalists to withhold critical coverage of Donald Trump, and give him as much coverage as possible to raise his profile. They worked to handpick Clinton’s opponent. If you talk to them now, they are horrified that Donald Trump is the candidate.

None of the stories that horrify them now are new. They are years old. Decades, even. It is mind-blowing that no one decided to drop any of this before now. Unless, of course, you believe the idea that they sat on it in order to destroy him in the general. What’s more, that they did so at the request of the Clinton campaign. It is not only plausible, it is in fact the most likely scenario. It’s not like the journalists just sat on their hands for a year before dropping all this. A little research, a few phone calls, and all of this information would have been out their much sooner. But, that didn’t help the agenda.

So, while some folks on the Right can (and should) take some of the blame for creating the monster that is Republican Nominee Donald Trump, the Media cannot be allowed to feel horrified for the monster they too helped to make. This is on them. They had stories, they chose not to run them. They chose to favor a candidate. They were too afraid to lose a source.

You can understand the anger here. Had the media released all their negative information about Trump during the primary it’s quite possible that Hillary Clinton would be losing by ten points to Marco Rubio right now. Instead, Republicans are stuck with a loser who is getting beat by the most unpopular and disliked Democrat nominee…ever. Recently released Wikileaks emails show that Hillary’s goons were actually pressuring the media to push Trump because they knew he was the only one she could beat.