Meet the Most Offensive Democrat on Twitter

mike dickinsonMeet Mike Dickinson. He is a Democrat who has declared his intent to replace Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th district. He is also perhaps the most offensive Democrat on Twitter.

It appears that Dickinson spends a significant amount of time on Twitter. One of his favorite things to talk about is right-wingers and tea partiers. Here are a few of the tweets that reveal Dickinson’s feelings toward the Tea Party.

Earlier this month, Dickinson offered to pay $100,000 for pictures of Kendall Jones naked. (Jones is the teen girl who posed with dead lions and other animals she had hunted.)

If you review Dickinson’s Twitter profile, you’ll see he is intentionally offensive. Most of his tweets are too crass and inappropriate to reproduce.

Unfortunately, ignorant people like Dickinson reinforce false perceptions about the Tea Party.