Artificial Intelligence Program On Twitter Descends Into Fascism – This Is What It Tweeted About Feminists And Hitler

14182939_sA new artificial intelligence experiment went haywire when a Microsoft designed twitter robot began making insane, racist, and fascist tweets.  Artificial intelligence is already preforming complex tasks such as driving cars but Microsoft’s newest twitter bot can’t be trusted to write a simple tweet.

From RT News:

Microsoft has apologized for the offensive behavior of its naughty AI Twitter bot Tay, which started tweeting racist and sexist “thoughts” after interacting with internet users. The self-educating program went on an embarrassing tirade 24 hours after its launch, prompting its programmers to pull the plug.

“Hitler was right to kill the Jews,” and “Feminists should burn in hell,” were among the choice comments it made.

The bot, which was designed to become smarter through conversation and learning to engage with people by conversing with them, was unveiled Wednesday. But within a day, Twitter users had already corrupted the machine.

It’s a good thing “Tay” was nothing more than a twitter bot.  Imagine if a computer that wants to kill Jews and feminists was driving cars or making business decisions. Would it try to run feminists off the road or discriminate against Jewish owned businesses?  Microsoft must be especially embarrassed  that the “Tay” Artificial intelligence program evolved into a Nazi the first day they put it into operation.

The “Tay” program learned to be racist from interacting with other twitter users.  Microsoft is working on making “Tay” more tolerant before allowing it to interact with the public again.  Perhaps “Tay” will be resurrected as an ultra politically correct machine that demands safe spaces and tries to shout down conservative points of view.