Midterms To Be A Bigger Upset For Liberals Than 2016

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich claims that the Democrats are “weak” with only five weeks remaining before the midterms. Gingrich also predicts the results of the midterm elections will be an even “worse shock” for the left than 2016.

Gingrich stated, “Well, if the Democrats can’t get away from being the resistance party — it’s what they spent the last two years on, it started election night. And my prediction, I did this — I just wrote a small paper that’s on Amazon on the 2018 election and I started by linking to an interview I did with Megyn Kelly two weeks before at the election last time when everybody knew Trump was going to lose. People tend to forget this. Everybody knew Trump was going to lose.”

“Well I’m here to say I think the odds are even money, election night 2018 will be an even worse shock for the left than 2016 was. I don’t think people want open borders. I don’t think people want tolerance for fentanyl on opioid deaths. I don’t think people want giant tax increases. I don’t think people want to see mobs out there running around intimidating and bullying people. And I think the Democrats are weak going into the last five weeks.”