Millennials Make a Fuss Over the Nickname “Snowflakes”

You can find them in just about any “safe space” or “cry-in,” millennials/snowflakes are the official cry babies of the human race. Instead of trying to prove the rest of us wrong, they cling to their mishapen ideology and cry even harder when we call them snowflakes. They are even claiming it’s hurting their mental health.

According to the research from Aviva, an insurance firm, more than 70% of people aged 16 to 24 feel the word “snowflake” is affecting their mental health and is an unfair word.

“Almost half of adults between 16 and 24 said they had experienced stress or anxiety, compared to just over a third of all UK adults,” reported The Telegraph.

“Our findings suggest that young adults are more likely to be experiencing mental health problems, so using a phrase which criticises this age group could add to this issue,” said an Aviva medical expert

“Any term used disparagingly to a segment of the population is inherently negative.”

“While young adults in particular appear to take offence to the ‘snowflake’ label, the majority of adults agree that the term is unfair and unhelpful, so it’s important that people consider how such labels are used, and the cumulative effect they could have on their recipients.”