NBA Star Calls MAGA A Dog Whistle

Former NBA star Jalen Rose claimed that “Make America Great Again” and “America’s pastime” were dog whistles in American society.

“The trend besides the fact that all of these are white American men, that most likely grew up in the United States, literally, the offenses of the tweets actually were similar in either they offended gays or they were anti-racial sentiments towards minorities, in particular blacks,” Rose stated. “When I see the trend, and I understand certain terms have been used as dog whistles in our society: ‘Make America Great Again,’ ‘America’s pastime.’ And a lot of times that gets overblown, that gets overlooked. And I don’t care that somebody is only quote-unquote 17 years old.”


  1. Richard walker says:

    Why don’t you stop being “black”, and just become an American? Or do you think your life would be better somewhere else in this world, like Venezuela or anywhere in Africa?

  2. Meredith Alleruzzo says:

    Not all folks who jump to that dog whistle are white. My former student from Cambodia has a husband who arrived during the Vietnam War at 14 as a refugee. They were sent to Kansas where, despite being ostracized for his nationality and dark skin, he absorbed conservative (and often racist) heartland values. We’ve had a ton of arguments about Trump, who he supports wholeheartedly, to his wife’s consternation. So no, Trump supporters aren’t all white and privileged.

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