New Law Passed Acknowledging Legitimacy of Underground Banking

imagesWhat do they know that you and I don’t?

At an exclusive roundtable of prominent bankers in Sacramento, California, last October, bankers feverishly debated the subject of what we’re calling the “underground banking system.”

This radical new system is at a tipping point of changing everything — from how and where people around the world store their money to how much power a government holds over its citizens, and even how Americans spend their money on the Internet.

Policymakers, economists and journalists have called this new system “disruptive.”

According to an extensive research study by the Laissez Faire Club, every $100 parked into this account in January 2013 would have turned into $12,000 before the end of the year.

One young man named Kevin Koch deposited just $27 into this new type of account. He told reporters about his amazing discovery, saying: “Every morning, I went online… and saw that the account grew!”

Now, as Americans continue to “ditch” the traditional banks in favor of this new system, bankers are being left out of the mix altogether. They may soon no longer be needed. And that means no profits to traditional Wall Street bankers.

[Editor’s note: For access to step-by-step instructions for opening your own “underground bank account,” simply click here.]

While many of these bankers are fighting this system and asking Congress to regulate it, our research has found that others are quietly moving their money out of their own banks and into this new system.

George Simon, a banker for 12 years, quit his job in 2013 after discovering this new system, and used the proceeds from this new account to buy land in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Several major gold companies are also quietly buying up stakes in this system. One of them said that it was “an opportunity that we did not want to pass up.”

Even merchants around the country are getting increasingly excited about this system. One financial services provider says they are buying in at a rate of 10% per month.

And it’s not just for bankers, merchants and corporate entities. Everyday citizens — from nearly every country in the world — are raving about are the unique benefits that this system is offering its users.

[Editor’s note: Already, more than 1 million Americans, from all 50 states and nearly every city, have opened up their own “underground bank accounts.” To learn how you could open yours, simply click here.]

With no minimums to open an account, no “lockup” periods, no fees for international transfers and no one to report deposits to the Feds, it’s becoming increasingly attractive to people all over the world.

But even that may just be the beginning.

Despite the fact that bankers are either grumbling about these changes or moving their money out of their own banks, it’s clear that the tipping point for banking could be close.

Now, “underground banking” ATMs are popping up in major cities all over the world. And what is certain is that banking will never be the same.

That’s why the Laissez Faire Club — an independent organization focused on showing its members how to live more self-reliantly — has conducted its own months-long investigation into this remarkable new system. They’ve just finalized everything in a special presentation that you can watch on their website, for free.

It’s clear that the history of money is about to change again. Which side will you be on when the shift occurs?

[Editor’s note: To view the Laissez Faire Club’s radical presentation, click here. Or click the picture below to learn how you could open your own “underground bank account.”]

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