New Study Reveals How Much Democrats Will Make Oil Cost

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.47.36 AMDemocrats having been demanding a carbon tax to make electric cars “competitive” with oil. A new study shows how large a “carbon tax” on oil would have to be in order to truly make electric cars cost competitive.

From The Daily Caller:

Oil prices would have to skyrocket above $350 per barrel for electric vehicle makers to make a dent in the auto market, according to a study done by researchers at the University of Chicago.

The batteries for electric vehicles cost, on average, about $325 per kWh, which means the price of oil would need to pitch upward by nearly 1,000 percent before Tesla’s auto fleet and the Nissan Leaf would be cheaper than gas-powered vehicles, researchers at the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute noted in February.

The number are not likely to change much over the next few years, as oil traded at an average of $49 per barrel during 2015 and is currently trading at a paltry $39.51 a barrel.

Holy cow, $350 per barrel! The article goes on to point out that Democrats actually went to the extreme of adding a proposed carbon tax to their party platform. Math has always been the arch-enemy of progressivism. Obviously, the public will never pay a $311 tax on a barrel of oil that otherwise only cost $39. So, if Democrats ever get their tax it will be something like $5 per barrel not $311 per barrel.
This is the global warming scam in a nutshell. Democrats use global warming as an excuse to misuse taxpayer money for crooked projects. Even if the most dire global warming alarmist predictions were true, idiotic progressive scams could never make a dent in carbon emissions big enough to do anything about it. For a look at some of the Democrat’s worst Solyndra style scams click here.