Can’t Wear an American Flag T-Shirt? Not on Cinco de Mayo Say California Judges

Live Oak flag shirtsOnce again, a politically correct true story is stranger than fiction. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California aren’t allowed to wear American flag T-shirts on May 5, the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.

The court’s reasoning for this bizarre decision? Because displays of American patriotism would offend Mexican students on their holiday and inflame racial tensions.

In response, Tea Party groups will protest outside Live Oak High School and wear American flag T-shirts. “They silenced a symbol of patriotism and freedom in America,” said Georgine Scott-Codiga, President of the Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots, in a comment to KCBS. She added that the protest is focused on the issue of freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The catalyst for the Ninth Circuit’s decision dates back to Cinco de Mayo in 2010, when the school forced four students to remove their American flag T-shirts. Administrators were concerned that fights would break out between white and Hispanic students if the shirts were noticed, so the four students were sent home.

The Ninth Circuit has a history of liberal and less-than-Constitutional decisions and the Live Oak decision is no exception. The practice of limiting one group’s free speech rights because that speech may cause another group to react violently is known as the “heckler’s veto.” Free speech advocates note that this has a chilling effect on First Amendment rights.

Local police will be standing by the school in case things get out of hand.


  1. Scott Rennert says:

    I never would of imagine a court would ban American flag T-shirts in an American school in America. This is unreal, I am so pissed and shocked that this school is allowed to ban our countries flag on an American school. I know it’s not the flag it’s a T-shirt still it’s the symbol of our flag same to me. Why is there not more outrage over this? We are losing our great nation by these traitors. People time to take back the United States of America and bring her back to the greatness she was.

    • Chandler says:

      If you are unhappy thank a die hard DEMORAT OR A DIE HARD REPUBLICAN. BOTH PARTIES ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND HAVE BEEN FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. They the politicians have given themselves pay raises and power that is not to be believed. Our government and judicial branch are as corrupt as any 3rd world country. We must put a stop to this TYRANNY before we loose our freedom all together. We have laws and a constitution now let us stand up and fight those that are trying to remove it from the face of the earth. FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AND HER LEGAL CITIZENS FOR THAT IS THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY.

      • ted j says:

        regardless of party affiliation, if they are members of the NWO they are corrupt…we need tea party candidates to take back control of our gov’t…anyone who holds office in this nation should be a Christian first, then a patriot.God will lead us if we will follow Him….

        • Chandler says:

          No it is not regardless of party affiliation, both parties have been in power from the beginning and have become steadfast time tested corrut self serving law breakers thieves and liars and so just one thing alone will not solve this horrendous mess we find ourselves in from the President down to the Supreme Courts justices. Again I say the only cure for our country is TERM LIMITS FOR ALL IN THE GOVERNMENT AND ALL POLITICIANS AND ALL JUDGES. This country we call America or the United States of America belongs to the LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, not the corrupt few. We the people must take our Country back from the few.

        • conductor1 says:

          I don’t agree someone must be a Christian to love America, support and defend the Constitution, and help rein in government. Obama says he is a Christian. Many Christians seem to lean socialist, including the pope, and socialism is just a more insidious route to power.

    • Dawn Harsley says:

      I agree although I think it is disrespectful to use the flag as an article of clothing. If an individual wants to show their patriotism, they can buy a flag and fly it properly.

    • Drew Page says:

      Complain about this and be labeled a “racist”. The illegal aliens from Mexico get a free education on the taxpayers dime and they get to wear the Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo, but the kids who are legal American citizens do not get to wear the American flag because it might cause the illegals to be offended. There is an easy solution, ban the wearing of any flag decals, other than the American flag, in all public schools. If the illegals want to wear Mexican flag decals, let them go to school in Mexico.

      • Phoebe Isley says:

        If the illegals want to wear Mexican flag decals, let them go to school in Mexico OR go to jail due to it being ILLEGAL like they are. Sorry but two sides to every coin. This is AMERICA and WE ARE AMERICANS PROUD AND TRUE! Don’t like it then don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya otherwise go to JAIL!

    • ted j says:

      just look at a few of the idiots that are on the supreme court, so you shouldn’t really be surprised….atheists and commies, and America haters.

      • Chandler says:

        Just look at allot of our politicians and judges, they are falling asleep instead of paying attention to the jobs that they are paid to do. TERM LIMITS.

  2. Pamela King says:

    we need to get rid of theses “courts”

    • Ken Furnace says:

      Damon right we do need to get rid of them, they’re not even making sense anymore.

      • Chandler says:

        If in fact they ever did make sense before let alone now.

    • Chandler says:

      Time to clean out our corrupt illegal government, to include the Judicial branch. (Hay no one deserves a job for life and that includes the politicians and judicial branch of our government ). TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS FOR LIFE FOR ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

      • Reiki Master says:

        Nobody said just how long that life would be. Treason is a hanging offence

        • Chandler says:

          Talk like this will only embolden the current corrupt government to take action. Be careful what you say and wright. Heated response is not what we need.

          • ted j says:

            they monitor every site, check what is being said and put you on a watch list…. i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a drone flying over your house right now…and… you are probably on a list to have the IRS come knocking on your door…

          • Chandler says:

            Oh well I never hid from sight nor my opinions.

          • conductor1 says:

            The problem with watching what you say is that you gradually lose your liberties. A heated response is more likely to affect politicians if they think a significant number of votes is behind it. We need more people speaking out, not fewer. Conservative people by nature speak out less because of their self-reliant nature. The activists destroying our country know this and dominate the conversation.

          • Chandler says:

            I agree somewhat with you, but you missed the point of my remark. No matter what a perceived threat from a person to a government is always blown out on context by the government authorities and viewed as a actual threat. I am not a conservative I am a independent and I speak out on all kinds of matter, I am not bashful. I will do what ever I must for me and mine and others to survive, for that is my nature. I am not the one loosing my liberties any more than you or anyone that loves this country and her legal citizens. I and members of my famlies have been on the front lines for years we are not afraid, we will do what we must. We want our country,Constitution and our Laws of the land to survive. But I must say to many talk the talk but do not walk the walk, just saying.

          • conductor1 says:

            And my point is we DO need heated response. If McCain and Romney had shown some heated response to Obama and his socialist agenda in their campaigns, there might be a different President today, 40 less czars, and a less abusive IRS, Justice, EPA, ATF, and a better economy. Nice guys lose elections. Whoever runs against Hillary had better have a pair.

          • Chandler says:

            I am not sure that the politicians nor the judges have a pair of anything just allot of hate and slime, for America and her legal citizens. Think that there pairs were sold to get into office a long ling time ago.

          • Leon Barber says:

            Right on Chandler, I think majority of folks feel the same way. Time we took our country back from the retards.

          • ellie says:

            yeah, back from the retards, and line snorting lying @@**&&holes in Washington, and don’t forget to watch your back and your buddy’s back cause his buddies are here and building strong

          • Chandler says:

            Thanks I know there are allot of people that feel the way we do . They just have to get mad enough, and hopefully soon.

      • ted j says:

        absolutely, and if we took away all the retirement benefits from them, then we would get people that are really concerned about America to run for those positions…. just to have a opportunity to serve their country. just like the way it was originally set up in the foundation of this great nation. serve your term in office, then go back to your occupation….no candidates from the NWO need apply.. no muslimes, commies or America haters either..

        • Chandler says:

          OH Ted; You are spot on and that is just what I was getting at. We the people are responsible for allowing the politicians to miss interpret the laws of our land and the constitution. It is we the legal citizens that must take control back. We the legal citizens must stop this madness and soon.

      • ellie says:

        we need to get rid of anything and everything that is not within the limits of our constitution, and rebuild our AMERICA to how is was before we got sold down the river.

        • Chandler says:

          YES WE DO, you have the understanding, we have been and are being sold out daily. We all know the truth of our corrupt government and Obama.The giveaway of our country to foreign interest is so sad and we must stop it now.

      • Wilbert Jennings says:

        Listen, who do we vote for that has any real idea whats going on? There is so much corruption behind the scenes its ridiculous. Martha Stewart went to jail trying to save 60K , while most of the Senate and Congress has been making fortunes on insider info. that they have to vote on that effected our economy. Another words they new when to drop their stocks and when to pick them up for less knowing they where going to triple. Supposedly a law was just passed to forbid this, Hello, why was it OK in the first place for leaders but not citizens to save their butts.I hear a lot from comments to my comments that if I was so smart and had all the answers, why don’t I run for President.If I did and actually won I probably wouldn’t last 6 months because I would stop aide to all the bastards that use the money to fight us and let their own starve. Borders would be shut and illegals sent home. If Mexico is so great and they can celebrate death day and our kids can’t wear US flag shirts then go home were it is so great. I would follow our Constitution it has been good enough for many years , just because our dictator obama thinks he doesn’t have to comply, doesn’t mean others want support our freedom. Shucks I am all wound up ,maybe I will run, my slogan will be a Nobody who wants to be somebody can beat a somebody who is a no body.

        • Chandler says:

          I would rather vote for a non politician a person who not only says that they love our country,laws of the land and our constitution, but has shown it through the years.
          A newbie to the political scene . Politicians are like the present day toletpaper, one swipe and there is a hole in it. Over two 4 year terms they have become corrupt.

  3. Saltporkdoc says:

    Next 5th of May (I am an American- not Mexican- and I refuse to “celebrate” a fake holiday!) I think as many Americans as it takes should put on American flag shirts and pack the courtroom of these idiots! Do so EVERY 5th of May until this horrible precident is invalidated!

    • tim says:

      That is not even an official holiday in mexico. 4th of July raise American flags in mexico.

      • ellie says:

        Why do you even celebrate the 4th of July in Mexico when it is OUR AMERICAN holiday NOT yours MEXICO?

        • Mark says:

          ellie, I believe what tim is trying to say is, let’s all go to Mexico on the 4th of July (American holiday) and raise the American flag in their country and see how they like it.

          • Buzz Waldron says:

            . Go to England and wear your American flag on the 4th of July while singing Yankee Doodle Dandy…

          • Mark says:

            The problem is Buzz Waldron, the Union jack hasn’t been flown in our country, nor have the English complained if we wear American flags on our shirts on one of their English holiday’s. That’s why Tim is saying to go to Mexico to raise an American flag. There’s no reason to go to England. The English are not the problem.
            It appears that our American courts are bowing to the Mexican population, hoping to win votes from all the illegal aliens here in this country.

          • Tony says:

            Buzz that is funny i am Irish i like that…

          • Tony says:

            Thank you Mark … and Tim

    • Chandler says:

      America first last and always. I like your way of thinking, it is this this great country that has given us so much and the patriotic legal citizens that has kept her that way.

    • hangman says:

      I think those unpatriotic ‘judges’ should be removed, and as they say in Mejico, ‘pronto’.

      • Drew Page says:

        Perhaps these “judges” will tell us what days we can wear American flag decals on our shirts and flag lapel pins. I’m sure the birthdays of Marx, Lenin, Mao, KIm Jung Un, Castro and Chavez will be forbidden days. But on those days when we are permitted to display the American flag, the “judges” will be so kind as to designate the “free speech areas” where such displays (and freedom of speech) will be tolerated. And all this is called “PROGRESSIVE”. Is this the CHANGE all of you who voted for Obama HOPED for?

        • Chandler says:

          How sad that this country with this so called President and politicians DEMORATS AND REPUGS and judges has come to this . This crap is going on because our government most of them are so corrupt and it is the so called legal (illegals vote to keep in office and in POWER FOR LIFE THAT THIS IS GOING ON. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL GOVERNMENT,JUDICIAL AND POLITICIANS WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT.

          • ellie says:

            Yeah, and if you are president and you did not fulfil your promises in the fist 4 years then you won’t be allowed to run again. Keep the bad seeds out of the pot.

          • Buzz Waldron says:

            . Didn’t work for EvilBushJr…

          • Chandler says:

            I do not believe that Bush was evil he protected our military as best he could. I liked Reagan fare more. but I do believe that Obama and his hand picked thugs are the true meaning of evil.

          • Original Rebel says:

            I agree with you. Bush did some things I didn’t appreciate, but he took care of the military. Some of the stuff he did, I believe he was bullied into by old hareless reid and the female dog, puglosi. Those two should be horse-whipped for their ignorance, stupidity, and greed.

          • Chandler says:

            Our problems stem from the illegal in the White house that the Demorats and foreign interest and illegals put into our White House not his or his phoney family. We have not just declined in our country but in the eyes of all the world. We owe thanks to Obama the Demorats and Hollywood in general for having become the laughing stock of every 3 world country and more. Reed should of been retired years ago, he is just like a child that has been spoiled and the same with the rest of the hand picked thugs Obama in introducing into our government. We all should boycott the movies and Hollywood all together let’s see how well they will do with the Demorats and Obama supporting them. Let us not forget the twits that are in the entertainment world. If you do not buy songs or movies where will there wealth go then, how will the spoiled ones fare then.They are ignorant stupid,and greedy.

          • Original Rebel says:

            I quit going to any movies that any leftwing actor is involved in. I only go to those that I KNOW are conservative, and that’s very few. It’s cheaper to rent the video! 😉 I turn channels whenever obamahood and any of his gang appear on tv. I just can’t see kicking in the screen when I don’t have to! I can’t stand to hear his [email protected]$$ yap blowharding his lies.

          • Chandler says:

            Not only is your statement above true but funny at the same time. Know where you are coming from with a foot through the TV. I have had that feeling myself a time or two.I just will not support anyone that is less concerned with this country than there money making skiems

          • Original Rebel says:

            There’s a lot of us out here that think like that; it’s too bad we can’t all get together. I’ll bet we’d do some damage to these high-flying thugs. I’m thinking water-boarding would serve ’em right for what they’ve done to America and its people. Reid likes to call people “domestic terrorists” – and he is one of the biggest!

          • Chandler says:

            Think that we all could get behind some kind of punishment to fit the crime.
            Reid is just one person I would not feel any emotion but joy if he would do us the favor of passing away while spewing his garbage in the Senate. I can think of at least a dozen more to follow his lead. Don’t think that i have to mention all the names. But bet you saw them on the TV every so often sleeping or talking while something important was going on, and not paying attention to business.

          • Original Rebel says:

            I try not to tune into the cspan stations. I can’t stand to watch these good-for-nothing leeches destroy my country. It’s bad enough when some newscasts run the audio and I have to listen to them. Most of them are just too repulsive and too stupid to merit watching or listening.

          • Chandler says:

            I pretty much stick to Fox news or wild life specials or survival shows and living off the land. I to, can’t stand listening to the crap that flows from our government and politicians. You know that they are lying because there mouth is moving and no truth has escaped there mouth for years and years.

          • Original Rebel says:

            Amen to that.

          • Ben says:

            Obamahood! Great word to describe it. By the way, Reagan was the last President of the Old Republic of the United States. If you recall, Bush senior came in talking about a new world order. That cry has been the herald of all presidents since, and it has directly led to an illegal alien squatter in the white house, fundamentally finishing the transformation of our Republic into what ever fantasy they are planning.

          • Gun Slinger says:

            How about we DEPORT the ILLEGAL in the Whitehouse? We could kick Reid and Pelosi and any other non-american supporting individual out of a C-130 over the sandbox with parachutes. Let them try to survive under Islamic law!

          • Chandler says:

            Deportation is a option only after Obama was charged with a crime lying under oath about being a legal citizen of the U.S. . If he had not lyed then why the blank did he have all records of his life sealed before he even ran for President. The Democrat Party is as guilty as he was for they helped with this farce. So there you go, Maybe it would not be so bad for us to encourage Obama his fake family and Pelosi and Reid and several others to move on out of our country with haste. I’ll vote for that.

          • Chandler says:

            We should of done that before Obama the dictator was the Demorats pick for President.

          • Chandler says:

            If only we could accomplish this , what a day to celebrate.

          • Original Rebel says:

            We would only accomplish a total civil war if we were to do this. Wish we could, but it isn’t practical or possible at this time in history.

          • Mark says:

            I wouldn’t boycott the movies. That would only put more people out of work.

            Even though I disagree with the political views of most of those in Hollywood, they still deserve to earn their living. At least they’re doing it honestly. And they’re not on vacation every other week.

            The only ones I’d like to see permanently-terminated from their present jobs are those in most of the unneeded Federal Government Departments.

            Including the Vacationer in Chief, of course.

          • Chandler says:

            I applaud you for your view, however I do not care what fate the Hollywood thugs bring on themselves nor the music inderstry.

          • myname says:

            Horsewhipping 2 horses asses while the Horsewhip is still attached to the Horse sounds good to me.

          • savage5333 says:

            Six years later and all the failures of the Obama administration are still the Bushes fault?? How long is that an excuse. With all of George W Bush’s faults, he is still much better than Obama. Even on Bush’s worst day he is a better President.

          • Chandler says:

            Yes he was and as far as Obama and Hillery,and the rest of the Demorat party goes they will blame Bush forever, for nothing is there falt.

          • Chandler says:


          • hangman says:

            The bad seed should not have been allowed to leave Kenya.

          • Chandler says:

            Great comeback.

          • trishae61 says:

            Amen to that!!! Send him back with his entourage!!

          • Mark says:

            No. Send him home, then strip the others of their American Citizenship, and choose a different communist country to deport each of them to.

          • Mark says:

            Sadly, most of the American People appear not to be knowledgeable enough about the issues that (supposedly) concern remember when they voted for O Bumbler.

            But since they also voted according to the media-generated rhetoric, we shouldn’t be surprised.

            The President SHOULD BE the Representative in Chief of the American People.

            In 1776, the Dr. Lyman Hall character quoted Edmund Burke, a member of the British Parliament, who said that ” a representative owes the People not only his industry, but his
            judgment, and he betrays them if he sacrifices it to their opinion.”

            While I (want to) believe that our elected representatives, (including the President) generally have our best interests in mind, this quotation is very enlightening. Especially since most of them either enter office with a hidden agenda, or they quickly-develop one after being seated for a short time.

            This is probably why we quickly that they aren’t actually representing our views as we expect them to.

            This is why we must have Congressional Term Limits. (See mark Levin’s Proposed Amendment for details).

            Also, I believe that we must finally adopt truly-proportional representation in the House of Representatives, which would be 1 representative for every 30,000 people.

            To fellow conservatives, this might seem to contradict our belief in limiting the size and the scope of the Federal Government, but it appears that such action is necessary, in order to restore equal representation, and the Constitutional Republic that the founders intended us to have.

            Also, when we repeal the 16th Amendment, it may be time to increase the number of Senators appointed by the state Legislatures, in order for the States to be well represented.

            Regarding the Senate, a friend suggested that each state legislature appoint 10 Senators. Considering the increase in the membership of the House if proportional representation were implemented, this means the Senate would have 500 members.

            But first, we must concentrate on Impeaching E.Holder, and then O Bumbler, in order to stop the destruction of our Country that they are presiding over.

          • Ben says:

            I agree; Keep them “out of the pot” you speak of, even if you cant keep them from “smoking the pot”.

          • Thomas R Bunnell says:

            start by excuting the crooks

          • Tigolily says:

            I agree.. this is the United States of American and ALL who try to come here..legally or illegally .. want what we have FREEDOM.. This is taking away what so many have fought and died for.. The sorry people who vote these idiots in will suffer most of all when everything falls apart and there is NO ONE to keep them up.. Shame on the people who made this decision!! Send them to Mexico and see how they are treated!!!!!

          • Chandler says:

            I know that our country will survive, yes we have been wounded but we still live and we will survive this . God bless America and her legal citizens. May those that have harmed our country pay the ultimate price for there deceptions

          • savage5333 says:

            God will once again “bless” America when It once again becomes one nation under God. I strongly believe this will will not happen until Americans become individuals under God and use his guidance in the voting booth. If I recall the the winning party in the last Presidential election boooood the meantion of God off its platform.

          • Ben says:

            The popular chant is for God to bless America. For that to happen however, America must first bless God. I don’t see that happening anymore.

          • Allen Runyon says:

            Ben you are so right. America as a nation needs to turn to God. The Christians have set by and let this happen. We need to come together as children of God and be the Warriors He called us to be. It’s time to fall on our knees and repent.

          • William Neal Fancher Jr says:

            I am afraid it is too late to ask God’s mercy. We are now in the “days of sorrows” and soon will be entering the ‘last days”. America, peace, freedom and happiness are fading fast. It has already affected the rest of the world.

          • Ben says:

            Slaves have a kind of survival.

          • savage5333 says:

            Who warned us that ” when our elected officials are permitted to vote themselves a pay raise…

          • Chandler says:

            I am not sure who you are referring to because we have had many warnings from different people for years. I myself have warned of this for about 15+ years. Now it is at hand and still some ignore the warnings. What can I say.

          • Keith Blake says:

            It’s not going on because they are corrupt. It is going on because they want to destroy this country as it exists. They don’t believe in it. Their goal is to break down patriotism and traditional American values and morality, so that we go the way of the Roman Empire. At their core they believe in communism and socialism and they believe America is an evil oppressor and the reason for all the suffering in the world. It’s not fair that we have so much wealth and there are 3rd world countries and people going hungry, so we must make the world a fair place by making everyone in the world starve equally.

          • Chandler says:

            Yes you have a point but no matter what they say they want ,we know it is not true.
            Otherwise there is no way in hell that our Politicians there money backers and Leaders of companies judges and the like could stay millionaires. Obama went from rags to a millionair in just a few short years. Could it be that a foreign government made him the millionaire so that he and they could destroy the last of the free countries? Just saying

          • Keith Blake says:

            I didn’t say they weren’t corrupt. I said rulings like that have little to do with corruption and much to do with the liberal ideal that this country is unfairly wealthy and evil and oppressive and needs to be systematically changed.

          • Chandler says:

            Where in my post did I disagree with anything you said. I just added my thoughts as you did. But if they felt the way stated in your post would they be millionaires instead of like the rest of us just struggling to get along. The Demorats – Communist-Socialist say one thing for the peons and live entirely another way, high on the hog in there own lives. Just saying

        • oldmo says:

          Yes it is.

      • Original Rebel says:

        … and promptly “retired” to …. where else? MEHICO!!!

      • Tony says:

        Treasonous judges.. deport them…

        • Steve T says:

          Deportation is a nice idea, but not the penalty for treason.

      • Chandler says:

        Yep and that is a fact.

      • Spark1845 says:

        Hangman………… You should come to Placerville, CA. You belong here. It’s nick-name is, OLD HANGTOWN. You would fit right in. I say, get the judge OUT too.

        • hangman says:

          Thank you for the nice wo9rds, but as a Texan, I see two things in California I could not cope with. Embracing Wetbacks and Gays. American and straight.

      • Spark1845 says:

        Second reply. I don’t like dealing with people who support Gays either and I certainly do not like the MEXICAN situation. Come here LEGAL, OK. Come here ILLEGAL, NO WAY. PERIOD. Hangman I won’t even bring up what they say about Texas and the people there because I was there doing a job for my son on Beltway 8 near the Space Center. Can’t remember exactly where it was. Near Clear Lake, Texas?? Make any sense? My son and I went to a John Michael Montgomery concert. We had a time. People were so great. I told a guy I was gonna get some of that Texas B-B-Q, so he went and bought me a sandwich. One thing I can’t deny, Texas has the best B-B-Q PERIOD.

        • hangman says:

          California has some pretty places, for sure. In the early sixties I was there as a Marine, and it was different then .San Francisco, Yosemite, Disnyland, and the San Diego zoo were but a few off the things to see. We did not have half of Mexico there believing they have the right to ‘bend ‘our laws so that it benefits them, and Obama had not yet ruined most of this country wirh his leftiest ways.

          I used to go to Galveston regularly to fish, and had never been aware of the Texas City Dike. What a pleasant surpise to discover it. ( if not aware, google it.) Five miles out into the bay.

          Most Texas cities/towns claim “The best B-B-Q., and Central Texas does the same. Lockhart, (30 miles south/east of austin,) has a slew of B-B-Q restaurants, from real juicy to dry.
          Personaly, I found thet if you wrap the brisquet up in tin foil, after it has been smoked a while, and let it cook covered, it will have the smoked flavor, but be as juicy as you might desire.
          You have a great day.
          Hanging in there.

          • Spark1845 says:

            When we were working in Texas we went to Galveston for sea food. That was awesome too. Went to a little rickety place upstairs that looked like something out of a movie. Man, was the food good. I remember the job we did was for Mobil Modular. They lease, rent and sell mobile trailer for work sites and I guess living quarters. Good ole ASSBAMA is another sad story. The guy is EVIL. And, as he says, PERIOD. By the way, thank you for your service to OUR country. I appreciate it very much. My best friend was drafted back in the sixties and spent a tour of duty in Viet Nam. He came back not quite the same. For forty years I sent him cards on Christmas, his birthday, left messages on his phone answering machine and called him. We saw each other at funeral and weddings. Not often enough for the friends we are. Since we were four years old in kindergarten, we have been friends. Played baseball in A league, went through deaths of his son and mine. Moms and dads. Finally, on my last birthday number 68, he sent me a card. When my wife pulled it out of our mailbox I got chills. He wrote, to the best and most loyal friend a person could ever have. You stood by me for all of these years never doubting how much you mean to me. I couldn’t always be there. So, he writes, I will let you know part of the reason. In the card was a letter from the United States Army. It was a letter of Valor he had gotten for saving his platoon from being wiped out. I got very emotional. I lived this with him never knowing what a special person old Joe is. He didn’t want anyone to know about this. He is back now. All the demons are gone. So, with that being said, I THANK YOU again for being there for all of us. Every, and I mean every service person I see, I go up to them to thank them for their sacrifice. It is because of you guys that WE are FREE. Some don’t realize it. I DO. Be safe, happy and most of all, HEALTHY. LV P.S. Sorry for the length of this note.

    • papa_r0n says:

      That is the best response I have heard of yet !!! I an a American of Latin descent not a Latino of American descent !!!

      • Chandler says:

        Now if everyone else would jump on this band wagon we could return to the State of happiness and prosperity.

      • Saltporkdoc says:

        You have no idea how happy I am to have gotten your support! I have been somewhat restrained in making responses about the matter of immigration (I lived in Az for 3 yrs and saw the issues first hand; I was working in law enforcement and having to deal with pre ICE Border Patrol.) I alsohave extended family who, like you are Americans of Latin descent so am well aware NOT all Latins are “bad” or “illegal” or deserving of disrespect. Quite the contrary, I find the vast majority of Latins (even illegals) to be honorable, hard working, honest and caring people.
        My primary concern with unrestrained immigration is threefold. First: I am concerned about the movement of drugs and terrorists over a pourous border. Second: I am concerned about the introduction of exotic diseases (and even ones
        once eradicated from our country) into the country. Third, I am concerned about the economic impact both via the outflow of cash sent back to families in native countries and the lack of entry level (“jobs no one wants”- How demeaning both literally and figuratively!) jobs for us to introduce the basics of being employed to OUR children.
        I hope you continue to think my position is one you can support and would be interested to knowyour position on these matters too.

        • hangman says:

          In response to your letter. To stereotype is wrong. All races, and all ethicist, have good and bad. We have the Russian Mafia. Does that make all Russians bad? Germans had many undesirables, but I have met some real good ones. Italians are ‘Mafiosos’, but sometimes you find a good one, like the Arizona sheriff. Unfortunately, the illegals from south of the border are , like the negros, so willing to cry racism and not realize that enforcing the immigration laws has absolutely nothing to do with race, as most, if not all ,are white. But their ignorance is exploited my many Spanish speaking news networks, and they are now brainwashed into thinking that if they are required to obey the laws, they are being discriminated against.
          In the meantime, Anglos keep trying to convince themselves and the ‘White man’, A.K.A. Latin American, that they are the white race. They are to be pittyied. as their ignorance bypasses those of little education.Just like the Anglo counterpart. the Latin American, U.S. Citizens, have an independent way of thinking. Many, if not most, now know that being a Democrat translates into being a beggar, and most do not belong to the democratic party. Most of those that do, are the brainwashed illegals who are helping crooked politicians by voter frawd, So why would we want them here?

    • Spark1845 says:

      Saltporkdoc, GREAT IDEA. WE THE PEOPLE have to take a stand. If you haven’t noticed, WE are being screwed. It’s time to really show the fake, junk government we have that WE are done being taken advantage of in any way. First thing to do is ARREST CONVICT and EXECUTE Assbama hussein OBASTARD, the lying PUNK-ASS PERIOD

    • gordon says:

      Wake up America, A DAMNED JUDGE ( CANNOT ) tell anyone what he or she can wear. Get some BACKBONE and get every student to show up wearing the American flag. Then wear them to his court room and tell him it is not his legal right to tell you what and when you can wear something. DAMNED THE MEXICANS this is our country, SO ACT LIKE IT. MERRY CHRISTMAS , celebrate our American heritage and STOP LETTING OUTSIDERS DICTATE WHAT WE CAN AND CANT DO. ENOUGH OF THIS (BULL SHIT ) !!

      • 2egypt says:

        I agree, this is America…do you think they would do this to Americans in Mexico? Hell no…they take advantage of us in everything. My boss was right 35 years ago when he told me that whites will be the minority and all that crap will be the majority, and the sad part is WE support them in every free giveaway that they take for granted. I am tired of giving 40% of my paycheck to these lazy asses who is always on the dole. We must stop spoiling them…I need some rest too, but am working my ass off to survive in this Obummer world… If the catholic church wants to help them, let them do it on their money and when they are flat broke they can go cry for more contributions…I’ve stopped giving. Charity begins at home…when my doctor bills are piled up no one helps me pay it down…I am the one who does and I don’t get any donations either.

      • papa_r0n says:

        When will you get it, ” It’s the Liberal state of mind of our Liberal Politicians, not the Mexicans, Koreans, French or any other ethnic group !!!
        Your response is ” RACIST ” !!

        • gordon says:

          Well mister ( SHIT ) for brains, Sorry about that I thought you might have something that resembled a brain!! Yes, I certainly do GET IT as you dumb ass calls it. I am definitely PROUD to say, I am not adumassedcrat and you bunch of IDIOTS always jump on the RACIST CARD. My statement did not even mention race. If you could read and have a brain you could see we are tired of you and some BOZO telling us we cannot wear an American flag shirt if and when we DAMNED WELL FEEL LIKE IT. TO BAD IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE DONT LIKE IT. A lot of people like you don’t like to see CHRISTMAS celebrated, again to damned bad , get over it. Quit shoving your ( bull shit ) on everyone else. Don’t like it THEN LEAVE our great country. TIRED of changing to please someone else. I intend to please myself from NOW FORWARD. MERRY CHRISTMAS, DUMB ASS !!

          • hangman says:

            Temper, temper, temper.

          • papa_r0n says:

            I guess there is no intelligent response to this chicken shit Mr Gordon the MORON, so I won’t even bother. Your response speaks for itself. I’m sure anyone else who reads your statement will agree it is that of an ” INTERNET IDIOT ” !!! There is no hope for you and I stand by my previous response :
            ” When will you get it, ” It’s the Liberal state of mind of our Liberal
            Politicians, not the Mexicans, Koreans, French or any other ethnic group
            Your response is ” RACIST ” !!
            Your the Democrat Lib-Tards argument against Conservatism !!! “

          • gordon says:

            Still a dumb ass that cant read, Mexicans wear their shirt and we DAMNED WELL can to. No RACIST REMARKS STUPID.

          • papa_r0n says:

            Keep fishing, maybe one day you may be lucky and catch some ” CLASS “,
            .You are truly ” CLASSLESS ”
            BTW, there is an little thing called an apostrophe in the word ” CAN’T “.
            It’s between the ” n ” and the ” t ”

            Correction to the MORON who can’t SPELL !!!

          • gordon says:

            You still have not learned to read nor have the intellect to grasp what has been said. No use to keep trying. Merry Christmas & good bye !!

          • papa_r0n says:

            And I will change my definition of your response from ” RACIST ” to ” ” big·ot·ed ” .
            BYE BYE !!! 🙂

          • papa_r0n says:

            You are an entertaining ” A$$HOLE “

          • gordon says:

            glad you have enjoyed it. Merry Christmas & good bye !!

        • Chandler says:

          Don’t we have enough on our plates with all the illegals stampeding over our borders with the help from illegals already here illegally and politicians helping them break our laws every day that they stay. Can we go to Mexico or any other country and get away with what they are doing in our country, well can we?
          Look at the Marine who accidentally crossed into Mexico not deliberately accidentally and where is he now, prison in fear for his life? Why aren’t the legal citizens raising hell about this amnesty crap and what is happening to a man that served his country.
          Yet Demorats and illegals want to grant thieves and other law breakers to get a free pass. This is the reason that our corrupt government is getting by with there crap.
          Hello wake up, this country is drowning in illegals and if we stop this and gain control of our borders we can take our country back.

          • papa_r0n says:

            I agree with you 100%
            I have been a Conservative all my life and although I believe Ronald Reagan was a great president, I stated back then during his presidency, and till this day I believed him pushing and signing that first amnesty, would bite us in the butt down the road.

            AND HERE WE ARE TODAY !!!

          • Chandler says:

            Yes and I was against it then and after he signed it he himself said that the amnesty bill was the biggest mistake he had ever done. Didn’t change it but just opened Pandora’s box. He was almost right, he did other things that did not turn out right either. But tell me this what President has not done things that he regretted that he did? I do not know of any but the piece of crap Obama that is in our white House now filling our government with people that are liars thieves and cheats.I do not think that any president should be able to just sign a bill into law that is not his place to do, it is for the congress to do. They our politicians can call it by any name and Obama has used an auto-pen to sign a bill into law as well as the feat or executive order or what ever. But the presidents are making law make no mistake about it. Obama was not the first nor will he be the last. We need Judges that rule by the laws of the land and our constitution that would stop this insanity from ever happening again.

      • ellie says:

        AMEN again and again

        • gordon says:

          Thanks Ellie, it is definitely time to take a stand against their ( BS ). We do not have to stand down for ANYONE PERIOD.

      • Thomas R Bunnell says:

        we need to start in the white house

        • gordon says:

          Yes, the muslim is taking us to hell in a hand basket. You are Sooo right.

      • Chandler says:

        I understand and agree and I second that feelings of love of country.

      • hangman says:

        The judicial Ethics Commision is one way to put a cork in these ‘judges’ pie holes. They do not have an ability to change the constitution.

      • dick mullert says:

        Amen Gordon. you hit the nail on the head. the American people have to stand up and defy these jerks with their bleeding heart concepts. I do not want to intentionally offend anyone, but if offending a Mexican or other illegal alien by wearing an American flag shirt pops its head, then they should go back to where they came from because this is my country, and if they want the rights I have, then become American citizens.

    • papa_r0n says:

      That is the best response I have heard of yet !!! I am an American of Latin descent not a Latino of American descent !!!

    • seresmary says:

      Ditto… mary

    • Tony says:

      were your shirts everyday THIS IS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the judge and court need to be deported for treason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yumadome says:

      I wonder… is it forbidden for the Mexican kids to wear Mexican flag shirts on the 4th of July?

  4. Jean Bender says:

    Ok, American People who love the Red White & Blue..who cares what some creepy libtard mealy mouth judge from Libtardia has to say? Everyone wear those colors they can’t arrest every American. Do you know what Cinco De Mayo represents? The day of the dead. Jesus said let the dead bury the dead. We should not celebrate death but life. Memorials are ok, but all that candle burning and setting up alters to the dead is quite disturbing.

    • manstrom says:

      Cinco de Mayo is not Dia de los Muertes. It is a day which commemorates a military victory and is not a recognized holiday in Mexico. It was created by the breweries to make money.

      • CYNICALZ says:

        Who cares. Mexicans sure revere the event on our soil. This is the time they parade with signs chastising democracy and screaming amnesty.

      • Antogeny says:

        My son-in-law is Mexican and lives in Puebla. He told me Cinco de Mayo is ONLY celebrated in the state of Puebla (it’s ignored by the rest of Mexico) and it is a celebration of ONE victory in ONE battle in a war that was lost.

    • Pogo says:

      Get the muzzles of those weapons off the ground and out of the dirt! Semper Fi!

    • Wilbert Jennings says:

      There are still Patriots in this country and as many needed to set things right and its almost time to do just that. You go girl I like your attitude.

    • Chandler says:

      SEMPER FI ;

  5. m. says:

    Someday, the San Andreas Fault is going to split wide open; and California will go floating westward across the Pacific. There will be wild celebrations across the entire country as we scream “Good riddance!” But a week later China and North Korea will join forces to accuse the US of having attacked them with a WMD (Weapon of Mass Dementia).

    • Mad Mmaxxx says:

      I would prefer it just sinks immediately. That would get rid of about 1/3 of the liberal idiots that are hell bent on destroying everything great about this country.
      I arrived at Ellis Island on November 11th 1951. . I was 3 years old. One of the greatest moments of my life was the day I got my Citizenship Certificate. I was drafted into the army and served proudly in Vietnam even though I disagreed with the war.
      NEVER ONCE did I envision the American people allowing Liberal politicians destroy all that is great about this country. My family left Europe after WW2 to escape what is happening this country now. I am appalled at the apathy I see around me.
      I pray every day that you all wake up and tell the government enough is enough. You work for US as in U.S. and you better start giving US our money’s worth if you want to remain in office.

    • Chandler says:

      I do not agree with you all together. I know allot of good and true American citizens that live and work in California. They are just as AMERICAN LOVING GOD FEARING PEOPLE AS THE REST OF THE TRUE AMERICAN LEGAL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. They like our whole country have been invaded by illegals from all over the WORLD, with the help of our corrupt politicians. The politicians keep passing laws that go against our laws of the land and our constitution just for the votes to keep them in a job for life. You see what happens when the illegals that don’t have the same morals as ours, out number the legal citizens. The balance is tipped and allowed to dominate our every day life, and the politicians have a job for life. Our founding fathers tried to keep this from happening but we the legal citizens have not done our due diligence to see that the politicians stay honest and go by our laws and Constitution. Now we are in danger of loosing the greatest country in the world to anarchy and corruption. We are being taken over and we must not let this happen. WE MUST RETURN TO THE LAWS OF THE LAND AND THE CONSTITUTION.

      • Drew Page says:

        I agree. There are plenty of conservatives in states dominated by Democrats including California, New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois. Unfortunately the Democrats are supported by the unions, minorities and the liberal brain dead. They outnumber us.

        • Chandler says:

          Sad but I am not sure if they really out number us, or if so many just do not bother to vote. Nor over see the voting places and the people who run them. We the people were charged with running our government by our forefathers, not the other way around as it is today. The Government Politicians and Judges running the lives of the people. With lying stealing and corruption abounds.We the people must change things back to where our forefathers intended. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND JUDICIAL NO MATTER HOW HIGH OR RANK.

      • ted j says:

        it’s not the people of California that are the problem, it’s who they elect…they have some of the most anti-American politicians running that state.they need to clean house and soon…

        • Chandler says:

          We all agree on the fact that we must change the direction of our beloved Country. Now we just have to figure out what has to be done and do it.

    • TLN2 says:

      How about a wedge party where the rest of America brings a wedge and a sledge hammer to the Andreas Fault and drives it in? If nothing else it may send a message.

  6. JONDO says:

    I would tell that judge to go to h-ll..

    • ward says:

      He has already put himself 3 phantoms below whale crap so he is closer to Hell by U.S. Citizens than he knows … ! This judge is the prime example of the treason to U.S. Citizens, being created by the bureaucratic abused power to all of the U.S.A. Freedom & Liberty ..!

    • Chandler says:

      SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD PLAN TO ME. THE WHOLE TOWN SHOULD TURN OUT, AND THEN FORCE THE JUDGE TO RESIGN. That would be the American revenge and a good thing.

  7. tim says:

    Who wants to go to Mexico with me for the 4th of July to hang some American flags?

    • ELAINE MARZANO says:

      I do not think I want our flag hanging in a country that is holding a marine because he took the wrong turn on his way back home and they will not release him. He is also sick. and needs treatments.

  8. Wilbert Jennings says:

    The reason there is no out rage is Most Americans have their head in the sand and their hand held out for all the freebies. Our Constitution is being swept away as our flag is stepped on by illegals. We can no longer use certain words and can no longer share the gospel because it has been deemed as a hate law to speak of immoral sexual life styles.WE are kissing donkeys of all the minorities and now if a person is successful we will take their hard work results and give it to those that sit on their donkeys.We reward girls for getting pregnant and provide support and shelter while a good married girl and husband receive no help . Revelation tells us good will be bad and bad will be good in the end times. Once to say someone was sick or stupid would mean just that now days its something cool or great. Dope was dope and now it is an adjective for cool.

    • ELAINE MARZANO says:

      Wibert, thank you so much for your comment! I feel he same way. I was trying to put my words together when your comment came up. First thing was most Americans have their head in sand. You are so right. I can not believe it but most Americans do not know what is going on. Ask someone who Trey Gowdy is and they say never heard of him, or Ted Cruz. It makes me so mad when I hear how disinterested they are. Comments are , why should I care I can’t do anything about it. Most of these people do not even vote. You can not get it through their head that Washington is destroying America. Either they do not care or they do not think it will happen. I guess we are supposed to get out and fight their fight for them. I have been told I worry too much. I feel like we have a lot too worry about And I do not want to be responsible for them also. I am also sick of the comments that some people make. Their one liners are so stupid only because they pick on somebody that said something they thought was silly. But they do not add anything of substance, just maybe about their spelling or pick on an older person because he isn’t typing correctly. Heck no one really cares, at least they have the guts to write something to let people know they know what is going on. I say give them thank you for participating. Wilbert I hope and pray that the Americans will take their heads out of the sand and not wait for the rest of us to get the job done for them. I am also wondering how the march is going? No one seems to be covering it. Thank you again Wilbert and God Bless you and America.

    • Chandler says:

      No you confuse illegals and haters of America, and disgusting politicians and judges that have changed our laws and ignored our constitution. Yes and a handful of whelfare people that have never worked a day in there lives, but take handouts for generations. But again it is the legal citizens job to see that the judges, politicians and our government go by the laws of the land and the constitution. We can take our country back we just have to rise up and say NO MORE WILL YOU IGNORE OUR LAWS AND CONSTITUTION.

    • ward says:

      Remember Kruschev the Russian dictators quote of the 60’s ; “We will bury the U.S. & never fire a shot by addicting 70% of the population to drugs ” Appears to be the present “left ” administrations goal right now & doesn’t the dictatorship for all look to be happening by the cronies of deceit assistance with tyranny methods…?

  9. Bill Catering says:

    Stupid JUDGE!

  10. Achmed says:

    I don’t own a American Flag Tee Shirt but I am going to buy one asap. Maybe I will create a new one with the American Flag and on the back a Cinco de Mayo in a circle with an X through it.

    • Sue Solender says:

      Good for you, Achmed! Way to go. No foreigner in Our land has the right to determine what privileges we can enjoy and what rules/laws we should follow. If they don’t like our way of life and our God-given hard-won Freedoms they Can and Should Leave Now, and not return here–ever! May 5 has no meaning for the U.S.and is Not even a holiday celebrated in Mexico, so they have No business saying We have to kowtow to Them. The Circuit court should be purged of its leftist UnAmerican judges and be Replaced by people who Respect our Constitution! I too will buy a U.S. flag shirt and wear it Wherever and Whenever I feel like it!

    • Cranky Steven says:

      Rock on!

  11. Patriot1 says:

    The 9th CC is nothing more than a bunch of liberal AHole and all should be kicked out of office and out of the country. They seem to hate America and all of it’s Constitutional rights.

  12. matism says:

    Burn this filthy POS where he belongs. AFTER letting him do the Mussolini dance from a lamp post.

  13. The American says:

    May 5th form now on I will be wareing red, white, and blue

  14. Robert says:

    Sounds pretty darn UNCONSTITUTIONAL to me! Plus when did it become the role of judges to write laws???

    • Jean says:

      Sounds like treason.

    • Drew Page says:

      They don’t get to write the laws, they get to “interpret” the laws. I’m not quite sure why, as the laws are written in English and don’t need to be “interpreted” for anyone who can read.

    • conductor1 says:

      When Sonia Sotomayor was installed in the Supreme Court, she said it was good for judges to interpret laws in the pursuit of social justice. So they see now themselves as not just there for unbiased Constitutional justice.

  15. Jimdar says:

    I will always wear my t-shirt any time I want too. I will make a point to wear it every Mexican holiday . I believe that Spanish citizens should celebrate their holiday in their traditional way. I have been going to Cinco de Mayo celebrations for over 40 years. But don’ tell me what to wear.

  16. Steve says:

    This is still America every day. This is a national travesty. CA judges should be impeached.

  17. dskancer19 says:

    In Mexico they do not really notice or celebrate the day – it is of little importance to the country. America should not cave to this ‘crappola’ – and the judges that keep making theses anti-American decisions should be removed from their ‘pedestals’ immediately and deported to the country wherein their loyalty is tied.

  18. Glenn P Chickering says:

    what BS this is the USA not mexico anyone who dislikes it is free to leave including the 8th circuit court of appeals

  19. knightscrusader says:

    Whether the flag of the United States of America is on a flag pole or a t-shirt, it is being displayed. For this court to ban the display of our flag in our country in preference of another country’s flag is a rebuke to the sovereignty of our nation.
    The judges in this court and the school officials are idiots and need to be removed.
    This is the United States of America, not Mexico.

  20. sickoflibturds says:

    AMEN GLENN!!!!!!!!

  21. Mike says:

    23 people have commented, each and every one is against this ruling. The people of California have spoken loud and clear that they do not care for the United States of America. Why is it the rest of the states put up with this is beyond me. My guess is that we choose not to fight this battle anymore. You all blame the judges. It is the people of California that chose to support the party that makes these unconstitutional rulings, and the people of the United States of America that continue to support a party that will place more judges on the bench to take away your rights.
    Wake up America, support the people of America, support your troops, and most of all support your decision as a voter to elect the people that you believe will best defend your position. Become informed and vote.
    That being said there has been a few more posts since I started this one, I am going to get back to see if there has been any posts for this decision, so far I see none.

  22. ward says:

    What the Hell does a mexican holiday have to do with the U.S Constitution & Bill of Rights ..! This judge should be fired & indicted for treason against all the U.S. Citizens Freedom & Liberty ..!These type of abused power, commie, criminal violaters of the U.S. Citizens Rights are the ones that are creating the destruction of America & the descent against the government of Bureaucratic abuse..!

  23. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    This is ludicrous, and stupid. Everybody should converge on California wearing American Flag t-Shirts next 5th of May. I will be damned if the political correct police makes me ignore my country for a foreign holiday.
    I’d like to know who these idiotic people are who come up with this garbage. The judge who ruled on this should be impeached or disbarred, or worse.
    Mexicans want to celebrate it, fine. Let them go back across the border and celebrate it there.
    This is just another example of how whacked out the liberal mind is. Even more reason to vote all liberals out of politics from now till the end of time. Haven’t they done enough damage to this country, and American pride.
    We got some jerk off of a president telling us we just average instead of awesome. Then we let him get away with doing everything he can to make us less than what we are.. For God sake where is the outrage!!!! They impeached Nixon for far less!!!! Nobody should make Americans feel guilty for being proud of being American.

  24. setemfree says:


  25. dskancer19 says:

    When coming to America, foreigners that wish to stay and be Americans are to assimilate – integrate – adapt – conform to America – not the other way around. This is the entire problem with this type issue. With the flipped laws (and insanity of the courts – moving away from the Constitution) we are being forced to become foreigners and give up all rights as citizens – as in throwing the Bill of Rights out the window. However, the judges seemingly do not remember that our rights do not come from the government – and were not assigned by laws – as they are our natural God given rights (read the Federalist papers for explanations – it is all there!) Judges can be un-assigned – just as Senators and Congressmen – with the grouping and vote of the people. The citizens always have THE final say – and should no longer sit idly by. We should be at the ‘meeting halls,’ putting our papers together and stopping all the garbage – turning this country around QUICKLY.

    • Chandler says:


  26. Chandler says:

    Know this if you are a proud American not a Mexican American or Latino American (WEAR THE AMERICAN flag T SHIRT TO SCHOOL to work to play or what ever AROUND TOWN FOR THE WEEK OF THE FOURTH OF JULY) There is no such thing as a Mexican American, Italian American ,Negro,Black,colored American, Chinese, Japanese.Korean, Muslim American or any other kind of race but AMERICAN. Either you are American or you are what you were born so if you call yourself anything but American first then you do not belong in America, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE BORN, WE DO NOT WANT YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN. lOOK OUT CORRUPT AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM. ( THE REAL AND TRUE AMERICANS ARE COMING AND WE WILL TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER LEGAL CITIZENS. Those of you that are here illegally our laws will be enforced.

  27. jgreyone says:

    I wish every one of these protesting Mexican students could be loaded onto buses and taken down to the border. Then they will be sent back to the “land that they love” more that the USA. Either you are an American or a Mexican, you cannot be both. Love the USA or leave it, NOW!

  28. Ken Furnace says:

    Are you freaking kidding me! I am a veteran and was born in this country and no court is going to force me not to show my patriotism for this country.

    • ward says:

      Patriotism is by U.S. Citizens to protect the Constitution & Bill of Rights and to eliminate the tyrants that try to destroy Freedom & Liberty … ! This CA judge has put himself into the tyrant category of government abused power & treason to the U.S.A. …! Fire & indict for his violation of good faith responsibilities & treason to U.S. with max penalty after conviction..!

  29. glenn says:

    These judges and the so called elected people are paid by the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS when are they going to start enforcing the LAWS that are on the books? Since when does a foreign country Flag have more power than Old Glory? Time is here for a real change we need HONEST UPSTANDING CITIZENS TO HOLD OFFICES.

    • Chandler says:

      Never if we do not force them to enforce our laws and constitution.

  30. Mike says:

    The posts still keep coming in, 33 against the decision….0 in favor. Many are stating that we wait an entire year to show dissatisfaction, This is an election year, get out in support of what you believe, talk today, to everyone. Talk loud and clear just maybe you can do a little good against these idiots that you have chosen to make your decision. Please do not stop talking until you get what you want.
    Talk with your T-shirt if you want to. Your voice should be heard loud and clear at the poles come November.

    • Chandler says:

      Time to replace all government agents Judges,civilian workers,and the staff and President of the United states that ignore our laws and constitution. They are Traitors to America and her legal citizens. Replace the politicians with fresh and new legal citizens that realy love America and her legal citizens.

      • fredinstien says:

        Yup, and get rid of all the senators who think their jobs are a life long term, after four years replace the existing senators we don’t need 80 year old fossils in congress.

  31. CYNICALZ says:

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in California, do as the Mexicans do.

    • ward says:

      B.S. Is too deep to tolerate a judge of treason & abuse of power to the U.S. Constitution & Citizen’s Freedom & Liberty … ! This A-holes name has to be judge treason with a commie dictator sickle & hammer tattooed on his candy butt …! Genuine traitor to U.S Citizens..!

      • CYNICALZ says:

        Pass this spirit of freedom on to those willing to “provoke government” into reason and getting a pay check next term.

    • Chandler says:

      It isn’t just the illegals that are destroying California and this country. HELLO

      • CYNICALZ says:

        Chandler: Open your eyes. California is a Mexican meca!

        • Chandler says:

          My eyes are open now open yours to what is in the comment.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            The comment is already defined as reality, an obvious short coming in your DNA.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            Now take off the blindfold!

          • Chandler says:

            Not worth a reply.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            A real person of conviction.

          • Chandler says:

            Can’t cure or change stupid.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            Not worth a reply!

          • Chandler says:


      • CYNICALZ says:

        You are right. It is also the release of 3000 criminals released by Socialist/Marxist obama and holder. California operates like a mexican country!

  32. VanceJ says:

    So Ca. becomes Mexico that day, I think a judge needs to be fired, this is America !!!!!!!

  33. Jr1776 says:

    Wear the shirts ! everyone in that state should wear American flag shirts !

  34. CYNICALZ says:

    Since when was it legal to deface the constitution in favor of the 9th circuit personal preferences?

    Come on voters, get a set of antlers!

  35. Mark says:

    So the Ninth Circus Court of unappealing Decisions has spoken. And this surprises us how and why? As long as We the People allow this farce to continue, it shall do so.

    Therefor, we MUST implement Mark Levin’s Amendment instituting Term Limits for the Chief and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, IMMEDIATELY!:

    An Amendment to Establish Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices,
    And Super Majority legislative Override

    “Section 1 No Person shall serve as Chief or Associate Justice of the Supreme Court for more than a combined total of 12 years.

    Section 2: Immediately upon ratification of this Amendment, Congress shall organize the justices of the Supreme Court, as equally as possible into three classes, with the justices assigned to each class
    in reverse seniority order; with the most senior justices in the 1st Class; and their Terms shall expire at the end of the fourth Year following the ratification of this Amendment.

    The Terms for the justices on the Second Class shall expire at the end of the eighth Year; and of the Third Class, at the end of the 12th Year; so that one-third of the justices may be chosen every fourth Year.

    Section 3 When a Vacancy occurs in the Supreme Court, the President shall
    nominate a new justice, who with the approval of a majority of the Senate shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term. Justices who fill a vacancy for longer thanhalf of an expired term shall not be renominated to a full term.

    Section 4: Upon three-fifths vote of the House of Representatives and the
    Senate, Congress may override a majority opinion rendered by the Supreme Court.

    Section 5: The Congressional Override under Section 1 is not subject to a
    Presidential veto, and shall not be the subject of litigation or review in any Federal or State Court.

    Section 6: Upon three-fifths vote of the several state legislatures, the
    States my override a majority opinion rendered by the Supreme court.

    Section 7: The States’ override under Section 3 shall not be the subject of litigation or review in any Federal of State court, or oversight interference by Congress or the President.

    Section 8: Congressional or State override authority under Sections 3 and
    4 must be exercised no later than twenty-four months from the date of the Supreme Court rendering its majority opinion. , after which date Congress
    and the States are prohibited from the override.”

    I have several other Ideas as well, including a procedure that would allow the States to propose candidates for these positions. If any one is interested, please let me know, and I’ll post them.

    • Mark says:

      Also, here is an Amendment I created to address all of the issues related to abridgement of our Freedom of Speech that I’m presently aware of. I suspect the LIbs would melt down IMMEDIATELY if such an Amendment were proposed and passed. Therefor, It MUST be done, IMMEDIATELY!

      An Amendment Protecting or Freedom of Speech

      Section 1: All natural-born and naturalized citizens of the United States
      shall have the right to freely express their opinions regarding the Political System, and the Officials thereof; and shall not be detained, arrested.or imprisoned for expressing opinions which oppose those of the elected and appointed leaders of the United States, or of the States, thereof. This right being necessary in order to maintain a civil and moral society, and
      a republican form of Government in the Several States, shall not be abridged by the Congress, The President, the Courts, nor by Any State Legislature, nor by any Elected of appointed officials, thereof.

      Section 2: The Congress, State Legislatures, local Governments, nor appointed Judicial Officials, thereof, shall neither make nor enforce laws banning the American Flag, or the American Eagle, from being displayed anywhere within the United States, as they are both Symbols of our Free Republic.

      Section 3: They shall make no laws banning the Star Spangled Banner [The National Anthem], nor any other unofficial patriotic Anthems of the United States from being sung at any Public Assemblies.

      Section 4: The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag shall remain intact, including the words “One Nation under God’; in recognition of our belief that unless we are united under god’s guidance, our nation shall fall.

      Section 5: The words “In God We Trust” shall remain on or national currency, as they represent our acknowledgement that our unalienable rights come from our Creator, and not from either the Untied
      States Government, nor from the State Legislatures, thereof.

      Section 6: Congress shall make no law Establishing Free Speech Zones, limiting citizens engaged in Political Protests to areas not visible to the press

      Section 7: Neither Congress, State Legislatures, local governments , nor any appointed Judicial Officials, thereof, shall either make or enforce laws banning any books or magazines containing political views which in any way oppose those of the elected or appointed leadership of the United States from being published.

      Section 8: Natural born and naturalized citizens of the United States, and
      all people temporarily living in the United States shall enjoy freedom of speech. But, money used by corporations and special interest groups to finance Political Campaigns, and to “Buy” favors from Representatives and Senators, State Legislators, Federal and State Judges, and all other Civil Officialsof the United States and the States; shall not have the “Right” of Free Speech; as Speech can only be uttered by natural-born living persons;. and since Money is not a natural-born living person, it shall be ineligible for this Constitutional Protection.

      Section 9: This Amendment shall take effect upon its ratification by the Legislatures
      of 38 States.

  36. Peter Pan says:

    If the Latinos don’t like it send them back to Mexico where they belong!!!

    • fredinstien says:

      Yup, they don’t even talk to their children in English when in stores all in Spanish, if they want to live in America then speak English so their kids can.

  37. CYNICALZ says:

    Government solutions incite bias.

  38. Chris Douglas says:

    Let’s tell the federal government one thing up front. This is America ! I will proudly display the American flag anytime, anywhere, for any reason ! If the Mexicans have a problem with this and the federal government has a problem with it, they can Cinco De Mayo their asses to Mexico ! If they need directions or an escort, I’ll bet I can find enough Americans to complete that task !

  39. Mike says:

    This is Saturday, the lawn needs to be mowed, the sidewalk edged and the car needs to be washed. The posts are now 40 against the decision and a big fat zero in favor. Keep talking about this. Remember to talk to your neighbors, friends, relatives and just anybody you meet. You can make a difference.
    I am going to put on my red white and blue logos and mow the lawn. A simple T-shirt will not do today, it is 45 degrees outside. When is summer coming? I heard that California claimed that this year too.

  40. william g munson says:

    I wonder why they did not send the Mexican students home is it because they are racists and communists? we should not have a HOLIDAY THAT IS NOT A AMERICAN DAY PERIOD!! AND WE ARE NOT BOWING DOWN TO THESE ANTI-AMERICAN PEOPLE DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BRITISH

  41. Citizen says:


  42. Independent Voter says:

    Cinco De Mayo is an appeasement “holiday” created by progressives. The Mexicans did not previously celebrate it. Now the Communist judges in CA have taken it a step further, disallowing the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

  43. runninbear says:

    This is what they have done to our country .that they can deny us to wear clothing that bears our symbol of freedom that we even share with them t and show our patriotism in a country that gave them a chance to be an American citizen and they can celebrate any so called reason to have a drinking party but we can’t show our loyalty to our country.

    Even the cotton for this flag is grown in the United States.

    Images for School flys Mexican flag under U.S flag Report images

    The correct order is US, then other nationality (always flown at the same height as the US flag), and then state flag.

    Section 7g of the Flag Code states: “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.”
    Questions of flag codes:
    The American flag is on top. But, can a company flag fly beneath it on the same pole?
    No. Corporate banners are a form of branding, and, as such, a form of advertising. Section 8i of the Flag Code reads:
    “Advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.”

    I have a neighbor flying a Mexican flag and no US flag. Is this a violation of the flag code?

    The Flag Code requires that the US flag be flown on federal institutions, “Including public schools”. It does not require you to fly the US flag and it does not forbid you from displaying a foreign flag. For example, someone with Irish heritage may proudly fly an Irish flag and is not required to fly the US flag. In the early 1900s there was hostility when the German flag was flown in the US, prompting Theodore Roosevelt to state that we had one flag, and one language. We are again revisiting tensions, this time it is the Mexican flag. We understand the emotional tensions of the situation, however, the Flag Code does not support those who wish to forbid the flying of the Mexican flag within our borders without also flying the US flag.

    Can a foreign flag fly above the US flag?

    A situation arose in Reno, where a Mexican Flag was flown above the US flag on a single pole. This was a violation of the Flag Code and was apparently done to make a political statement.

    Let’s start by looking at the Flag Code. You will find there is a contradiction. First it says that all foreign flags should fly at the same height as the US flag. But later, it says that no foreign flag should fly at the same height as the US flag.

    7g. reads, “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.”

    7c. starts, “No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America…”

    7c. later on reads (emphasis ours), “No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory or possession thereof…”

    Notwithstanding the confusion here, it is always recommended to fly foreign flags from separate poles, and that the flags should be flown at the same height (or the US flag slightly higher) and be of same or similar size.

    I guess this judge didn’t bother to read these’s,

  44. TLN2 says:

    Usually if it is FUBAR then it came from California. I have no problem with people celebrating Cinco de Mayo. However, it should not infringe on other peoples rights to express their patriotism or lack of it. What is next? No Jewish prayers on Christmas? Or no wearing of British flags on St. Patrick’s Day? America, every infringement on someone’s freedom is just that….an infringement on Freedom. These Judges need to realize they are not above the will of the people.

  45. flamegonesilver says:

    Take that 9th Circus Court & throw ’em in the ocean! WHO, on GOD’s good green earth, do these ‘judges’ think they are? ‘Cinco’ May 5th my backside! The 9th should move to MEXICO, since their allegiance lies there.

  46. dalyrymple says:

    And that would be the one day a year that I would be ejected or suspended from school because I would wear the American flag T-shirt come Hell or High Water…….No way would they tell me that I could not wear this……No way….And every student should do it who wants to and not worry about the “authorities” or bullies who do not like it…..period…

  47. Peter Smith says:

    For crying out loud, what country do we live in,………? I will celebrate my patriotism any time, any place, and I beg for someone to try and infringe on my actions. Does Mexico ban the t-shirts with the Mexican flag on the 4th of July? But let’s be fair, the Mexicans only have three holidays; Cinco de Mayo, Diaz y seis, and October 26th,………..That’s the day all the new Chevys come out. The Court’s decision will do EXACTLY what they are trying to avoid, but this time it’s the patriotic Americans that are getting pissed off. It’s about time!

    • Chandler says:

      Our government to include the judicial branches infringes on our constitutional rights and laws every day all day long.

  48. Bill says:

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and ALL of it America hating judges can kiss my @SS.

  49. TLN2 says:

    Judging from the comments it appears this ruling is having the opposite effect the Judges intended. Who brought this case to the courts?

  50. georgethorvat says:

    Judges are not elected or selected to be politically correct. Their job is to obey, enforce and uphold the constitution. Where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it say that on May the fifth of each year it is legal to fly the Mexican flag in The United States of America but illegal to fly the flag of The United States of America in the United States of America? Are all of these judges relatives of Nancy Pelosi?

    • Mike says:

      Your question is not quite right is it? In the United States of America it is not against any laws to fly the flag of your choosing. Mexican flags are flown and will be flown legally for many years to come. The French, German, British, and many other national flags are also flying in the breeze. The question is can the ninth court create a law making it illegal to fly the United States flag?

  51. Oscar Pearson says:

    And people wonder why there are eathquakes, fires and floods in CA?

  52. tom2 says:

    The problem of course is the parents have no economically viable alternative. Our public school system requires every adult to pay for the entirety of their lives whether they participate or not and regardless of their wishes. The solution of course is to offer a voucher equal in value to what would otherwise be granted to the public school. Here’s the guarantee from a voucher system. This arrogance would stop dead on the first day. The school drug problem would stop. School bullying would stop. Lavish spending would stop. Education would improve. Other problems related to religion, ROTC, racism, violence, litigation and illegal aliens would vanish. Costs would decline. And in some models, private schools pay income and property taxes as all businesses do. Seems odd that public school advocates are afraid of voucher systems. When faced with a message they consider offensive, they should be willing to tell the parents and students to take their money and get out. But perhaps the public school agenda no longer includes education.

  53. hangman says:

    For cinco de Mayo, America needs to get all constables, deputy sheriffs, city police, state troopers, and all fedetral agents available and gather up ALL the wetbacks and walk then, not drive them , to the border with a sign pinned on them that says, “dont let the door hit you in the arss on your way home. and at the same time , oust this so called judges, and exile them to Mexico. They don’t deserve to be here.

    • ward says:

      This appears to be a bo crony scheme to piss U.S. Citizens off to raise Hell so he can create the crisis to activate his dictatorial unjust executive orders, power control & martial law..? There is no doubt that he is trying to create his dictatorship through any of his abuse of power cronies..! He is right it will piss off the U.S. Citizens but the piss is going to be on the advocated criminal tyranny that is the crony bureaucracies of dictators that he created along with his own short comings of intelligence …! He is creating his own Treason …!

  54. poppygene says:

    And this judge iis not replaced because why??? Judge, it is an insult to have to call you that, it stands for more than you are capable of. You are NOT an employee of MEXICO, YOU SWORE an OATH, to enforce the laws of the United States, NOT MEXICO, You should NOT HAVE TO BE FIRED, you should resign for breeching your oath. Why should you not be brought up on charges for malfeasance, and treason?? I would absolutely love to be on that jury, as would millions of other AMERICANS, not Mexicans. Do you really think Mexicans have any REAL allegiance to this country over that one????

    • Chandler says:


  55. Robert Morrow says:

    It is a fact that most of those of Latino or Mexician heritage do not know what Cinco De Mayo is about and it is not the Mexico Independs Day which is in September. Also it is not celerbrated much in Mexico either. I know that this to be true as I have family of Mexician Heritage and I also lived in Mexico, plus the fact that many of my neighbors are of that heritage and very fine people, yet they did not know until I showed them the facts. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated more in the USA then in Old Mexico. Why? Maybe because we like to have an excuse for a good party with great foods and drink with friends. Chef Robert Here in what is left of the Land of Enchantment NEW MEXICO after the corrupt Politician and Bureacrats have destroyed.

    • CYNICALZ says:

      Suggest you migrate to your “party” of preference.

      • Robert Morrow says:

        How about a little more explaination to your suggestion. If you have a problem with what I wrote tell me about it not use a left wing progressive liberal stupid statement which shows a total lack of knowledge or common sense. Chef Robert

  56. oldmo says:

    Politically correct sorry bastard.

    • Chandler says:

      No just a fascist power hungry non inanity trying to make points with the illegals, and the corrupt tyrants.

  57. Mary J says:

    Yeah, old people, when you’re done standing outside a high school that you don’t live anywhere near and have no direct interest in, you can head over to Washington DC to join the 30 million fellow “patriots” at the American Spring rally.

    • Chandler says:

      There is a ass for every seat and you fill them all. Go back home and kiss you freedoms good by.

  58. frankania says:

    But 5th of May was the day the Mexicans fought the FRENCH! in Puebla state. What does that have to do with USA?

    • Chandler says:


  59. Dynamicdave says:

    If the white, black and Asian parents would get half a brain, they would have EVERY LAST ONE OF THEIR KIDS wear American flag shirts. When the school is forced to send the majority of their kids home, it will send a strong message to the asinine courts. De oppresso liber.

  60. mike223 says:

    Impeach these judges who voted against there oath of office. Mexican Independence Day is not special in our history, but TEXAS Independence Day is.

  61. Oingo Boingo says:

    I’d like to propose a new definition of “Hanging Judge”.

  62. Lisa Carter says:


  63. Cooper says:

    ON WHAT DAY #####

  64. drthomasedavis says:

    So the hapless Mexicans refusing to pay their just debts were invaded by England, Spain and France. In the battle at Puebla, May 5, 1862, the Mexicans killed about 1000 Frenchmen but the French remained in Mexico for five more years. Sounds like a Pyrrhic Victory to me. Did the Mexicans pay their debts? Not likely; honor is not a Mexican strongpoint.

    America cleaned their clock and in 1848 Mexico ceded lands in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to The USA by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Yet they have the unmitigated gall to claim those land still belong to Mexico. A foreign agent known as La Raza lays claim to all the lands America was granted by the untrustworthy Mexicans. One Congressman from Tucson, Arizona, Raul Grijalva is a leading member of La Raza and a loud mouthed and arrogant member still carping that The USA robbed Mexicans of their ancient lands that THEY purloined from the Early Clovis people who had inhabited those same lands for thousands of years. SOLUTION: Deport Every illegal alien and stop all immigration for Ten Years .

    Dr. Thomas E. Davis

  65. desertcelt says:

    Deport these f#!#ing lawyers in black robes back to Mexico since that’s where their loyalty lies.

  66. therain says:

    Go back to mexico

  67. Cranky Steven says:

    I like the idea of wearing a red, white and blue t-shirt on this day. By the by, it’s worth repeating, Cinco de Mayo is NOT a holiday in Mexico. Only in CA it seems.

  68. George E. Lefebvre says:

    This judge is violating the rights of real Americans. He should be tried for treason and failure to enforce the Constitutional rights of all Americans. He should be removed from the Bench and sent to Mexico to live. He is a disgrace to the office he holds.

  69. Drew Page says:

    We wouldn’t want to upset the illegals, would we?

  70. CTH says:

    My question is how was it possible to assemble such a group of idiots as inhabit the Ninth Circuit Court.

  71. Dawn Harsley says:

    In my opinion, wearing “American flag” apparel is a dishonor to the American flag. However, I think the judge is an idiot. Why would the students be offended? After all, they came here, didn’t they? Can you imagine any other country doing the same when it is an American holiday? In Mexico, they apparently fly the American flag on July 4th but I doubt they prohibit the Mexican flag on that day. Next, all Christian churches and Jewish temples will have to close during Ramadan so as not to offend Muslims. Political correctness run amuck.

  72. Walt says:

    My answer to the Ninth Circuit is “Too Damn Bad”. If Mexicans want to be upset at our country and our flag then they can damn well go home. If they want to honor their flag then go home as well. I know of no other country whose flag we honor in such a way – It is an insult to Americans.

  73. fredinstien says:

    This is America not Mexico tell the court that if those students don’t like it go back to Mexico, and the court can go screw themselves. I’ll wear my American Tee shirt whenever and wherever I damn well please and no damn court will tell me otherwise period.

  74. pysco says:

    Another idiot sitting on the bench, they have voided the title of “Your Honor” long ago, I have absolutely no respect for their decisions. I have never considered civil disobedience as an option for working things out. However these courts, and the current Administration have pushed the citizens to the point of taking back America.

  75. David Morris says:

    The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech is NOT protected so that you have a right to say kind words… it exists so that citizens can openly discuss topics that may make someone uncomfortable… The sheer insanity of the court’s decision demonstrates that political correctness is a disease. May 5th is NOT an American holiday. It has no meaning here. If someone is that proud of their Mexican history and heritage, I recommend they re-immigrate. It is never inappropriate to show support for the country you live in. To those who are uncomfortable seeing an American Flag, just remember, without the United States of America, you would be in Mexico.

    • bobtherebuilder says:

      That “DISEASE” called political correctness is THE WORST thing that could have happened to a ONCE sane, rational, and yes FREE society!! Notice they don’t (and WON’T) mention a damn thing about the Mexicans not wearing a mexican flag shirt on that day..these liberal bozos are more worried about “offending” the MEXICANS here in America, than they are about offending we Americans..HERE in America!! Anyone with any form of logic, or the capability of a rational thought process would CLEARLY see why P.C. is indeed a “DISEASE”!

  76. Joyce Friedericy says:

    How ridiculous. Have you ever heard of a country banning their own flag from being displayed?
    What kind of judge would do such a thing?????????

  77. Jay Thomas says:

    First off being Political Correct is an Infringement on My First Amendment Rights! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will Never hurt me!!! This Communist, Traitor Court needs to be removed and tried as Traitors to the Constitution and Everything American. You know they took an oath to defend the Constitution and they have the American Flag in their Courtroom? Impeach, Prosecute and Hang the Traitors; Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Fienstien, Clinton, Holder, EPA, IRS, ATF, Bailout Proponents ……..

  78. Spark1845 says:

    All this CLOWN is doing is like Assbama hussein OBASTARD, the EVIL ONE, he is causing the student to dislike each other. It’s time for the CIVIL WAS again. WE have to protect OUR rights, the government will not because of VOTES. THEY buy people and Mexican PARASITES can be bought. SCREW those bastards and pull your kids out of school. This judge is an ASSHOLE, PERIOD.

  79. Linda Sills says:

    The backlash should be thousands of us wearing American flag shirts and Don’t Tread on Me shirts on the 5th of May. Any time this BS raises its ugly head, we need to squash it..pronto. Stand up for something, or you will fall for anything. The “left” (Commies) are willing to die for their sick religion(s), we who love liberty, must be willing to do so as well, or they will win.

  80. wapitihunter says:

    I really do not care if they are offended or not. Tell that idiot Democrat Judge that this is the United States. If he are the wetbacks don’t like it they ALL go to Mexico and live in their filth there. This is unAmerican and unConstitutional. Let them see what they would have to put up with there if Mexico is so great.

  81. Rob Price says:

    I know that my 22 years in the active Army were for the AMERICAN Army. Right? Sorry, but last I checked, this is still AMERICA, NOT MEHICO! This 9th circuit court has always been known as the most liberal leaning in America! Their decision doesn’t surprise me, but the citizen’s of this community does! Aren’t their any TRUE American Patriots left in Mexifornia? Students, if you believe in the Constitution, and love America and what it stands for, wear your shirt with pride to school and tell those commie administrators to go to hell!

  82. Kevin says:

    Cinco DiMayo isn’t even a big holiday and Mexico and here it is treated like it is. It’s not even worth a court case

  83. terry says:

    If the Mexicans don’t like it……they can go back to their own F’n country. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES NOT F’N MEXICO. And I’ll wear a t-shirt with a flag on any day of the week I damn well please. Those judges can take their “9th Circuit Court Ruling” and shove it straight up their a$$’, and then the should be removed from the bench!

  84. papa doug says:

    We need to send those judges back to Mexico. This is still America not Ameramex!

  85. E G says:

    Tell them to go to HELL. wear the shirt with Pride.. we are American , land of the free and not the dictator..

  86. giley1 says:

    Just try and raise an American flag in Mexico in any of their official state holidays and see what happens. These liberal American bashing judges need to take a removed

  87. Carole Ann Marques says:

    I would wear mine anyway. I am an American citizen living in America and have that right. Let the Spanish people wear what they want too.This political crap needs to stop. And I agree with saltporkdoc and the rest of you who feel the same way.

  88. Nancy~Az says:

    A friend who is Mexican told me cinco de mayo isn’t even a real holiday, it’s not celebrated in Mexico, that someone dreamed it up as a party day. What’s next those students will be flying Mexican flags at that school? There is something seriously wrong in this country and it started on January 20, 2009 and gone downhill ever since.

  89. Richard Nelson says:

    you should all find something really important to worry about.

    • Pam Dunn says:

      MORON; Disrespect and a ruling AGAINST the flying of the American flag by a LEFT WINGER COurt IS SOMETHING to “WORRY” about. Please see your local Proctologist about a cranial extraction procedure.

      • Richard Nelson says:

        thank you for sharing your carefully considered and tasteful opinion.

  90. hangman says:

    How unconstitutional is this? Take those judges, and deport them to Mexico, as they cannot be U.S. Citizens. And just how stupid are they? As stupid as Anglos that think

    ‘they’ are the white race? How Pathetic. While I do not care for wetbacks, either south of the border or the salt water ones, I do stand for PATRIOTISM. As far as racial tensions, drop the stupidity already. White race= people of European descent. And while the Miskins are of another nationality, they are also descendents of the white man, which were the Spanish. Anglos, also of Europoean descent, also pass for white, and are so insecure that they always try to pretend that they are the white race, just like those Africanized Krauts, with their plate lips and kinky hair, also try to be white.
    That aside, when you have a group of people, all of the white race, of different nationalities, with personal differences, where is ‘Racism” ? And if wetbacks don’t like an American flag in an American country, deport their wetback behinds, as they are but a burr on am American’s butt. For those that do not know. ;;Hispanic as used, is a derogatory word that is just slang, but it tries to put the white man, A.k.A. Latin Americans as one with the mixed race negros.. The white man rejects this, and the Mulatos, Black/white negroes , love it, as they try to pass for white by pretending they are Latin. Let them be anglosif they wish, but in no way is a black man Latin. or white. . (the Spanish word ‘HISPANO’ , meant of Spanish descent, as not all Latins originated from Spain. Hispano is not HISPANIC. (Unless Britanic equals all the Obama types and anglos of british ancestry. )

  91. Dannie Poe says:

    Once again POLITICALY CORRECT is infringing on my First Amendment rights of free speach. I am a AMERICAN who served his country proudly under our flag, I have the right to wear anything I choose to express my country patriotically. If anyone is apposed to this acts violently then they are not Americans. I do not object to anyone wearing clothing representing another country however. In American you are free to do so. In America all are granted rights under our Constitution.

  92. Billy W. McCain says:

    Apparently, these Mexican students are not American citizens. Give them a free pass to go to Mexico and celebrate a non existing Mexican holiday. Then deny their return to the United States of America…..

  93. Mike says:

    This could be a bigger issue than anyone thinks in here. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling will stand until the Supreme Court is asked to make a ruling. These appointed judges could stand behind the lower courts ruling. This being said, all the schools in this nation would be required to ban the flag on May fifth. County buildings, state buildings, and federal buildings would be required to follow the rules as well. Our current administration would of course stress that there is truly no difference between May 5th and December 5th. Creating a politically correct assumption that the United States is belittling immigration from all countries. Requiring removing the flag from all government buildings everyday of the year.
    That is a nasty thought, remember to vote in November. It is our law makers that appoint these judges or authorize their appointments.
    I think I read 1 post in favor of the ruling but not really sure. The score according to me( not a scientific study) is 147 against the ruling, 1 in favor.

  94. Thomas R Bunnell says:

    hey judge you are one big piece of shit, in case you don’t know moron this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND IF YOU AND THESE FILTY MEXICAN DO NOT LIKE THIS COUNTRY TO MOVE OUT OF THIS COUNTRY

  95. razzy1492 says:

    The wise thing to do here is. Cinco de Mayo should be celebrated with the American flag, that way no one should be offended. It would be like wearing the Green on St. Patricks day with the American Flag. I am Hispanic so I can speak without being accused of being racist. I have observed a lack of sensitivity on part of some latinos. Respect the country and culture you now live in, and you will get respect back. No way no where no how ever, should the American flag not be allowed to be displayed in the USA.

  96. Mac McKinney says:

    May 5, Is not a holiday in America, The American Flag flies everyday. The Judges should be removed from the Court and sent to Mexico.

  97. Leon Barber says:

    Should be easy to understand why California is going down the tube. It is a shame the liberals and Hollywood wanna be’s have ruined California. Not speaking of the older actor’s, as they were patriots, loved their country, did shows for the troops where ever they were, and some volunteered to join the forces and fight. Jane Fonda is not in this group. Present people in Hollywood today would never do that, they are only interested in themselves. What a shame.

  98. John Galt says:

    I don’t celebrate the 5th of May but if I want to wear a shirt, no crazy judge put in place by commie leftists would stop me. The Kwanzaa Con: A Fake Holiday Created by a Rapist and Torturer.

  99. Leon Barber says:

    Come on people, if you want to wear a patriotic shirt, wear it. If you want to wear a religious symbol on your shirt, wear it. Time we took our country back from all the nutters who are running the country at the present time.

  100. Ballistic45 says:

    ALL Federal Judges should have TERM LIMITS.. Sure they are appointed but we can minimize the damage they do with TERM LIMITS… Adding this move to putting Senators and Congressmen on TERM LIMITS will put us back on the road to a FREE AMERICA…..

  101. seresmary says:

    I suggest if they are so interested in celebrating Cinco De Mayo day that they cross the border and celebrate it, this is America and we have the First Amendment which protects free speech and that includes the wearing of a shirt that has an American Flag or any other patiotic symbolism on it… screw the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, what are they going to do throw us all in jail for being patriotic..mary

  102. georgethorvat says:

    I understand what you’re saying Mike but if I’m reading this article correctly then it would appear that the Ninth circuit has already ruled on this issue. It would stand to reason then if it is illegal to wear a T-shirt that has the American flag printed on it then it would also go against the ruling to carry an American flag unto the school grounds on Sicko-de-Mayo, whereas the Mexican flag would be permitted. God help us!

  103. Pam Dunn says:

    Rulings like this idiocy explain CLEARLY while the liberal turds on the 9th circuit have the honor and fame of having the largest number of rulings overturned by the Supreme Court. Something on the LEFT coast has polluted and deluded what small brains they may have EVER had and prevents them from making INTELLIGENT and LEGAL rulings.
    If I lived there, I would PROUDLY WEAR the AMERICAN FLAG that I took an oath in the Military to defend.

  104. savage5333 says:

    I can remember when a judgment such as this would have caused a overwhelming outcry and possibly the removal of the “judges” by executive order. That was when America was a sovereign country and patriotism was taught in our public schools. That was when the Democratic party still believed in American exceptionalism. That was when a communist was a bad guy, not a elected official of the state. That was when America still had a remnent of the “Ellis Island imagrant.” America better find her way again before it is to late.

    • Chandler says:

      Truer words have not been spoken, well done.

    • TAM44 says:

      That’s the Gods honest truth.

  105. hangman says:

    Cinco de Mayo should be celebrated here! How? By kicking a Miskin or two back across the border with a boot that has the American flag design on the sole, so that they can remember the U.S.A, every time they look at their buttom and see the brand to remind them they were not invited here. Californians wont do it, but Texans will line up for the sport.

  106. TAM44 says:

    I would wear it and just because this anti America piece of crap says I cannot wear it on this mexican piece of crap day. This is America you piece of human waste judge from hell.

  107. Bill says:

    Tell the ninth district court to stick up their back side. This the USA and the flag represents the American people. Tell the offended ones to go back to Mexico, if they are offended, and that stupid judge can go with them. Next May 5th I will be in his district waving the US flag and dare them to arrest me.

  108. sickoflibturds says:

    lets start by kicking these wetbacks and wetback lovers back across the Mexican boarder and be done with it!!!!!!

  109. Grass Fox says:

    OK, so wear an American Flag sweat shirt. Problem solved!

  110. Grass Fox says:

    To this judge – please move to Syria!

  111. William Bower says:

    The problem with idiots in power is they don’t want to offend anyone, but the true of the matter is they are offending the American people with their stupidity. At least this is one native American that is very highly offended by this rule.

  112. sickoflibturds says:

    we could dig a mote at the boarder then fill it with hungery gators and pirrhana that might help!!!!

  113. MontieR says:

    It is past time to go after these rogue judges. They CAN be impeached and removed from the bench up to AND including the supreme court. The very first time a judge utters the words I feel they are WRONG.

  114. PLW says:

    Next these California Judges will ban everyone from wearing a sheet on their head unless they are Followers of Islamic Extremists, have a prayer rug, & follow Sharia Law as per the Head Rag-Head Mohammed!!! Welcome to Obama-World!!!!!

  115. Libereightme says:

    I can understand the school administration’s concern for student safety, but this definitely sounds like a First Amendment issue. If they’ve got summer school sessions, do they ban the wearing of shirts with the Mexican flag, or any other flag for that matter, on July 4th?

  116. Lary Breeding says:

    Are these students American citizens or Mexican citizens? If they are real American citizens they should be proud to display the American flag. If they are Mexican citizens why are they being educated at American taxpayers expense. If they like the Mexican flag so much they should go back home to Mexico where they will be happy. If I went to Mexico and celebrated their defeat at the hands of Sam Houston and his army I would not expect them to be happy but they are forcing a Mexican holiday on us. This is not an American holiday but now the courts apparently saying it is.

  117. Bonita says:

    How in the hell are these anti-Americans going to tell Americans that we can’t wear our flag in America, no matter what day it is we’re going to wear,salute,wave or fly OUR American anytime we want. Who ever don’t like it can leave !

  118. marko66 says:

    Maybe we need to ship this judge off to Mexico.

    • Peoriaboy says:

      No maybe about it.

      • marko66 says:

        Thank you, I needed that

  119. marko66 says:

    I meant “judges”.

  120. armydadtexas says:

    Kalifornia and their judges can kiss my A$$. Try and stop me from displaying the United States Flag over some 3rd world joke.

  121. JwM says:


  122. george says:

    That low life piece of crap want to be JUDGE need to be reminded that this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Send those WET BACK BUNCH OF WHAT EVER HOME. Be American or go back where you came from. You fly a Mexican flag at my place and I will burn it.

  123. Markie Mark says:

    The judge needs to be corrected.

  124. Jeff Johnson says:

    As they put it, a “Mexican” holiday. If I remember correctly, California is still a member of the United States. Also, I didn’t read anything here about them banning the Mexican flag on the 4th of July. Guess it’s another liberal California Double standard.

  125. Pitt says:

    Tell the Mexicans to wear US Flag T Shirts or go back to Mexico.
    and take the Judge with them.

  126. Tony says:

    The fall of America has been happening for 5.5 yrs … More to come in the next 3..

  127. Robert Suarez says:

    These judges need to shipped the hell out of the Unites States of America in a box if need be!!!

  128. Robert Suarez says:

    Enough is enough !!!

  129. d66cmorris says:

    Screw the Mexicans.

  130. Bimu says:

    Slippery slope rises to the occasion. I betcha’ one day will getcha’ two and then another and then another and on and on. Where do these judges call themselves American citizens. They have a prestigious job that required an oath of upholding the Constitution. Can this person be impeached? If not, why not?

    • ward says:

      He can be impeached as soon as the U.S. Citizens get rid of the Far left senate & retain the house of representatives NOV, 2014, without any democrat dictator minds of deceit to the U.S. Constitution …! His abuse of power everyday is destroying Freedom & liberty for his creation of the bought totalitarian dictatorship by the billionaires like soros & cronies …! These abuse of power criminal actions to destroy the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights have become treason by the “left Administration & must be stopped NOW…!

      • Bimu says:

        I feel the way you do and probably in the same ways and with the same disgust. I fear for our country in many ways and I dare say our Constitutional ideals are the foundations of freedom for the peoples of this planet. Until the people now alive realize that “Absolute freedom is anarchy”, that freedom has boundaries and limits, are we to continue down the activism approach to our destruction as a nation.
        Nikita Kruschev, successor of Stalin, made jest of America chiding never to have to fire a bullet to persuade the collapse of this country. We would dissolve internally, in his mind and in his spoken word. If he were alive today he would find his cold war adversary, the USA, exactly where we would need to be for the destruction of democratic ideals. We are crumbling bit by bit on a steep downward spiral and I’m not sure there is any way to reverse the process. The moral conscience of our nation teeters at gutter level starting with our leadership whether we talk politics, education, finances, socially. We the people… that famous phrase is undermined when the power of the people that resides in the vote is destroyed. Not everyone residing in this country should vote. Simply living here is not reason nor right for participating in the election process. When there are no restrictions or value to the vote the whole system and our way of life is endangered.
        We don’t value life and we don’t fear our Creator. Beware of the revolution within the coming of the one world government. God bless these United States of America! Our existence is in peril.

  131. hjjusa says:

    Okay the Mexicans can’t fly their mex flag in the US of A for the rest of the year.

  132. detroitheat says:

    Bull Shit, if he told me to remove my American Flag t-shirt I would remove it and shove it up his ass until he choked to death on it… F him simple as that….

  133. eight11 says:

    Those Judges can go straight to hell! They should be removed from their position. If any American is cited for wearing an American flag shirt in America of all places it would be a major violation of our free speech. So screw these Judges!

    • Chandler says:

      Better yet remove them from office for incompetence.

  134. Spark1845 says:

    SCREW MEXICO. Don’t go there. Don’t support anything. Don’t buy their watermelons. I don’t and won’t. The REVOLUTION is coming. Assbama is bringing BLOCK-HEADED Russians here to keep us in toe. I won’t have a problem blowing their heads off. PERIOD. Let’s send the little NEGRO BOY a message.

  135. Father Dacius says:

    What is Cinco de Mayo anyway? Just one more failed Mexican revolution.

  136. MIKE6080 says:

    ban all other t shirts and flags on the 4th of july and see the progressives go crazy

  137. Carol says:

    Americans are Americans EVERYDAY! I would keep my kids home on May5th and along with their parents protest in front of their school in American apparel. NO ONE has the right to take away OUR FREEDOM, not even for a day.
    If Mexicans want to celebrate May 5th than they can cross the border and celebrate otherwise they can burn in hell first along with the judges that took May 5th day of freedom away from Americans.

  138. Proudvietvet58 says:

    I want to see this POS Judge try to stop ME from wearing an American Flag Shirt!!

  139. KatRob says:

    They’re worried about offending? Why would you want to give homage to a race of people who will never assimilate, will always honor and love and remain loyal to another country, celebrating Cinco de Mayo and not the 4th of July? Not to mention how absolutely ridiculous it is that they want to honor some stupid holiday from a country who let them down. If Mexico and it’s little holidays are so important, go back home and celebrate there. Why is this holiday even shown on American calendars every year, do mexican calendars have the 4th of July on them? The treason that is being perpetrated upon us from politicians and now the courts, is grounds for public stoning. Maybe Americans should start a pilgramage and move to mexico and leave the 50 million busboys and landscapers here to ruin this country. Democrat and Republican politicians alike are treasonous pigs who need a ladder to kiss a snake’s ass.

  140. just says:

    This is America- and groups from past to present can speak their language , eat their foods and celebrate their particular holidays- BUT this IS still America- and the celebration that America is the land of the FREE and FREE to wear the FLAG or anything American should BE FIRST and always! We are to be a melting POT not the stew wanting to throw the “pot” away! Stand up America! It’s time!

  141. OSAMA OBAMA says:

    f— the 9th. circuit , libturds, and the rest of the filth that violates my space.

  142. marko66 says:

    I am sick of this crap from these liberal judges. They become little mindless dictators because they think they have all the power to change or make laws to their liking. Well wake up judges because the American citizens have had it and will no longer tolerate this garbage . Things are going to change .

    • RufusVonDufus says:

      They are becoming little Barack Obamas in white face!

  143. Wayne says:

    If the Mexican students are offended, send them back to Mexico where they can celebrate all year long that they are back in Mexico and not being forced to observe any American rituals.

  144. kycatfan says:

    Another capitulation by the courts in an attempt to pacify a vocal minority. You don’t pacify a bully by giving in to them, didn’t work with Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, won’t work here either as the more you give the more they take.

  145. Cynic says:

    Yes, liberals hate to offend anyone — except their fellow Americans.

    • Karll says:

      Except their White fellow Americans.

  146. Dennis Marler says:

    This Dumb Ass Judge need to read the Declaration Of independence and the Constitution of The United States of America, and then run his Ass out of the good old USA

  147. Karll says:

    Are Mexican flag tee shirts banned the other 364 days of the year?
    Because that would make as much sense.

    • Mark says:

      Why would they be, provided this is a truly multicultural (Yuch, according to their meaning), country.

  148. trishae61 says:

    They don’t have that authority to tell you that you can’t wear a shirt displaying the American Flag. This is America, not mexico!!!

    • Mark says:

      How does displaying Old Glory Offend Mexican Americans?. I always thought anyone of dual heritage could and should be equally-proud of both si8des of their families lineage.

      Oops, I guess that means I’m not a liberal. THANK GOD!!!

      • trishae61 says:

        LOL guess not Mark, but that’s a GOOD thing!!!!

        • Mark says:

          It’s ironic, since Classical Liberalism actually espoused the same principles that today’s conservatives believe in.

  149. trishae61 says:

    For all that are disagreeing with this and want OUR Country back to where she should be and to be blessed by GOD our creator, then please either join or support OAS in DC happening NOW!!!

  150. joe says:

    Who gives a rat’s azz if it offends them this is OUR country they are free to leave at anytime the sooner the better if you ask me. I am sick of paying for criminals to get healthcare ,education and welfare. So for you illegal aliens take cinco and jam it up your azz, you got BEAT there in the end remember that Pedro or do you even have a clue what it was all about in the first place, I bet most don’t . All you did was delay what was coming and now you use it an as excuse to get drunk. The American companies use it an as excuse to sell nachos and beer and some of the American public use it as an excuse to drink that beer, yea great accomplishment there. I really hope that offends some of you it would give me a warm fuzzy to know it is eating away at you.

  151. Doc says:

    You moron judges in Cali have no right to ban American flag T-shirts on ANY day of the year. Your citizens want to celebrate a mexican holiday they need to go back to mexico.

  152. hangman says:

    It would only be fitting to deny this ‘judges’ the ability to stay in the United States, except for one day out of the year, and that day would be the day they come to pay their taxes, which most Mexicans don’t pay. (Like the blacks, (We owes them.)

  153. Kenny Kimler says:

    As sickening as it would be to be in California for even one day, I would love to be able to be a student once again and be in that school on May 5th. Tell me not to wear a tee shirt with an American flag, in my country. Give it a shot commie.

  154. Spark1845 says:

    I will wear one of my many shirts with the AMERICAN FLAG on it next May 5th, just as I did this May 5. SCREW cinco de mayo. If I had a kid in school at Blue Oak I would pull him or her OUT. PERIOD. Then I would get a super expensive attorney and go after that IDIOT judge through the BAR. My goal would be to have his PUNK -ASS, DIS-BARRED.

  155. RufusVonDufus says:

    Note to libturd judges of the Ninth Circuit–This is the U.S. and we do not recognize Mexican holidays which 95% of Mexico also fails to recognize. If you judges like Cinco deStinko so much why don’t you move to and stay in Mexico? You should all be tarred and feathered and then run out of the U.S. on a rail!

  156. RufusVonDufus says:

    Keep electing puke liberals like Obama, America, and you will give away all of the rights your forefathers fought and died for. Send all illegals back along with their so called anchor babies which are simply anchors around the necks of hard-working American taxpayers. All illegal mexicans back to mexico!

  157. evelyn123456 says:

    We should give away our country for one day a year?
    Did latinos build this country?
    I’m not against latinos — just illegal ones who don’t believe in the “rule of law.”

  158. Chandler says:

    Change of subject somewhat.
    But I do not understand how our government gives massive boniness to federal government workers, but can’t take care of our military’s needs. The Obama care is causing hundreds of billion of dollars. The collective congress both sides of the isle are passing pay raises for themselves, and 100 % retirement for life. But tell the military that they don’t have the money to give proper earned medical, and keep cutting there benefits back. But the congress both sides of the isle and the president of the Demorat party has full medical for life and are millionaires to boot. and most of our government has not served a day in the military. Just voted themselves the power to stay in a job for life with full benefits. What the blank is going on and why is there not a up rise over all this abuse of power that continues to grow and grow?

  159. Bradford says:

    Where do I send a few cases of AMERICAN FLAG T-SHIRTS, and some *TOWELS*, so the “offended” can dry off their backs….????….Hey, you Beanie Babies asked for that one….

  160. rwendling70 says:

    What the 9th Circus should have banned in CA schools are cinco de mayo t-shirts, Mexican flag and images and banners. This a Mexican holiday not American or Californian. School officials have the duty to keep order.
    Go ahead, ask any Hispanic student to give you the date of Mexican Independence.
    Lastly, a or perhaps the reason Spanish speaking students lag 20% behind English speakers is the ESL programs in schools. Everyone knows emersion is the best way to teach a foreign language. And when so many Hispanic parents in CA are criminal aliens who speak Spanish at home as well as at work, their children practice English only at school. And don’t talk to me about money when the damned lottery gave over $10 billion to CA schools last year!

  161. Michael David Callahan says:

    F the Mexicans

    • RUGER says:

      Hey Mike I share your thought but the real problem is with our own system and the judges. Our outrage against these actions will soon be considered “hate speech” and that will be another slice of our 1st Amendment being flushed away by Bloomberg, Osama I mean Obama, Reid, Feinstein and Pelosi . The Revolution will be under way soon.

  162. german girl says:

    And I thought I was living in the United States of America, but I think is closer to the United States of Mexico, every where you go, you are bombarded with Mexican stuff, Mexican TV on cable, etc. When and where is it going to stop, they want their culture, than do us all a favor and move back to Mexico, if you don,t like it here without your culture.

  163. Michael says:

    F*****G weak kneed pansy Judges, if the kids can’t wear an American Flag tee shirt on this non-holiday for the wet backs then they can’t wear their wet back flag tee shirts on any of our holiday’s during the year!!! Might be time to get rid of some politically correct Judges, starting with the Supreme Court!

  164. RUGER says:

    I don’t like to say this but FUCK those Marxist judges!! This is an act of treason!! We as Americans need to hand out free t shirts with American Flags on them to the students entering the school. I will if necessary I will fly across the country to hand out the first one and defend OUR 1st Amendment rights not some stinking Mexican wb who is probably here illegally. Ban that stinking Mexican Flag and that made up holiday by the beer companies or move to Mexico you scumbag judges.

  165. Frances Carlson says:

    What kind of drugs are these idiots taking? There is absolutely no way to enforce this ridiculous ruling, and if I were there, I’d be wearing my American Flag T-shirt with a caption on the back side “In Your Face” Or maybe I’d wear all my St Patrick’s Day paraphernalia. I don’t begrudge them a holiday, but for the love of Pete, I don’t have to celebrate it with them anymore than they have to celebrate the 4th of July. Get real you “la la land” idiots.

  166. Truth Hammer says:

    You’re not supposed to be wearing the flag as clothing. Try reading the flag code, Teabillies.

  167. Chandler says:

    Google it Government at it again, intimidating land owner for building pond on his 8 acre land in Wyoming.

  168. david b cordick says:

    how about we do it this way, instead of putting the feelings of illegals over the rights of American citizens, we tell the liberal ninth circuit to go to hell, they are the court that libs and anyone with a ridiculous demand runs to, knowing they will probably win. back to subject, everyone wear a flag shirt, they have police standing by, if the Mexicans start raising hell, let the police handle it, americans stand back and don’t strike one blow. and the gestapo police can wear their black clothes and face masks and break the law as usual and pound the Mexicans into the ground. just make sure that the police are informed, those wearing the American flag shirts are the good guys

  169. ConservativeSenior says:

    Obozo’s communist judges. Wish Kalifornia would secede from the USA and join Mexico. They seem to love Mexicans more than Americans.

  170. Philip Warden says:

    Keep crying SHEEP,BA,Ba.bababababa,Quit crying… get up, stand up, IF everyone who fills this way,went to D.C. armed to the teeth. Yea what then?????

  171. cletius says:

    I say bull crap tru americans should stay home on that day and I agree with Saltporkdoc put your shirts on and boycott this illegal judge and Mexican court

  172. Bobby33x says:

    This is what happens when morons are allowed to vote…they elect morons, who then appoint morons to the bench. Are we getting this? Is this thing on? Beam me up Scotty!

  173. Bobby33x says:

    Cinco de Mayo commemorates defeating the French in battle. Who hasn’t done that? That’s kinda like cheering when Mike Tyson knocks out a Campfire Girl, isn’t it?

  174. OldmanRick says:

    Problem is that cinco de mayo is not celebrated throughout Mexico, of all places. So, why do Americans have to bend over in their own country to give credence to a flag other than the American flag? Yep, watch out now. PC, cultural Marxism, or whatever term one wishes to use is again rearing its ugly head. Seems our courts have forgotten that this is American and here the Constitution and Bill of Rights together with the amendments rule not some Marxist judge dictating law from the bench. Only congress writes federal law not the judicial branch or some activist judge.

  175. Patrick says:

    It has nothing to do with the U.S.A. . I would challenge that judge in a court of Law ,and then make him show just cause ,why we cannot express our God Given Human Rights ,as Americans citizens of the express ourselves, and this country we love.

  176. disqus_RiKgBtmZQk says:

    I just do not get it. On st. Patricks day in ny. You have both the American Flag and the Irish flag flying . Never had a problem with which flag should be flying. I do see a different reason behind why they have a problem with both flags flying in the school and it’s because they just do not like America and what we stand for.when my grandmother come to America from Ireland she was proud of both Ireland and america.and loved both.unlike some people who just can’t get the idea that they should love both. Where they came from and the country that let them live here free men and the right to better themselves.

  177. Jeff says:

    Sounds like suppression of freedom of expression.

  178. Mr.Mopar says:

    Oh. Yeah. Arrest me. I DOUBLE DARE you. I’d LOVE to see that go to the Supreme Court. If those judges think for one bloody second that they are going to circumvent the First Amendment because of some absurd notion of “political correctness”, I’ll not only wear the flag on my shirt, I’ll wave the biggest flag I can carry, put on a stars and stripes ‘do rag, and if I can find a band, I’ll hire them to play “Stars and Stripes Forever” all day long. Moronic intellectual pygmies.

  179. Patriot1 says:

    If I were a student in that school, the B—–d’s would have to put me in jail. Cinco de Mayo is not even celebrated in Mexico and yet they shove it down our throats simply because Americans have become to brainwashed by the Politically correct idiots.

  180. Sandra Moore says:

    This doesn’t make sense. The ninth circuit Court made a ruling for just one school?? That’s what this article implies. Better reporting needed please. A lot is missing from this “report”.

    • lancestaub says:

      You don’t understand how strong the Chicano population is in south Santa Clara County is. I’m sure it has gotten even stronger since I graduated from High School in that area and that was 1957, 57 years ago. Someday we may kiss goodbye to the whole American southwest!!!

      • Sandra Moore says:

        I know what you’re saying is true. I lived in CA for 40 years. It’s nothing how I remember it. Completely changed and not in a good way. Very sad to me since it was my home state and I loved it. My question was how it’s possible for a circuit court to make a ruling for only one school. Tell you one thing, if I were in that school, May 5th I would be sporting that American flag proudly, defiantly if that’s how the liberal 9th circuit court wanted to call it. They make me sick.

        • lancestaub says:

          You might be facing an 80%+ Chicano student body. I truly believe at some point in history most of the southwest will be returned to Mexico by the World Court after requests are made through voter approved Referendums.

  181. oldmo says:

    Most judges today are very liberal. To a liberal being a coward is just part of the game.

  182. lancestaub says:

    I would suspect that Live Oak has more Chicanos than Caucasian students and that is what encouraged that decision. That would be typical for south Santa Clara County, the heart of the county’s agriculture. Wait until the Chicanos in California pass a Referendum to ceecede California from the USA and return it to Mexico. The 9th district would be the first to support it.

  183. Kenneth Steen says:

    I wish I were a student there I would be wearing American Flags everywhere including my underware.

  184. caser4liberty says:

    This is really funny; because according to some Mexicans Cinco de Mayo is not their Holiday of independence and is a common misconception. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16, because it was on that day in 1810 that Father Miguel Hidalgo took to his pulpit in the village church of the town of Dolores and invited his flock to take up arms and join him in overthrowing Spanish tyranny. Independence Day is a very important holiday in Mexico and not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo.

    How Big a Deal is Cinco de Mayo?:

    For some reason, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the United States of America, by Mexicans and Americans alike, than it is in Mexico. One theory for why it is more popular in the USA is that at one time, it was celebrated in all of Mexico and by Mexicans living in former Mexican territories such as Texas and California. It was ignored in Mexico after a while but still celebrated north of the border, which never got out of the habit of remembering the famous battle.

  185. Chandler says:

    The smartest thing that the people can do especially to support your children is to all dress up patriotic and carry a American flag for the whole Week May 5th. Let your kids turn there cars into flags with removable paint in protest of this so called Mexican Cinco de Mayo that they don’t celebrate in Mexico anyway.
    Let everyone see we are proud as hell of out country, our patriotic children, and we are not going to take this crap any longer. Enough is enough. Show these idiots that think that they are god that they are not.
    Throw them out of office, if you keep electing a dictator all he or she will do is to control your every move or put you in confinement. If you love your children and want to show it support them in civil unrest that is our right.

  186. Chandler says:

    If you are proud of this country and a true Patriot then wear something patrotick and carry a Flag outside all your children’s schools for at least the first week in May in support of our children and there right to express there own patriotism. Stop letting our government School principles and administrators dictate instead of lead. Show you care to our children, show all others we do not care what they do in Mexico we do not live in Mexico. If the illegals and any other American do not like what we celebrate then do not attend the function. The day of the dead is not what we celebrate it is the freedom that our military gives us time eternity. The ultimate sacrifice of those vets that gave there lives so others may live in freedom.

  187. Chandler says:

    The once two party American loving freedom fighters are not more and they were declining over twenty years. We now have the two party system of liars, thieves,and corruption. It is time to retire the two systems and set into motion a party that will sign a contract to uphold the Laws of our land and one of the laws is to secure our borders from terrorist foreign and domestic. To rid this country of illegals along with there families. In this contract they sign that they will uphold the Constitution and the Declaration of independence 101. Our political and Judicial system are not working due to the vast corruption of our government. If we the people do not wake up soon we will not have a country. Our country already looks like Europe and that should worry us all.

  188. noahlyn says:

    Next June 5th, its only cinco de mayo in Mexico, I plan on wearing an american flag dress, put american flags on my car and I will dare one Mexican to say otherwise. They will wind up with an american flag painted on their face. This is AMERICA if you don’t like how we roll and you do not respect our flag over all others……………..GO THE F HOME!!!!!!

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