Why Immunity Granted To This “Shadowy” Figure Is Terrible News For Hillary Clinton

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.51.49 PMHillary Clinton’s email scandal keeps getting crazier with news that Bryan Pagliano, the guy in charge of Hillary’s “home brew” server has been granted immunity by the Justice Department.  This means that he can share intimate details about the server he set up without the threat of prosecution.  Mr. Pagliano plead the fifth and was totally uncooperative during congressional panel in September making it look like he possibly has something to hide.

Business Insider explains the significance of the news:

“Pagliano presumably knows a lot, and at the very least his testimony will prompt the FBI to interview other top Clinton aides — and, in all likelihood, Clinton herself,” Valliere added. “This is a deadly serious issue for her.”

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who served under President George W. Bush, told Fox News in an interview that Pagliano’s deal with the Justice Department “simply confirms” that the investigation into Clinton’s setup is “very serious” and is “not going away anytime soon.”

Pagliano “can tell us if there were ever discussions on the nature of what was going to be moved over onto that private server,” Mukasey said, referring to the FBI’s investigation into whether Clinton or her aides ever mishandled classified material while she was at the State Department.

“He would be out of his mind not to volunteer everything” he knows, Mukasey added. “The only thing he has to lose is the possibility of being prosecuted for perjury or obstruction.”

Business Insider continues:

Pagliano has remained a shadowy figure, even though he is perhaps one of the people most familiar with Clinton’s setup and her motivations behind wanting to use a private email server while she served in Obama’s administration.

A group of lawmakers led by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had sought emails belonging to Pagliano in Clinton’s inbox while she served as secretary of state, saying in December that it was the committee’s “highest-priority request.”

But the State Department said it could not find any emails belonging to Pagliano sent before Clinton left office in 2013

All of this is terrible news for Hillary Clinton who hoped the worst of the scandal was already behind her.  Hillary Clinton continues to make history as the first woman running for POTUS while actively being investigated by the FBI.