NOW Baseball Players Protest Anthem

Major League Baseball can no longer claim to be free of any anthem-protesting players. On Saturday night, A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell took a knee during the national anthem.

Only a day after President Trump criticized athletes who protest the anthem, referring to them as “SOB’s,” and expressing his desire to see NFL owners “fire” them. Maxwell knelt with his hand over his heart, while teammate Mark Canha placed his hand on Maxwell’s shoulder:

The timing of Maxwell’s protest is no accident. Earlier on Saturday, he took to Instagram and wrote a vulgar protest in response to Trump’s speech from Friday night. Maxwell posted, “Yeah, f— this guy! Our president speaks of inequality of man because players are protesting the anthem! F— this man! Seriously on the highest platform for our country expressing that it is OK for there to be division of man and rights!”

Shortly after that Maxwell voiced his displeasure again, this time on Twitter:

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  1. Jon Exner says:

    This is not about whether these players have the right to protest it is about where they protest.
    When a person purchases a ticket to see a sporting event or turns on the T.V. to watch a sporting event and are subjected to the many commercials they are not doing so to get a lecture from the players they are doing so to see a sporting event.
    Let these players assemble in front of the government offices across this nation and demand to know why the city, county and state governments have done little to help the AMERICAN CITIZENS better their lives. Why are these elected officials more interested in helping and promoting immigrants both legal and illegal over the American citizens in the inner cities?
    Why are they placing immigrants ahead of the line and the minority community at the end of the line and subjecting them to the life on the welfare plantation rather than the employment line with the hope of a job and self sufficiency?
    These players would be better served to understand than the problems of the minority communities in the inner cities are caused by the elected officials in the city, county and state levels mostly controlled by the democrats not to mention that many of them are black elected officials.
    I would implore the fans to stand for the National Anthem with their hands over their hearts, and whether the players are in the NFL, NBA or MLB if they do not respect our flag and our national anthem send a loud and clear message to those players, turn around and walk out of the stadium, let the players play to an empty house, this would change in one weekend.

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