Now It’s Racist to Not Like Mexican Food?

It’s absolutely crazy to think, but many Americans would agree that “not liking Mexican food” is a clear sign of racism.

In the video below, Mark Dice takes the time to interview people on a fake story where Speaker of The House John Boehner says, “He doesn’t like Mexican Food.

As the video illustrates, people are quick to jump to the conclusion that a person’s taste in regards to cuisine is in some way a direct indication about how they feel about those of a different race.

Not only that, it shows how quickly people are willing to stand against “obvious racism” when no such case exists.

As Dice moves down the pier, it seems nearly impossible for him to find one person with enough common sense to see that not liking Mexican food is not a racist statement.

After interviewing several who say that “such bigotry” and “racism” should not be tolerated he finally stumbles onto a man with common sense.

Unfortunately, what the video so perfectly depicts is the fact that many in this nation are quick to stand up against racism — without actually thinking about what racism actually is.

Instead of people taking issue with real, fundamental racism, it appears everyone wants to climb on the bandwagon of political correctness where it’s not even OK to not like different kinds of food.

Though the video isn’t able to allude to this directly, it does show how the media has been gaming people to create a false dichotomy of racism that doesn’t exist.

In a report just released by Karl Denninger, it’s even shown that much of the violent crime that we experience isn’t racist as we’re led to believe by talking heads.

Now, instead of taking issue with real racism, we’re being spoon fed “faux racism” that is used for nothing more than to bolster a political party and to further divisions between those who support liberty and those who stand on the side of tyranny.