Obama Administration Secretly Gives Money To Environmentalists

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.59.57 PMEnvironmentalist have been creating extremely complex schemes to bilk the federal government out of cash. A scheme just reported by the Daily Caller allows environmentalist lawyers to collect large legal fees anonymously and allows them to change environmental regulations without input from congress.

This is how the sue and settle scam works, from the Daily Caller:

Some of these legal payments could be for what are called “sue-and-settle” lawsuits — where a group, mainly environmental activists, sue a federal agency to get them to issue a new regulation.

Instead of fighting the suit, the federal agency quickly settles the case and uses the resulting consent decree as political cover to issue controversial regulations. Not only do activists further their agenda, but they can get their attorneys’ fees paid for by taxpayers.

“It is quite concerning that the Department of Justice refused to acknowledge how much they have paid in attorneys fees in ‘sue and settle’ cases,” Chaim Mandelbaum, an attorney with the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic, told TheDCNF. “Given the Obama administration’s substantial use of a ‘sue and settle’ method to create policy, through collusion with outside groups, the need for transparency into these arrangements is substantial.”

Andrzejewski added: “Taxpayers have a right to know who is profiting from so-called ‘sue and settle’ schemes in which special interest groups advance a regulatory agenda without any transparency or oversight.”

The only good thing about this scam is that it can be easily stopped with a competent administration that understands the need for transparency.

Any politician can claim that they will drain the swamp of corruption in Washington D.C., but to actually change things it takes very specific knowledge of how the system works. Just getting mad about corruption won’t fix it. If voters don’t know how corruption takes hold, they can’t elect the right people to fix it.