Prominent Trump ally says Obama and Clinton are literal demons

A couple of years ago, some Colorado voters elected former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt to the state’s General Assembly, which struck me as rather amusing. For those who follow the religious right movement closely, Klingenschmitt is a rather notorious figure, best known for, among other things, writing a book that argued, in all seriousness, that President Obama is possessed by demons.

Things didn’t go particularly well for Klingenschmitt in the state legislature – even other Republicans kept their distance – and the right-wing lawmaker will be out of office next year. But Klingenschmitt and his wacky ideas nevertheless came to mind yesterday, because apparently the idea of the president being demon possessed isn’t limited to one obscure state lawmaker.

Media Matters noted yesterday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told his audience yesterday that both Obama and Hillary Clinton are literal demons.

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