Obama appointees make STARTLING confessions

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as president, he’s been taking a sharp axe to the root of much of what the Obama administration tried to accomplish via executive order, setting his sights on the EPA and the ridiculous regulations they put in place as an attempt to gain more government control over the private sector.

This, of course, has not gone over well with liberals, particularly those who were formerly part of the Obama-era EPA which is currently freaking out over the actions being taken to slash the size of government when it comes to environmental issues.

Former EPA director Gina McCarthy is really taking things hard.

According to Politico, For Gina McCarthy, who led EPA when it issued its landmark greenhouse gas restrictions for power plants, it was no shock that Trump would seek to undo Obama’s climate regulations by using the same executive power that had gone into their creation. But she said she’s stunned at how fast Trump is moving.

“The approach they’re taking is really a slash-and-burn approach,” she told POLITICO.

“I really honestly don’t know what dragon they’re trying to slay here,” McCarthy added. “I really don’t. If they’re saying EPA has done something illegal, then let the courts decide that. If they think that EPA is anti-economy, then show me some data that shows that.”


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/michaelcantrell/former-obama-appointees-make-startling-confessions