Obama Finally Upset About Uncontrollable Migration – Here’s The Pathetic Catch

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.17.34 AMYou might think that Barack Obama woke up on the conservative side of the bed. He started ranting and raving about how uncontrollable migration is a national security threat to our country. That’s great, but before we congratulate him on his reasonable change of rhetoric, there is just one catch.

He wasn’t talking about migration to our country!

From The Daily Caller:

“What happens in Europe is going to have an impact in the United States,” Obama said. “We consider it a major national security issue that you have uncontrolled migration into Europe. Not because these folks are coming into the United States, but because if it destabilizes Europe, our largest trading block, trading partner, it’s going to be bad for our economy.”

He continued to say, “if you see divisions in Europe, it weakens NATO.”

Could he make these comments any more ironic? Maybe next time he can lecture Europe about uncontrolled migration while giving a speech in an American sanctuary city. Interesting how European migrants escaping war in Syria are bad for the American economy but migrants escaping violence in Central America are just dandy for our economy.
Of course, America should be compassionate to our southern neighbors escaping violence to pursue the American dream.  But the base of the statue of liberty calls for the world’s huddled masses yearning to BREATH FREE. Not huddled masses yearning break our laws in order to get free stuff. Anyone who breaks our laws is not yearning to breathe free.
The rule of law is the basis of America’s freedom and prosperity.


  1. Robert says:

    Obozo is the worst President our country has ever had. NOW, in the closing months of his term in office, he has something to say about…. “Uncontrollable migration being a national security
    threat to the US “. he has left our southern border wide open, he is admitting all kinds of refugees into our country. Most of the refugees are Muslims ! Common people, there has got to be ISIS or many other people that would do harm to our country embedded among the refugees.
    That does not seem to bother Obozo, I wonder why ??

  2. Had the occasional adult ESL student from China who filed for refugee status; other Chinese students openly teased them about it. The same situation is true for Mexican and Central American migrants, in my view. True, I had a female student whose Xeta cartel brother-in-law sent people to hurt her because she ran from her abusive husband- saw photos of her face). But a majority, I agree, come to get benefits. One student admitted she came to have a baby here “because it’s free” (!!) but costs $3000 in Mexico. Huh?? I explained how Medi-Cal works (taxpayers pay). So aggravating. There should be a really stringent refugee screening process.

  3. Rick Rogers says:

    Will you people ever get tired of Lying.. There are more people Heading South of the border then are heading North.

  4. ReaperHD says:

    Why is he still here?????

  5. Jerry says:

    Rick! Quick! Turn the pic over, there is way more headed to rape the U.S. of anything they can get for free, thousands per month to ride on the backs of the U.S. people, there is acually more people collecting benefits here in the US then there is working, I wonder how long that is going to work

  6. Jon Exner says:

    Hilarious, obama does not want Europe divided.
    He prefers that only the U.S.A. is divided.

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