Obama Spits on the Grave of Harry S. Truman — Refuses to Accept Blame for the Rise of ISIS

Obama CaricatureHarry S. Truman must be rolling over in his grave.

For those of us old enough to remember, one of the favorite lines from ole “Give ‘Em Hell Harry!” was “The Buck Stops Here” – meaning he, as president and leader of the free world, was ultimately responsible for whatever happened to the United States – good or bad.

If that were only so for our current Buck-Passer in Chief.

Conspicuously absent in his recent rhetoric is his favorite word: “I”. Obama is quick to take credit for major positive accomplishments – whether he had anything much to do with them other than give permission for others to do the heavy lifting – such as the incessant chant “I got Bin Laden” after the beyond-brave Navy Seal Team Six took that hated terrorist out.

Nope. Obama’s latest favorite pronouns are “we”, “they”, and “you.” Those are his words of choice in placing blame for whatever evils befall his presidency.

That’s right. Absolutely NOTHING is ever this president’s fault. Although the buck is supposed to stop on the desk where Obama rests his feet, it ends up in someone else’s lap.

Case in point:

In his much-hyped-up interview with Steve Kroft on last Sunday’s “60 Minutes” show (you know Steve Kroft, right? Obama’s favorite “soft ball” interviewer?), which reportedly was watched by a paltry, disinterested nine million viewers, Obama predictably passed the blame for the rise of ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – onto others.

And that interview proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this most underqualified of presidents is proving to be way out of his depth.

According to a recent article in Investor’s Business Daily:

Asked about how he could have missed the rise of a terrorist organization with tens of thousands of foot soldiers, Obama flailed like an unprepared law student zeroed in on by Professor Kingsfield, and pathetically tried blaming others.

You could see it all in his bitter half-smile as he said, “Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

You could also see it all in the venom that accompanied Obama’s laying the blame on former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for not producing “a government that had built a sense of national unity.”

To see the president squirm as he tried to explain the IS disaster to a sympathetic interviewer, reduced to hurling blame this way and that, reveals the essence of the Obama administration. Here is the leader of the free world fidgeting before the cameras because a country infested with terrorists didn’t end up following a script his party wrote purely to win elections.

Harry S. Truman, we miss you a ton.

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