Obama’s final address: Don’t undo my legacy

President Obama is expected to use his final presidential address to the nation Tuesday night to urge President-elect Trump not to undo his legacy, a tough sell when nearly 60 percent of voters believe the U.S. is headed down the wrong track.

From the steel-and-glass interior of Chicago’s McCormick Place, where Obama celebrated his re-election victory in 2012, the outgoing commander in chief will deliver his final address to the nation after eight years of progressive policy triumphs and just as many lost opportunities for lasting bipartisan reforms. The farewell speech could be Obama’s last public appearance before Jan. 20, when he turns the White House over to Trump, who’s vowed to undo several of Obama’s executive actions and erase many of Obama’s achievements.

“Expect him to use his rhetorical flair to pressure President-elect Trump to keep the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank, and to not make any sudden moves that would destabilize the global economy,” said one veteran of the current administration.

“Obama is facing an unusual position in the sense that his predecessor has threatened to undo much of what he’s devoted his last eight years to creating,” Mike Boyle, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and political science professor at La Salle University, told the Washington Examiner.

Observers say that Obama’s actions and remarks since Trump’s stunning victory in November suggest his farewell address will marry a vigorous defense of his presidency with a spirited call for Democrats to keep the faith and fight harder for their party’s policy priorities under the next administration.

Meanwhile, critics of the outgoing president are bracing for a speech littered with self-congratulatory toasts to domestic and foreign policy reforms they believe have left Americans worse off and less safe. Those include the nuclear agreement with Iran, restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, Obamacare and a surge in banking and energy regulations.

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