Omarosa Surfaces With Aggressive Trump Attacks

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman recently sat down with MSNBC where she stated that President Trump gets “excited,” by “chaos.”

When talking about the news of White House staffing changes, Omarosa stated, “You know, the one thing that I know that he gets enthusiastic about is a good fight, and so you’ll see the president start picking fights with everyone inside the White House, outside the White House, in his own party, in the opposition. He likes a good fight. Without the boogeyman, Donald Trump is nothing but someone who is just constantly down, down, down, and that’s what you’re seeing.”

“During the rallies when he was in the midterm campaign season, he was enthusiastic because he could turn to the caravan and immigrants and all the different boogeymans he has created. But without someone to kind of rail against, Donald Trump seems very, very disengaged. But you’ll see his bounce back will be to attack the Democrats, to create new enemies, to fight people within his own staff, and firings get him very excited, which is why you hear all this talk about him getting rid of different staffers and cabinet members.”

“That’s the only thing that gets him excited is chaos and controversy and conflict.”