OUTRAGEOUS: Banks Now Nailing Americans With up to $700 in Fees. Small Group of Americans Vow to Get Even

unnamed (19)Looked at your bank statement lately? If not, you’ll want to look closely. Very closely.

New research shows banks are now nailing Americans for as much as $700 in fees a year.

But a small group of Americans are fed up. They’re tired of the huge fees. They’re over the low interest rates paid on deposits. And they’ve vowed to “opt out” for a better way to save and grow their money.

Consider the case of a California man named Jim Tillman. He discovered a new way to bank back in 2013, and it has changed his life. Jim started experimenting with what we’ve been calling the “underground banking system”  from his home in San Pedro, California.

“I’ve never, ever in my life been so on top of everything,” Tillman said. “Never. You know what [this system] is? A great system for self-empowerment.”

Jim Tillman’s life has since improved beyond his wildest dreams.

He’s even included his wife and children in this new kind of banking. They made enough profit from it this year alone for a vacation in Argentina.

[Editor’s note: To see the full benefits of opening what’s been called an “underground bank account,” simply click here.]

When Jim’s own mother saw his success with banking “off the grid,” she even opened an account.

“My mom has been doing everyone’s taxes since 1969,” he told researchers. “My mother is the most trusted and respected person in this town. People found out she was [underground banking] last week, and there’s been a line outside my door with people wanting to learn more.”

So what is this incredible new system?

Details are still unclear, but as far as anyone can tell, it was discovered in 2009 by a mysterious computer programmer as a way to bank outside of the inflationary Federal Reserve System.

Without using dollars, euros or any other state-based currency.

The benefits this system is offering have been gaining attention. Here are just a few:

>> Protection from the continued demise of the dollar. This new bank account could grow your wealth faster than inflation can destroy it.

>> Protection from banks stealing your money and using your hard-earned dollars as a “bail in” to protect the fragile banking system. The money inside this new system is virtually untraceable — just like cash.

>> Protection from any possible 401(k) confiscation by the Feds. This new system has no authority that the Feds can intimidate into giving them private financial data. And unlike the Swiss bank accounts of old, this “underground bank account” isn’t just a plaything of the wealthy. It can be used by absolutely anyone to grow and protect their wealth.

Even the bankers have acknowledged this is a game changer.

One Federal Reserve economist acknowledged this system is “free from government” and will force traditional institutions to “adapt or die.”  Even former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke conceded this revolutionary new system “may hold long-term promise.”

But the best part about this system is that anyone with a personal computer can get started “underground banking” in just minutes. All it takes is a simple, free software download.

The Laissez Faire Club stumbled onto this idea a few months ago and has been researching the possibilities in this radical new system. What they discovered is astonishing.

“What we’ve found,” says Doug Hill, director of the Laissez Faire Club, “is that thousands of people across America have already learned how to ditch the old banking system.

“People really seem to love the growth potential of the underground banking system.”

Luckily, Mr. Hill and his team have posted a full presentation online that shows Main Street Americans how to get started growing and protecting their money using this new banking system.

“You owe it to yourself and your family to at least take a look at this,” says Mr. Hill.

Indeed, with banks charging higher and higher fees, Americans deserve something better.

[Editor’s note: To view the Laissez Faire Club’s radical presentation, click here. Or just click the picture below to learn how to open your own “underground bank account.”]