Pentagon Insider Says America is on the Verge of a New “Currency Crisis”

Jim_rickards (1)On Monday, he was meeting with U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa to discuss ways to disrupt ISIS finances…

But on Tuesday, he was meeting with me.

I recently sat down with Jim Rickards in our Baltimore office.

If you haven’t heard the name, Rickards is a financial advisor, a lawyer, and an advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies. (He helped the CIA investigate the stock market “tells” that preceded 9/11, when al-Qaeda associates bet against airline stocks…and the Iran hostage crisis back in 1981.)

And Rickards probably knows more than anyone else in America about the inner workings of the government, the economy, and financial terrorism.

Rickards was in our headquarters earlier this week to discuss some of the most important things he sees happening in today’s economy.

Such as:

  • China’s secretive accumulation of gold
  • Why we’re not seeing inflation in the United States
  • How the government is “closing the door” on Americans’ ability to withdraw their own money from financial accounts

I was most surprised by how he proved the U.S. economic recovery is completely bogus.

Rickards explained that we’re likely to see a huge collapse in the stock market (up to 70% or more) as well as complete collapse of our currency system. This could wipe out bank deposits, retirement plans, and more.

As Jim explained to me, there’s going to be clear losers and winners during America’s next collapse.  And, unfortunately, the losers will most likely be American seniors and anyone else with savings in the bank, traditional IRAs or 401ks, and even people using money market accounts.

But even though the next collapse is imminent, Rickards believes there’s still time to make the necessary moves to protect you and your family.

That’s why he just wrapped up a brand new book that details the coming collapse in full. In it, he lays out exactly what’s happening — and how you can prepare.

Because I think this new book is so important, my firm (Stansberry Research) made a deal with Jim’s publisher to offer you a free copy of his new book.

To claim your free copy, go here.

P.S.: As an added bonus, Jim Rickards wrote a special “Missing Chapter.” This “Missing Chapter” is not available anywhere else. It details Jim Rickards’ favorite seven (7) unique investments every American should buy right away. Get your free copy of Jim Rickards’ new book here