Political Correctness Takes A Dangerous Turn: Conservative Student Harassed For This INSANE Reason.

26460715_sA brutal “trigger” event caused students at the University of Pittsburgh to feel physically unsafe.  Much to the shock of progressive Pitt students, Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative journalist gave a lecture about free speech on campus.  While he did not physically threaten anyone he did have opinions that progressive Pitt students disagreed with.  This resulted in pandemonium that culminated with progressive students ironically harassing and threatening another student.

From the Daily Caller:

The mess for Pitt senior Doug Steeber started earlier this week when Pitt’s College Republicans invited writer Milo Yiannopoulos to give a lecture on the subject of free speech. The event aroused a storm of controversy, with students complaining it triggered them and made them feel physically unsafe (though there was no violence and the event was observed by local police).

The furor resulted in over 100 students attending a student government meeting Tuesday night, where many denounced the Yiannopoulos speech and demanded new censorship rules that would prevent a similar event from being held in the future.

Doug Steeber tweeted about what was happening at the student government meeting, then things got even crazier.

Steeber’s actions may have been pretty straightforward, as far as tweeting goes, but he says it infuriated others at the meeting after one of them saw what he was up to. Some even began to attack him publicly.

“They were screaming at me,” he said. “[One woman’s] friends had to physically restrain her, it looked like.”
But that was only the beginning of Steeber’s problems. Early Thursday morning, he said, he received a notification from Facebook warning somebody appeared to be trying to impersonate him on Facebook. The spoof account had the same name and photo as him. Steeber had the account deleted, but the spoofers proceeded to create another account, avoiding automatic detection by changing his name to “Douglas Steeb” and inverting his profile picture.

This spoof account, notably, also listed the home address of his parents, which is not listed on Steeber’s regular account.The most disturbing development came Thursday evening, when Steeber says a friend discovered a flier posted at Pitt. The flier shows a photo of Steeber, denounces him for “making fun of sexual assault survivors,” and gives the name and phone number of his parents with the suggestion that people call them. The flier also warns that its maker (or makers) are hard at work to identify others at the student government meeting so they can be harassed in the same way. So far, Steeber said, his parents have received a few calls from people who immediately hang up, but nothing more menacing thus far.

All Doug Steeber did was tweet about what was happening at this crazy meeting of anti-free speech liberals.  He didn’t give the lecture that “triggered” them but became a target anyway.  This is a new low for the politically correct “safe space” movement that is sweeping across the our nation.
Oh, these poor weak minded progressive college students, slinking around campus unsure when the next “trigger” will jump out and get them.  Perhaps a padded cell in a mental institution would provide a better “safe space” than a university for these extremist students.  Comment below if you have witnessed or been victimized by overzealous political correctness.