Prepare to Be Shocked… Here’s How Much the War on ISIS Has Cost So Far

10780978_sIf you feel your tax dollars might be better spent not waging another war, then you’ll be nauseated to see how much the U.S. has spent engaging elements of the Islamic State over the past few months.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the initial costs of the faux war. He estimates Americans are spending roughly $7-10 million dollars a day fighting the radicals.

Since beginning operations against ISIS in mid-June, that puts the total amount spent nearly $1 billion. And, with no end in site (remember, Obama has no strategy concerning ISIS) the total bill could run north of $4 billion, provided the United States continues their offensive.

The analysis performed by the non-partisan think tank, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, also showed that if the United States was to pursue an offensive that increased both air strikes and ground troops, annual costs could reach $13 billion or even $22 billion.

The report by the Center stated, “Future costs depend, to a great extent, on how long operations continue, the steady-state level of air operations, and whether additional ground forces are deployed beyond what is already planned.”

As Freedom Outpost noted:

Since August 8, when the U.S. first launched its air strikes against the Islamic State, 290 air strikes have been carried out in Iraq and Syria, with the U.S conducting 265 of that number. Over 1600 U.S. troops are being deployed in Iraq and U.S. planes are flying an average of 60 attacks a day.

Taking these statistics into account, the analysis figured that the U.S. military’s efforts against the Islamic State would currently costs between $200 million and $320 million a month.

The data on who supports the battle with ISIS shows that Tea Party supporters are some of the strongest voices supporting the war.

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Are Tea Party elements happy to be at war again?

Or would our tax dollars be better spent elsewhere?

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