President’s “huge” tax plan misses this secret [retire 100% tax-free!]

This 100% Legal Tax Haven Could Pay You $6,842 a Month


Ted Benna, the man widely credited as the "father" of the 401(k), is now advocating for a radically different type of plan he's calling the "501(k)"…
These little-known plans are 100% legal tax havens already being used by at least 54 different U.S. Congressmen and White House officials.
For millions of American seniors, the 501(k) could grow their money 40 times faster than many of today's most common accounts, and deliver $6,842 or more in tax-free income every month.
That's because, unlike 401(k)s and IRAs, these new non-governmental plans have almost zero stock market risk and can be used to generate guaranteed returns.
Benna recently admitted he's moved a good portion of his family's money into these 501(k) alternatives. And the most recent estimates show an additional 500,000 Americans are also jumping on board.
Despite this, most retirees have never heard of the 501(k) and would be shocked to learn about the potential benefits, as well as who's using it.
Why so little-known? Simple. Government restricts theadvertising for some parts of the 501(k), even though they're 100% legal (in fact, even President Reagan and Hillary Clinton have used some of these ideas).
That's why Benna recently put together a

comprehensive new book to go over the details, and to show how anyone can easily get started.

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