Professor Says Tea Party Advocates Can “Leave in a Bodybag”

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 2.07.47 PMProfessor Otis Madison said that anyone who wanted to support Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz (or anyone associated with the Tea Party for that matter) could:

“get the hell out of my room or leave in a body bag.”

Madison, who teaches at The University Of California Santa Barbara, is conducting a class called “The Obama Phenomenon.”

Some of the students who enrolled in the class were expecting to get an enlightened view of the proliferation of Obama and his policies as he ascended into power in 2008.

Instead they were met with hate and direct threats of violence for anyone who shares the beliefs of a rising movement that promotes liberty and the reduction in size of the monstrous federal government.

So much for the liberal ideal of “tolerance.”

Madison claims that the class he was offering:

“Examines the historical, cultural and political nature of the Obama phenomenon. Given the historical nexus of race and class in the United States, the course will explore the historical implications of the election.”

In reality, the class seems to exist to gratify Madison and his Marxist idealism. When questioned by the right-leaning publication The College Fix, Madison vomited this in response (spelling mistakes included):

“No. I said that any conservative ideas were welcome but they had to be academic ideas. That tea party non sense like “Obama is a Nazi, Communist, Muslin elitist would not be tolerated and that I would destroy those concepts….Thus, people who wanted to argue the above nonsense should take another class or tune in to the Fox news bobble.”

Madison who plans on teaching from “A Home Elsewhere,” has high opinions of Obama and his political “godfather” Bill Ayers.

His opinions of Tea Party conservatives are not at all unique on liberal college campuses.