Proof that Lois Lerner and DOJ Targeted Tea Party Groups

Lois LernerIf you needed proof that former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner conspired with the Department of Justice to target (and look into criminal prosecution of) Tea Party groups, now you’ve got it. A recent FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request by Judicial Watch revealed damning evidence that the IRS and DOJ looked to damage and prosecute political enemies of President Obama.

These newly released IRS documents appear to be the “smoking gun” that prove the allegations against Ms. Lerner, and show internal communications between Lerner and Nicole Flax, then-Chief of Staff to then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller. They discussed plans to work with the DOJ to prosecute non-profit groups that supposedly “lied” about political activities.

Here are excerpts of an e-mail from Lerner to Flax:

I got a call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch at DOJ … He wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folk s (sic) could talk to about Sen. Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who “lied” on their 1024s – saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures.

DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs.

On May 10, 2013, Lerner tried to pin the blame for targeting Tea Party groups on “low-level employees” in a speech to the American Bar Association.

However, a May 15 e-mail exchange between aide Nancy Marks and Lerner proved this alibi false. Ms. Marks specifically mentioned “Tea Party Organizations,” the “Tea Party movement,” and “Tea Party Patriots” as organizations targeted by the IRS.

The Judicial Watch revelation confirms a May 14, 2013 Treasury Inspector General report which initially revealed that inappropriate criteria were used to identify tax-exempt applications for review.


  1. poppygene says:

    Again, ARREST HER NOW !!! Then subpoena Eric Holder, as a witness, Removing him from participation, or meddling in her testimony. Then file suit on him.

    • Brabado says:

      That is a superb idea but, do you really think Congress has the courage to stand tall for our country, and go after these Criminals, including the WH?
      Based on the Bengazhi Massacre experience, so far, I don’t think so! Never had, and never will…
      Courage doesn’t live an America any more…
      Samper Fidelis

      • violater1 says:

        I believe that is Semper Fidelis! Typo right? I do em also I call them damnit man errors when I am not able to go back and fixem!
        At this junctor of the new and revised Gowdy led Benghazi actions I must disagree with you but we shall see! I feels that the impending upcoming elections are forcing them to do their level best but they need our voting support in primarys and general elections to get full Control of the Senate and to maintain control and improve on by adding good conservatives to the house!
        Never say die until the fat lady sings my neighbor continue the fight or you will be defeated as we were in 2012 elections when false reports of media discouraged a very large number of independent and conservative voters from braving the lines and elements to vote! Their own laxadazical attitudes helped to put obama back in office along with the illegal voting element that was also present!
        Keep fighting “Give me liberty or give me death”!

        • Very well said my friend. We all have to get out and vote in November if this madness is ever going to end. It does no good to sit home and pout.

          • violater1 says:

            Yes sir Rick you are spot on and right on target I am with you all the way on that!

          • ken29 says:

            @Rick: November for sure, but right now we need to get people out in the Primaries. Stir up interest and perhaps a seed of optimism that we can make our voices heard in November. We had very weak turnout in Indiana yesterday. Not a good sign. I’ve posted the following quote before: “If you are a part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … But there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around), ask his advice, then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time that truly intelligent exercise of the franchise requires. (Robert Heinlein)”

          • Seldena says:

            Before I voted in our primaries in GA on July 22, I researched every Republican candidate, their record, their votes and what hey supported or did not support. Every voter needs to do this. It really helps. I just want all Republicans to vote in NOV.!!

        • hangman says:

          Did you mean, “Give me liberty, and give them death?

          • violater1 says:

            I wrote what I meant troll turd! You want to do something on your own otherwise then bring it you sack of obama dung!

          • Seldena says:

            WHAT? Why are you being so ugly to hangman? He is so right about securing the border, etc.

          • violater1 says:

            I am soooo sorry Hangman I screwed up really bad and hurriedly misread what you wrote to me! Haste makes waste and dumb assed mistakes Hangman! Please accept my apology for my ughly response to your post to me! Apparently I misread and thought you meant give me liberty and give me death! My deepest apologies friend I am man enough to acknowledge my errors! Again I am Sorry and apparently dumb as a box of rocks! Right now I feel like a class A1Jackass! Sorry Hangman!!!!

          • hangman says:

            Hey, it happens, although at first I wondered why you would think that I would see obama as anything but ape poop.
            I am neither a Democrat, a liberal, nor a parasite. I believe in secure borders and deporting, if not inprisioning, ALL criminals that tresspass on this country. No amount of votes is worth selling your integrity for.All criminals mean the D.O.J. and the I.R.S.also.

        • Brabado says:

          Yes, you are right. It was a typo….
          When Ted Williams was asked what was the best Team he was ever on the replied: The U.S. Marine Corp.
          Semper Fidelis

      • Drew Page says:

        I think there are a few Republicans left in Congress that are quite willing to pursue the truth of Fast & Furious, IRS targeting and Benghazi. They have been up against a lying administration and a Justice department dedicated to keeping the truth from the american people. They have dragged their feet when it came to producing requested documents and stonewalled investigators all the while saying they were doing their best to comply. B.S.

        The heads of the IRS and DOJ have supplied hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, none of which included the information requested. They tried to bury investigators under an avalanche of paper, which was either irrelevant to the investigation or so heavily redacted that any meaningful information was obliterated. Then the administration and their supporters claim “We have provided investigators hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and the investigations have dragged on for months and they have found nothing.”

        This is how our “Justice” Department operates under the “most transparent administration ever”. As far as I am concerned, Eric Holder is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Fast & Furious and IRS scandals. But how does one indict the Attorney General?

        • taldock says:

          Don’t forget that establishment republicans hate the Tea Party just as much as the democrats.
          They are willing participants in the plot against the Tea Party.

          • Drew Page says:

            For the life of me I can’t understand this. If it weren’t for the Tea Party, the Republicans wouldn’t have taken control of the House in 2010 and the ‘establishment’ Republicans would have had to deal with a total Democrat control of both Houses of Congress and the White House. While there may be a few far right conservatives in the Tea Party, they certainly don’t speak for all Tea Party supporters. The vast majority of Tea Party supporters are main stream Americans who want to see lower taxes, less wasteful government spending, a flourishing economy with plenty of good job opportunities and less government intrusion into their daily lives.

          • jreb57 says:

            Everyone who wants to preserve our country as a constitutional republic of limited and enumerated powers had better hope that Republicans or people who will vote against what is presently passing for governmental authority will gain control of the Senate this election. That means we will have to vote against the Democrat and for whoever is running against him. Is that dangerous? Yes, but less dangerous than continuing in our present direction.

          • Drew Page says:

            I agree. The most important thing the Republicans must do to gain control of the senate and House is to stop the internal bickering and name calling. Many of us may disagree with McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Graham, Rubio, Christie and/or Jeb Bush, but we aren’t going to get anywhere calling them “RINOs” or other demeaning names. We aren’t going to get anywhere with “establishment” Republicans calling Tea Party supporters “right wing-nuts” and “wacko birds”. And we most definitely will not be going anywhere but to defeat if any Republican decides to stay home and not vote because his or her favorite candidate did not win the primary. We need party unity going into the November elections and we need to have every American voter who wants to preserve our constitutional republic of limited and enumerated powers to get to the polls and support the Republican candidates.

          • Seldena says:

            yes, and I simply do not understand this at all.I am a Tea Partier and I would hope that the GOP would want the same things the TEA PARTY wants.The only answer I have is that the TP think some have been in office TOO LONG and we need new reps in Congress that are wanting to do the will of the people and not the lobbyists!

        • hangman says:

          With INTERPOL, maybe?

        • Brabado says:

          You hit the nail right on the head…
          When thugs take over, and bring other thugs with them to pad their lawless Liberal administration, there goes the Rule of Law, and our Constitutional Rights!
          Semper Fidelis.

        • Francie26 says:

          Trey Gowdy will do it.

        • Francie26 says:

          Trey Gowdy will do it.

        • jreb57 says:

          If the president fails to fire Holder for not doing his job, the only option is impeachment.

      • Seldena says:

        I think Lois Lerner will face some type of punishment and I strongly believe Trey Gowdy will do an awesome job in September! This guy will have his ducks in a row as the saying goes.We deserve the truth and the families have suffered enough with the lies from obama and hitlary!

        • Brabado says:

          Sorry Seldena but, I thought Trey Gowdy was the Chmn. of the Committee Investigating the Benghazi Massacre, not the IRS!
          Am I correct?
          Semper Fidelis

          • Seldena says:

            Yes he is. I was responding to somone else’s comment about Behgazi. Somtimes they print a reply beyond who you were reponding to.

          • Brabado says:

            No problem.
            You are good
            Continue to fight till the nightmare is over.
            Thank you.
            Semper Fidelis

    • violater1 says:

      The proof that they are showing also proves that Holder is complicite with this as he Stated ” Their investigation found no wrong doings on the part of the IRS!!!! More of obama lies and coverups from his office and his directed administrative Departments! Geez do you think Harryassed Reid will blame all this on the Koch Brothers or will he try to Blame Cliven Bundy and all of us terrorists Gun owners and the Oklahoma folks at the Bundy Ranch? These people are real walking talking living assholes!

      • Potus Scotus says:

        Speaking of assholes Mr. Violater1 just look in the mirror to see one, LMAO!

        • turee60 says:

          Sorry you are not funny you are just an idiot!

          • Potus Scotus says:

            you tea baggers are soooooo much fun to tease because of your seriously foolish pretensions……

          • bob says:

            Is that the best you got?

          • wapitihunter says:

            Are you looking in a mirror?

        • cvs_54238 says:

          Maybe Potus Scotus (or should the be scrotumus) should look in the mirror first.

        • Seldena says:

          You liberals have been instructed to get on these sites and stir up trouble with your lies and teases. Alinksy rule # 5. Go ahead make my day because I love reading made up lies by you. This just proves my point of how low IQ you really are.

      • turee60 says:

        You are so right Harry Reid is just another one of Obama’s idiots just like the liberals that voted for him!

  2. James says:

    Ok, let us go get her and throw her but in prison. Then watch the other agencies stop their targeting of specific groups. The election is tomorrow, vote for the candidate that did what he said and not for the candidate that said what he is going to do.

  3. Drew Page says:

    “Not even a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.” per President Obama.

    “I didn’t do anything wrong. I broke no laws or IRS rules. Now I’m taking the fifth amendment.”
    per Louis Lerner.

  4. banjo kid says:

    And she is not behind bars yet I will say one has done their job if she gets jail time.including Obama and Holder . and barred from ever working again for the government .

  5. Michael Turner-sfs says:

    With the incredible number of people posting on Tea Party sites demanding the trial and execution of the president for treason, and calling for armed insurrection against the duly elected government of the United States of America, I’m not at all surprised the Tea Party and related groups are being investigated. I’m sure some members really and genuinely are just concerned about the size of government and their tax burden; but there are far too many whack jobs nudging the Tea Party perilously close to John Birch Society, KKK and Aryan Nation territory. They need to be investigated.

    • dskancer19 says:

      I do believe the actual dangerous ones (who never get investigated) are the criminal demon-crats that try and portray everyone as a whack-job, nut-case and/or domestic terrorist.” Typical game plan – those that are guilty simply sling-it – and – lay it out there, as – if you tell a lie long enough – (some) actually believe it to be truth. Haven’t met any Tea Party members calling for violence, sorry Bub!

      • Michael Turner-sfs says:

        Well, you might want to p[ay closer attention to the posts by your colleagues here and on I see posts on a daily basis of people calling for the army to oust the president, for president to be executed, advocating “Second Amendment solutions” to our nation’s problems – even calling for a new civil war. If those aren’t calls for violence, I don’t know what is.

    • bill says:

      what about the whack jobs in the democratic party i.e. pelosi, ried, obama, holder. why isn’t anybody persecuting or prosecuting them? wake up america !!!

      • Michael Turner-sfs says:

        Prosecuting them for what? And how exactly does their alleged actions compare with people calling for military coup and execution of the President of the United States?

    • jreb57 says:

      On the other hand, the Democrat party is perilously close to the Communist party. They should be investigated.

      • Michael Turner-sfs says:

        How exactly is the Democratic party “perilously close to the Communist party”? Please indicate some knowledge of what the Communist party actually is.

        • jreb57 says:

          You must be unaware of the following:

          Redistribution of wealth (which the Democrats want to do)
          “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” (Communist Party)

          The Benghazi investigation and the documents that show the administration lied about the attack to advance their own agenda. (Democrat talking points)
          “A useful lie is better than a harmful truth” (Communist Party)

          The Justice Departments picking and choosing which laws they will enforce and which they will not enforce and Obama’s use of executive orders to make new law (Democrats)
          “The end justifies the means” (Communist Party)

          Occupy Wall Street (Democrats)
          The concept of “Useful Fools” (Communist Party)

          William Ayers, Van Jones, Marshall Davis all self avowed communists who influenced or supported people who now hold high office in the Democrat Party

          This is not your father’s Democrat Party. Pay attention.

  6. mac12sam12 says:

    She declares her innocence then pleads the 5th. Scary when your own government pleads the 5th. I thought the 5th was reserved for Mafia figures.

  7. Eugene Riggs says:

    She should be fired and the entire Obama kingdom impeached and fired

    • Dustin C. says:

      can u imagine if this bush they media would have protesting going crazy. Obama the get the sweeper.

  8. Eugene Riggs says:

    Eric Holder and Reid have to go now. Yes Arrest them all and put them in Jail and throw away the keys and take their pensions they did not earn and their insurance and do the same for the Traitor Obama who continues to sell us our and cripple our nation, economy and freedom..
    The government is owned by us but way too many people have forgotten that and they act like scared cowards.

    • james richard says:

      yeah throw them in jail along with bush and cheney and the rest of the liars and war criminals from the last administration

      • Eugene Riggs says:

        Obviously you have no knowledge, or wisdom and can’t see the forest for the trees and you’re showing your ignorance.

        Ths Nation is almost up to it’s nect in HS & BS and Debt and about to be taken over my the Muslims as Obama as brought us to our knees, he is the laughing stock of the world. We are now 17 Trillion in Debt and he has totally runied our Ins programs with obama care that was a failure by design and costing millions more than they can afford and millions have lost their doctors and insurance.

        He has no brains, no policies only an agenda to have us taken over by our worst enemy.

        • james richard says:

          11 trillion dollars of our debt you can lay at the feet of George the dunce Bush. I think its nice to have a president who is coherent and can speak in complete sentences, don’t you? Do you watch fox news?

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            That is total BS and you knonw it and if you do not then you are hood winked and stupid.

          • Debbie Hogan Tate says:

            He is just another troll and not worth the arguments.

      • Eugene Riggs says:

        You can’t even bring up Bush or you are as bad as Obama who blames everyone for everythigs and trys to cover up all of his lies and is peope are all pawns. Bush never killed frour americans while trading or giving guns and ammo to the enemy then to blame it on a video and has still not come clean.

        Mark my words this creepy crawing magiet will be impeached yet. He is wrose then dog crap on your shoe and belong in prison.

        • james richard says:

          Bush is responsible for the death of 3000 people because he either did not or could not read a presidential brief from the f.b.i./c.i.a. that warned his administration of this attack on august 6, 2001

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            I feel sorry for you and will pray for you as you are a lost soul… I do not agree with war but sometimes we have to help where we can. We can’t bow to the enemy and try to make deal with the devil like Obama.

            He has pull the rug over 50% of the Americans eyes for a long time now 67% of us was his to be gone yesterday that that number is growing by the day.

            Have a good evening. I hope you know the lord and that you are not wrong on everything.

          • Michael Turner-sfs says:

            Eugene, I understand policy differences. But when you call the president a “devil”, you make real communication nearly impossible. We are not enemies with Democrats or Republicans or Independents in our country. We are all brothers and sisters, children of God, and grateful United States Citizens who love our country.

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            You seem to level headed, however where you are wrong and where you lace my knowledge and wisdon is that you can’t make deal with the devil and you can’t deal with a corrupt liar. You do not make deal with the enemy you distroy them or they destroy you. Obama is our own worst enemy. All of his failures are by design. He is not Stupid. He is malishous and his agenda is only harm to you and I .

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            People on the left and paint any picture they want and they can leave their eyes closed, but this gup is going donw for all the illegal and corruptness and embarrassment he has brought to this country. Not only ae we 10 times weaker as a nation than we were the very countries that should fear us to keep things in check in the world not laugh as us and now we have this little punk in N Korea testing a nuke this week.. On and ON it goes. In Nigeria we have people being killed by the hundreds and churches being bombed and 400 girls being kidnapped now, All due to weakness in our Whithouse. This is continue to excalate until we get a strong president like Bush back in Office or Reagaon or JFK.

          • jreb57 says:

            “United States Citizens who love our country.” I hope

          • Seldena says:

            Well, I do not hate anyone but I do hate what evil the democrats stand for! Remember their convention leaving GOD out! they had to vote whether to include him! What does thids say about htis Party. Wise -up Michael because they sure hate you!

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            Here again I must educate you….. Obama will sing any sone that get attention and to cover his tracks and the left media is covering for him.

            Obama sepnt more money in the last 5 years than the last 4 or 5 presidents combined… He bailed out GM and Chryselr for no reason and we are still losing billions from that every day.. In case you do now know it the chey volt cost $44,000 and the sell them for $33,000 at a huge loss and the Fed. Gov. eats it. This is nothing but a huge failure and stupidity as it worst, or his Idiology to bring us down.
            He also spent billion on Solendra who was know to be a bad comp. and he had no approval or legal right to do that and agian we lost billions.

            Also incase you do not know this we own the Fed. Government and it’s not the other way arround and we have to take back this country and the white house you, I and all the gays and the ignorant dems. with finnaly get want they were to blind to see coming and that in a take over of our country. We are presently being taken over from within… Obama Husine Binladen has 7 Muslims in our White house right now and these are the same people that want you dead brother… Wake up.

          • jreb57 says:

            The problem with socialism is,:as Margaret Thatcher once said, “Pretty soon you run out of other peoples money”

          • Seldena says:

            AMEN!!! She was one smart lady!

          • Eugene Riggs says:

            Jim do you know your wonderful president has purchased 1.5 billion rounds of 223 military ammo and we has taken 2700 light armored tanks form military bases around the world and he has drons here is the USA and the plan is to take our guns, take prayer out schools, and to force madator heath care then to take all away for you and to kill you.
            Did you also know that HHS is stockpiling wooded caskets by the 100’s of thouasans…… Why Jim…. Wake up and catch a clue. This so called president is no friend of yours or the blacks. He hates the USA and his past and writings and his past and present relationships prove all this to be true.

          • Michael Turner-sfs says:

            Actually, there is virtually nothing to indicate the President hates the USA – in his writings or anything else. But thanks for playing.

          • Seldena says:

            The tell me why he is forming his own army called Brown Shirts and their compound is called Blue Star? Google this because it is all there.You do not ,evidently,know how obama was raised to to hate America. Why do you think he wants it changed or transformed?

          • Francie26 says:

            You people can’t see what is going on today because you keep trying to hang on to and argue yesterday’s news. You don’t live in yesterday. It isn’t yesterday that is causing our country to slide away from us. It is Obama and today. I hope you can get your head out of your nether regions in time to help stop this before you have nothing left to lose.

  9. wapitihunter says:

    Holder is in a lot more dirty stuff than anyone can imagine. I have a question. The last I heard or read is that they had voted or were going to vote to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress. Holder has already been held in contempt but that didn’t help anything because the Deceiver bailed him out. What is going on with all of this? I heard that Gowdy may be going after the Benghazi incident. Can someone give me the info?

  10. hangman says:

    By now it is evident that if you are a Democrat, you are a criminal. Liberals are the mobsters of politics. From the ghetto trash with their Obama phones, to the illegals (illegal voting) who are demanding to be treated like royalty, to the upper echelon riff-raff at the Capitol, they all need to be hung out to dry. They are but a cancer on America,

    • Michael Turner-sfs says:

      Liberals are mobsters? Really. So the 40-hour work week, 8 hour day, vacations, workplace safety, the end of abusive child labor, women’s suffrage, national parks, public schools and libraries, civil rights for all Americans, clean air and water, Social Security, Medicare, etc. are “criminal” activities?

  11. Carlos Mejias says:

    corruption of this government.

  12. Bb Stewart says:

    Put the entire Obama administration under oath and guess what, they couldn’t tell the truth because they don’t know what truth is, they’ve never used it. Arrest the whole damn bunch.

  13. Eugene Riggs says:

    I have never in my 66 years ever seen any part of our government so corrupt as the entire Obama administration… He is a Traitor and a disgrace to this Nation. I thnik much of the GOP is bad as well as they have done nothing to impeach this Traitor who is bringing us to total Ruin.
    Real unemployment is arount 18% and today 800,000 us citizens quit looking for work and thier unemployment was ended. How sad for this nation when we could be employing 45 million people if we didn’t have a so called president with a small p who loves the Muslim Brotherhood and wants them to take us over.

    • Bill says:

      Visit Washington DC on 16 or 17 May 2014, at the National Mall for “Operation American Spring”. A PEACEFUL, NO weapons (instead bring your Bible and a copy of the US Constitution) gathering of solidarity against the Obama regime, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, etc.

    • Michael Turner-sfs says:

      How is the president a traitor? Please use actual, empirical facts and show how they apply to the crime of treason.

  14. Wordell says:

    Besides destroying every branch of Government, corrupting the rule of law, perverting the Constitution…he and his cabal are neutering the U.S. military. He is purging the U.S. military of Constitutionally bound and pledged officers, and planting his 5th columnist party hacks in commands all over the U.S. military in all the branches of service. Read this scenario…don’t think it can’t happen? How naïve can you be?
    Ironically, the blizzard of YJ-82X cruise missiles launched from the Chinese subs lying off the coast of Baja California crossed the beach directly over the SEAL training complex on Coronado. America had decided that its special forces were a cheap substitute for the less glamorous hardware and formations that had traditionally been the foundation of American military power. Now, those elite warriors watched helplessly as the missiles roared overhead north toward the two carriers berthed at North Island.

    The casualties would have been much higher if the Navy had been able to fully man the U.S.S. Carl Vinson and the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan. As it was, when the missiles tore into their hulls and exploded, only several hundred sailors died instead of thousands. Still, in a few moments, two of America’s nine carriers were twisted hulks spewing radioactive smoke. Another dozen Navy ships berthed at local bases were in flames.

    Only the people lining the downtown San Diego waterfront saw what was happening, though local TV camera crews were filming the carnage live. Their stations tried to upload the footage to the network satellites but they could not connect. The satellites were gone, knocked out by Russian ASAT missiles.

    The rest of America was oblivious to the catastrophe in San Diego, and the similar disaster in Norfolk.

    The TV stations next tried the Internet, but it was as if someone had just flicked it off. There was nothing but electronic silence. A coordinated cyber strike had hacked through America’s electronic defenses and shut down the web. Many of the hacks came not from Chinese and Russian teams across the world but from agents within America, infiltrated into key positions in American government and business, who introduced their malware directly into vital systems with thumb drives.

    Simultaneously, outside major metropolises, groups of well-trained commandos, driving SUVs, followed the routes between power transmission stations that they had rehearsed using paper street maps (America’s GPS satellites having been eliminated in the opening minutes). With rifles, they opened fire on the critical transformer equipment, which was guarded only by chain link fences and cameras that no one monitored. When the irreplaceable equipment was shorted out and burning, they drove on to the next site and destroyed it. Between the cyber chaos and physical attacks, cities began to black out.

    America ground to a halt, blind and paralyzed.

    At sea in the Far East, anti-ship ballistic missiles appeared on the screens of the U.S.S. George Washington, the flagship of the only American carrier task force still in the Pacific. The guided missile cruisers cut when military budgets were slashed to fund record entitlement spending might have been able to save it. As it was, the missiles dived in at hypersonic speeds, punching through the flight deck and ripping the mighty ship apart.

    American warships, for so long the hunters, became the hunted. Within a few hours, America’s 265-ship Navy had become a 100-ship Navy.

    The President was about to speak at a rally to protest the opposition party’s “War on the Poor.” The other side had suggested holding military budget cuts to 15% instead of 18%, and the President was gleefully citing the cruelty of the opposition for funding the military-industrial complex on the backs of those living off of entitlements.

    The military’s first instinct was to hustle the President to the 747 flying command post aircraft, which the enemy expected. The enemy could have disrupted that plan if it wished with an attack on the airfield by commandos, but they preferred the President remain in control.

    The President’s flying command post took off, guarded by a flight of four F-15C fighters that were pushing 35 years old. It would have been six escorts, but two planes were down awaiting parts.

    The President’s senior military advisor was a general, chosen for the job not because of a sterling combat record but for being the Public Affairs section’s telegenic face of “The New Military.” The general would have been hard pressed to explain the President’s options if they had not been so stark.

    “Your options? You do have the capacity to launch a nuclear strike,” said the general.

    There were still 100 Minuteman III missiles in silos in Montana that had not been eliminated during the last round of arms negotiations. Due to cuts in maintenance, only 62 were functional that day; they were safe from cyber-attack only because their 1970’s era computer systems were literally too primitive to be hacked. And there were three nuclear missile subs on patrol in the oceans; two were known to be combat effective, while the third may have been sunk – it was unclear.

    “I won’t use nuclear weapons. Ever,” said the President, confirming the opinion reached by the teams of Chinese and Russian intelligence analysts, psychologists and game theorists who had studied the Commander-in-Chief in preparation for that very moment. Deterrence only deters when the threat is credible.

    “What are my other options?” asked the President. The general looked down, shuffling papers.

    “We don’t have a conventional option.”

    “The Army? The Marines?”

    “There are a few units forward deployed, but we’ve brought most of our forces home. What we have left we can’t move fast enough and most of it is designed for counterinsurgency, not conventional warfare – we’ve cut our armored forces because they cost so much to maintain. And to move them we’d need foreign ships, but we can’t count on them. We can’t even count on the sea lanes being clear.”

    “The Air Force doesn’t have bombers? Fighters?” the President asked.

    “Not enough, and not modern enough to get through Chinese and Russian air defenses.”

    The President turned to the Secretary of State. “What about our allies?”

    “No commitments yet. In fact, there’s been no response from several key allies.”

    “We invoked NATO Article 5, didn’t we? We’ve been attacked!” the President shouted.

    “They don’t have any significant forces left. Even if they were inclined to assist…”

    “Inclined?” asked the President, stunned.

    “We need to understand that they may be making a calculated decision…”

    The President did understand. “To go with the winner.”

    No one spoke; the only sound was the noise of the 747’s jets until a communications officer spoke up.

    “I have a video transmission off a Chinese satellite coming … to us. How did they get our communications data?” It was yet another security breach.

    “Just put it onscreen,” ordered the President.

    The transmission was a split screen, the Chinese Premier on the left, the Russian President on the right. They were smiling.

    “What do you want?” the President asked.

    The Russian President spoke. “We want peace. We want justice. And that is why we are here to provide you the terms of your surrender.”

    This scenario is fiction, but if we fail to preserve our military it could be all too real. The views of the author are solely his own.

  15. John Redmond says:

    time for America to wake to the fact that this is all part of the criminal global UN new world scheme.This Republic is in grave danger thanks to GW Bush 32nd order of the Skull and Bones of the Hariman Neo Nazi Bank and Obama an Ayers and Soros puppet. Besides Hariman and Soros you can add Bernanke,Greenspan,Warburg,Rockefeller,JP Morgan/Chase,Goldman Sachs, and the leader Rothchild Bank of England as the major players to destroy our Republic and its Constitution.

  16. Dustin C. says:

    The democrats where about end the Republicans before they got caught red handed showing they will do or say anything for votes and the regular people don’t even think or care about the sheep. I’m still independent but I won’t vote Democrat ever. They have lost all creditability. ACA,Bengazi and the party killer IRS. These people are scum.

    • jreb57 says:

      “I won’t vote Democrat ever”. What other choice does an independent have? The Democrat party in no way resembles the party of Truman or (John) Kennedy. (Not Ted)

  17. Lefthandedcigs1 says:

    Homeland security has horded millions of rounds of ammo, hopefully after the entire lot is found guilty of all the crimes they have committed a chunk of that will be used on them !

  18. Debbie Hogan Tate says:

    Put her in jail till she talks or ROTS!

    • Michael Turner-sfs says:

      Why stop there? Why not go full crazy and call for another Spanish Inquisition or McCarthy witch hunt.

  19. Randy Scott says:

    They do need to move on this. The country is starting to fall apart because this and other violations that have gone unpunished. We are a nation of laws. It is often said that the punishment must be within a reasonable time frame of the incident, for it to have meaning. The meaning is getting lost with time.

  20. Mike Failla says:

    Congress does not have the cojones to do their job. This will eventually fade away with the help of the compliant media and forgetful public. Sad but true. Would I like to see them prosecuted? Absolutely but will it happen?
    Nope. Not even after the elections. To many libs and to many rinos and not enough men of good standing and integrity!
    When people fear the government you have tyranny.
    When government fear people you have liberty. John Barnhill 1914

  21. Richard A. Anderson says:

    The Tea Party’s political activity needs to be investigated. They do NOT qualify for tax exemption. They are ourely political and a menace to truly non-profit organizations. You always look first where the probelm rears its ugly head!

  22. Richard A. Anderson says:

    It is interesting..comments not favorable to the Tea Party are never posted!

  23. John says:

    The tea party is the only group in America truly looking out for We the People. They did not create $17+ TRILLION in debt, unfunbded wars, massive entitlements and out-of-control spending. They did not sue States trying to enforce federal law. The TP did not sell guns to our enemies through Benghazi. The TP is not trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The TP did not give us the Obamacare debacle. They are sounding the alarms that our House of State is on fire! And they scare the pants off of the entrenched political hacks who live with their heads in the taxpayer trough.

    • rick says:

      Good one ! Truth ! But , personally I think the TP should change it’s name ! The left has run it through the mill , Need something a little more attractive and firm ! That’s what the enemy is doing by intimidation through uniforms , black air craft and hundreds of bogus agencies ! coarse they have University professors to help with imaging .

  24. darylj46 says:

    Like I said before that I doubt that anything will be done on any of the scandals and it is all a show. To even to have gone this long is proof that corruption prevails. I hope for the life of me I’m wrong but I will not hold my breath. If this was a conservative Constitutional president and DOJ that all of this would have been done already. This is a disgrace to America and American real citizens are allowing it.

  25. jreb57 says:

    Passing the “Fair Tax” and repealing the income tax would not only fix this problem, but boost the economy.

  26. Potus Scotus says:

    the latest tea party update is “say goodbye to tea party republicans”.

  27. ONLYJB1 says:

    What additional proof do we Citizens need??????
    They did it, we are the victims and what they did is criminal! Now what are we going to do about it? I plead the 5th? Wrong answer! You plead the 5th, then you’re guilty as hell But, here’s the kicker! We the American tax payers are continuing to pay for her salary!!!!!!!
    Is this right? Hell no! She along with the rest of the guilty, need to be behind bars or other!

  28. sorne says:

    the only good Republican is only one that is six feet under

    • Michael Turner-sfs says:

      Oh please. I understand policy differences between Democrats and Republicans. But nobody should call for somebody’s death – especially because they have a different political philosophy than you do.

      • sorne says:

        why? they don’t care about this country, they just care about themselves and their rich friends

    • jreb57 says:

      I assume you mean six feet under the massive amount of debt this administration has racked up for the American taxpayer both Republican and Democrat. The more commonly understood meaning of your post will be hazardous to your health.

      • sorne says:

        no u got it right the first time under ground, u have got so many idiots in the right wing u need to open a nut house for Steve King, Bachman, that little guy from Texas u know the one how looks like a martian, just to mane a few

        • jreb57 says:

          The concept of using useful fools to subvert and divert attention from a secret agenda comes straight from the communist. That would be on the political left, same side as the Democrats.

          • sorne says:

            The GOP knows about fools they have so many in congress

  29. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    I hope she goes to jail.

    • mudguy1 says:

      And without pay or retirement pay for ever.

  30. Mary J says:

    Well, as it turns out, the IRS was fully justified in giving extra scrutiny to tea party applications for tax-exempt status. Aren’t you people outraged that only about 10% of the money you’re giving to the tea party is actually being used to support tea party candidates? The rest is going to line the pockets of tea party “leaders” and “consultants”.
    You’re being ripped off! And any of these groups that have tax-exempt status are ripping off the US Government (in other words, all of us who actually pay our taxes).

    • jreb57 says:

      (The rest is going to line the pockets of tea party “leaders” and “consultants”). That is called the cost of doing business. If you don’t like the way they spend the money, don’t contribute. At least here you have a choice, unlike taxes. But the IRS was making its scrutiny based on the political speech of the organizations rather than how the money was spent which violates free speech. We could solve this by passing the “Fair Tax” but then the IRS would lose the power to grant or not grant exemptions. That might keep them out of trouble.

  31. Tom says:

    We will never get a fair vote until we can, eliminate all votes that are not backed up by valid ID, and I don’t mean phony ID’s like Obama’s birth certificate. I still cannot believe he was elected to our highest office without credible ID, and during a Democrat get together, they had a short time back, after the most recent Boston Marathon, he mentioned that an American won the Marathon, and it was just fitting since a Kenyan had been President for 6 yrs, now if that’s not rubbing it in, I don’t know what is. And all the Democratic audience laughed and clapped, that just shows how rotten, the Democratic Party is, plus the Democratic Administration is eat up by the Muslims they have working in OUR Whitehouse, and have been during the Clinton, and the Obama Administration, and if we are not careful, we will be fighting the Muslims to get our Government back under control. I sure hope we can defeat the Democrats in the Polls or we will be fighting them in the streets.

  32. afanaglenn says:

    Real conservatives have a tough road ahead, being attacked by the democrats, Holder and Obama’s goons, AND their own party, the RINO’s.

  33. Pat McCormick says:

    Of course she targeted tea baggers! They were asking for tax free status! That’s what her job is you nincompoops! They looked at more Liberal groups! If this is the best you got, we who love America, the Liberals, are home free!

  34. Seldena says:

    I knew the truth would be found! This also proves the DOJ with Holder is involved and you know obama knew this was going on! He just lies about everything and covers-up all the time he has been in office! Wonder if Bush or the Koch Brothers will be blamed for this??

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