Putin Funneling Money To Progressive Groups To Fight Fracking

CaptureputinThis is just sickening. A shell corporation with ties to Vladimir Putin has been handing out cash to some of the most rabid and irrational environmental groups to try to ban fracking in America. Fracking is responsible for taking the price of gas from over $4 per gallon down to $2. American fracking essentially destroyed the oil cartel, OPEC, and fracking even vastly reduced our carbon emissions and air pollution as power plants were switched from coal to natural gas.

In states like New York, fracking did far more to reduce carbon emissions than all of the solar panels in the entire state. Power production from coal nationally plummeted from 50% to 33% in less than a decade as natural gas replaced coal. You would think that environmental groups like the Sierra Club would love fracking, but they’re paid off by Putin so they hate it.

From the Daily Caller:

The Sea Change Foundation is a particularly chilling example. In 2011, the operation doled out huge handouts to several prominent U.S. environmental organizations, including $13.5 million to the Natural Resources Defense Council, $15 million to the Sierra Club and $18.5 million to the League of Conservation Voters.

Sea Change itself has just two official financial backers. One is Klein Limited, which cut the foundation a $23 million check in 2011.

Klein Limited exists only on paper. It is housed in the Bermuda-based law firm Wakefield Quinn, which has ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin and is currently under indictment for money laundering. And Russia has obvious reasons to push bogus climate claims.

Opposition to fracking is rapidly becoming a religion for progressives. First they claimed that fracking fluid was destroying ground water in places like Dimock, PA, this was exposed as a lie. Next they irrationally claim that natural gas is increasing carbon emissions. Ignoring the fact that coal will replace natural gas if it is banned. Now they are even claiming that North Dakotan oil derived from fracking is dirtier than the nice clean oil that comes from the Middle East and Russia.

Sorry progressives, the American people will not surrender our energy Independence without a fight!