Rand Paul Attacks GOP Establishment in North Carolina

Rand Paul NC campaign speechSenator Rand Paul went on the attack against the GOP Establishment Monday while campaigning for Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon. He spoke to a cheering crowd outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte.

The senator compared moderate Republicans to a mythical sea monster and Brannon as the “dragon slayer” who can strike a blow for conservatives.

“The status quo has gotten too strong in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “The Leviathan has gotten too large. As we stand here, the debt clock is spiraling out of control. Send us a champion. Send us a hero. Send us a dragon slayer.

“What North Carolina needs is what America craves, not another rubber stamp, not another go-along-get-along politician, not another cog in the wheel. What America craves is a dragon-slayer. And that dragon-slayer is Dr. Greg Brannon.”

Calling Brannon a champion of constitutional conservatives, the Kentucky senator said: “I’m here today because Greg Brannon is a believer, and we need true believers in Congress. We’ve got enough of Democrat-lite out there.”

Brannon, an obstetrician, was an underdog in the May 6 North Carolina primary, battling Establishment-backed favorite House Speaker Thom Tillis and Reverend Mark Harris, who has the support of social conservatives.

Paul said that he had scheduled his last-minute trip to support Brannon “because we think Greg has a chance,” noting that the doctor could eventually win in a runoff. He rejected claims from the GOP Establishment that the first-time candidate would be more likely to lose in the general election to Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan compared to Tillis.

He told RealClearPolitics, “They said the same (thing) about me… I think not being a career politician is a real asset. I think a lot of independent voters like the idea of someone not being a career politician. Frankly, physicians are more trustworthy than politicians.”

A candidate must win at least 40 percent of the vote to avoid a July run-off election of the top two candidates. Tillis surpassed this mark by winning nearly 46% of the votes.