Tea Party Senator Calls for an End to Political Favoritism and Crony Capitalism

A Tea Party Senator recently attacked crony capitalism and corporatism in the Obama Administration – and within the Republican Party.

In a recent National Review editorial, Utah Senator Mike Lee identified policies like cap-and-trade, Dodd-Frank, and Obamacare as examples of the President’s policies that have promoted “crony capitalism.” He applauds Republicans for condemning it specifically (for the first time) in the Republican Party platform.

The Right’s resistance to corporatism is a welcome development. Special-interest favoritism represents a uniquely malignant threat to the economic, political, and social ecosystem that makes America exceptional.

Policy privilege corrupts the free market by rewarding political connections over competitive excellence. It subverts the rule of law by codifying inequality. It undermines social solidarity by pitting citizens against one another, twisting cooperative communities into rival special interests.

Stop FavoritismSenator Lee goes on to say how these practices undermine the free-market system, and work against employees and entrepreneurs who don’t have these government connections: “After all, if ordinary citizens who ‘work hard and play by the rules’ only end up subsidizing, propping up, and bailing out privileged insiders who don’t, then the land of opportunity really isn’t.”

Lee also gives a vision of how the GOP could benefit politically by doing the right thing.

“Imagine a reformed Republican party seizing the moral high ground against political corruption and economic dysfunction. Imagine its leaders, advocating populist, free-market reforms to restore jobs, growth, and fairness to the economy. Faster than you can say ‘TARP,’ we could pin the Left between their egalitarian facade and their elitist agenda, and force them to choose between K Street and Main Street.

“That Republican party could not only unify and excite conservatives, but appeal to hardworking families in the purple and blue communities that President Obama’s special-interest favoritism is leaving behind.”

Senator Lee adds that while the the GOP has accurately criticized “crony capitalism” in the Obama Administration, the party must end the same practices within its own ranks to have credibility with the American people. How does he propose the Republican Party start this effort?

By not renewing authorization of the Federal Export Import Bank later this year. Also known as the “Ex-Im” Bank, it uses American tax dollars to subsidize loans to American exporters.

“Most of the benefits go to large corporations that are perfectly capable of securing private financing anywhere in the world,” wrote Lee. “In short, Congress allows the Ex-Im Bank to unnecessarily risk taxpayer money to subsidize well-connected private companies… Whether the beneficiaries of particular Ex-Im Bank loan guarantees are respected, successful companies like Boeing or crony basket cases like Solyndra is irrelevant.”

Senator Lee has issued a challenge to Establishment Republicans to practice what they preach when it comes to crony capitalism and corporatism. What are the odds that the GOP will follow Lee’s lead? Realistically, not very good. However, it’s a savvy political move by the Senator and a step in the right direction.


  1. colsooonscoorner says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me. We have too many crony deals going on. I’d rather support the up and coming rather than the already there. Obumma knew soyndra was a dead issue before he gave the loan. It just paid back political contributors with taxpayer dollars. Gee I wish I had a bank account like that, with other peoples money. such a kool-aid deal!!!

  2. Well alrighty alrighty alrighty…..I really like Lee, Cruz, Gowdy, Carson, West…did like Paul, till he endorsed McConnell, and plus, he is not strict enough with amnesty

    • Liberty says:

      Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell with a libertarian whether his foot’s touching to the left or right of the fence. Though I like Rand overall.

      • ken29 says:

        @Libety: Are you merging Ron with Rand? I think Ron is the former Libertarian-turned-Republican and Rand is a Tea Party Conservative from the start.

        • lraivala says:

          Rand is a Tea Party Conservative on the republican ticket, but he is a libertarian at heart like his dad. He still is a very good candidate. I just wished he was stronger on immigration.

      • kanawah says:

        Randy is more a cross between a libertarian and a fascist, not a republiCON.

  3. Potus Scotus says:

    I am astounded that mr. teabagger lee got elected in utah of all places….texas maybe with all you crazies there …idaho maybe, same as texas. sober mormons should have more sense.

    • patrick says:

      Your comment says much about the shallowness of your intellect, but even more about your soul. You, Potus Scotus are truly an everlastingasshole.

    • taldock says:

      You have tipped your hand. You are a fascist troll.

    • 1911kimber45 says:

      You just stepped up and showed your true intellect, scrotum!
      If you had the brains God gave a gopher, you’d see that SOME PEOPLE actually care about PRESERVING OUR REPUBLIC, not degrading and DESTROYING IT like you followers of Saul Alinsky!
      Go play in your progressive SEWER with the rest of the DUMB-O-CRAPS!
      Let the RESPONSIBLE ADULTS continue our efforts to reverse the DAMAGE your kind has caused!

    • jreb57 says:

      People like you are the reason for teabaggers

  4. patrick says:

    The ENTIRE US TAX CODE is crony capitalism, with a few sprinkles of freebies for the rubes. BURN the tax code on the Capital steps, on the next day after a CONSERVATIVE, CONSTITUTIONALLY driven Congress has the balls to tell the Lobbyists, which include a lot of their pals, to go kiss the Blarney Stone. We need a ONE PAGE TAX CODE. FLAT TAX. EVERYBODY pays 10%. If God asks for no more than 10% via tithe, WHY do the government taxers want FIFTY PERCENT???????????? We can take care of the folk who need help WITHOUT the government running interference.

  5. PriklyPete says:

    Lee speaks the truth, both the democrats and republicans need to understand our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law. If this government continues with their old ways, there will be a civil war and none of these pigs are then safe. Either straighten up and fly right or become a target.

    Totalitarianism is on the rise everywhere because advocates of big government have taken leadership control of the power centers within every society. Power centers are organizations and social groupings – such as political parties, labor unions, church groups, media centers, and professional societies – that hold political power based on their claim to represent their members and on their ability to lead public opinion. It has taken many years for them to achieve this dominance over society, but they have succeeded. It does no good to complain or to theorize about what should be done. As long as advocates of big government hold the power, nothing will change.

    The degeneration of civilization is not the result of blind forces of history operating beyond comprehension or control. It is planned and caused by a small but well defined group of people who believe this decline is necessary for what they fondly call The New World Order but which we recognize as high-tech feudalism in which mankind will be condemned to live in perpetual subservience to elitist rulers.

    The identities of these elitists are known. They have names. They belong to organizations. They meet together to create strategies and they work jointly to implement them. They dominate the power centers of society. We will not escape their plans by looking only at what they are doing. We must focus on them and remove them from their present positions of power. Any other plan of action is doomed to failure.

    That, however, is not enough. If we focus solely on the identities and personalities of those who are promoting the decline of liberty, we will be stumped by the fact that, even if we should succeed in removing them from their positions of influence, there are many more just like them waiting to step into their places. In the final analysis, it’s not the names and identities or political party affiliations of these individuals that matters as much as what they believe, what ideology they hold. Their ideology has a name. It’s called collectivism, a concept that government is master and people must obey. It’s to no avail to remove one collectivist from power only to replace him with another one – which has been the pattern for all too many years. It is time to stop being forever fascinated by the personalities and deeds of our leaders. We must focus on theideology of our leaders, because that is the cause of their deeds.

    The solution is simple. It is to take back control of the power centers of society, one-by-one, just the way they were captured in the first place. Replace the collectivists with people who have no personal agendas except to defend freedom. This will unleash the vast human potential for prosperity and happiness that can be realized only in the absence of government oppression. However, to reach that goal, it will be necessary for those who cherish freedom to do more than complain and far more than just casting a vote every few years.

    • Disgruntled says:

      Easier said than done, Pete. Politicians are all alike, or they wouldn’t be politicians. They want power and to spend other people’s money on themselves. The US has been manipulated from a republic (in 1776) to a democracy, and the “voters” that want to be supplied with “free” (that is, bought by the taxpayer’s money) goods and services, outnumber the REAL taxpayers who want the opposite. Already the politicians and the federal reserve have bankrupted the country, and it’s only a matter of time before the crash.

      • PriklyPete says:

        What you say is true but lets consider that our house and senate members are very vulnerable and if we began to remove them one by one whereby they could never return, don’t you think those who are left would begin to believe they could be next in line and change their voting habits?

        • jreb57 says:

          First, lets get the Democrats out. Then we can deal with the Republicans in the primaries. Maybe then if the Dems have no power, they will shed some of their leftist baggage.

      • ken29 says:

        @Pete… and Dis…: They have that power because the people are not willing to put in the effort to understand and vote for their common interests. ” If you are a part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … But there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around), ask his advice, then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time that truly intelligent exercise of the franchise requires. (Robert Heinlein)”

        • Disgruntled says:

          Right out of Lazarus’ notebook. I’m proud of you Ken.

    • jreb57 says:

      Obama was a constitutional law student. He understands the constitution well enough to circumvent it. It is up to the voters and the opposition party to hold him responsible.

      • PriklyPete says:

        What you say is only partially true; Since our house is filled with republicans, regardless of how they vote the senate will control that vote who are made up with democrats, it is impossible for the opposition party to hold him responsible and get anything done. We should not have a two party system whereby it becomes a smoke and mirrors game and the taxpayers foot the bill for all their nonsense. All politicians should be held to rule by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law, it’s the only way we can keep them responsible and honest to this once great nation..

        • jreb57 says:

          There is something called impeachment. Even if that can’t happen, if the Republicans take the Senate, it will be hard for him to pass his socialist (which is a polite name for communist) agenda. The only alternative we have is to vote the NODEM ticket.

      • jreb57 says:

        There is something called impeachment. Even if that can’t happen, if the Republicans take the Senate, it will be hard for him to pass his socialist (which is a polite name for communist) agenda. The only alternative we have is to vote the NODEM ticket.

  6. Roy Clingenpeel says:

    If most of the RINOs (they call themselves moderates although mid to far left is how they vote)) get reelected or elected we will see our country continue to loose our economic status (which now is in the poop), military power advantage and a greater influx of illegals to join our poverty roles.. The left are seeing their candidates loosing and shifting their support to these RINOs and perspective RINOs to maintain their power with the RINO vote. The RNC is doing the same. True conservatives and patriots must be numerous and strong enough to have a majority vote and vote leadership in that understand this country is in the dumps and need to stop spending money and dump the useless economic predators that proliferate all area of the government. We are in trouble and the anti constitutionalist are closing in for the kill.

    • ken29 says:

      @Roy: We are a long way from Constitutional government, but the Tea Party advocates quite a bit of unconstitutional stuff, too. The first thing is to soundly defeat the lawless ObamaLaw Liberals to send a message that we want Constitutional government (aka freedom from tyranny). Then we can go to work to sort out the remaining tyrants among the RINOs, Tea Party, Republican Party, etc. First things first.

  7. taldock says:

    It is about time that someone stood up and spoke out against corporatism (fascism). Both parties try to make out that it doesn’t exist.
    The democrat party has been hi-jacked by the Fascists.

  8. Bedeed says:

    Crony Capitalism is a misnomer. Our “leaders” are simply being polite. It’s Crony Corruption thru and thru, and most of them own it. Corruption is no form of Capitalism irrespective of what the Marxists call it.

  9. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    Business, and Unions should not be able to lobby nor should they be allowed to make political contributions. Unions are the wworst to be beholedn to, as they demand payment in blood. Look how brazen they were about calling in favors from the OWEBAMA administration. Look at all the bad investments Owebama made in businesses run by his big contributors. The owners all got rich and the busineses all went belly up.
    Sure am glad Owebama did not chose to be an investment broker.

  10. Frank H. Deery says:


  11. lraivala says:

    Couldn’t agree with him more…. Put politician’s in charge of anything and you can bet your last dollar that they will get rich and we the people will pay for it.

  12. Debbie Hogan Tate says:

    He is a keeper!

  13. Oscar Pearson says:

    One more great idea for the GOP to put in their platform!

  14. QuisPercusit says:

    1. Term limits on all elected and appointed federal positions.
    2. Audit the Federal reserve bank, and Inventory all US Gold & silver bullion and coins.
    3, Execute all death row inmates and replace them 2 for 1 with Federal officials.
    4. Cease all immigration; let no one into the country with out a round trip ticket.
    5. Deport all illegals, send the bill to nation of origin. give them 30 days to pay or they lose all foreign aid forever.
    6. Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
    7. Bring all US Service men home from overseas place them along the US Borders.
    8. Reduce all imports until exports equal or exceed imports.
    9. A 0ne Percent flat tax on all corporations gross profit.
    10. Make English the official language, deport any one caught speaking a foreign language let them back in when they can read write and speak English.

    • 1911kimber45 says:

      Tell this to your State Legislature, and tell them to get on board with the rest of the States that are (slowly) forming the Convention Of States, possibly your ON-TARGET points could be the basis of new Constitutional Ammendments!
      We can’t seem to get the Republican branch of the DUMB-O-CRAP party, and the progressive IDIOTS to do anything, so now it’s time for WE.THE PEOPLE to restore our Constitution!

  15. 1911kimber45 says:

    I’ve known Mike Lee since before he decided to step up and run against an establishment RINO, Bob Bennett, easily beating Bennett.
    I am so glad that Senator Lee has finally gotten his feet on the ground, and is beginning to show the rest of the nation what many from Utah have known, this is one of the few HONEST Constitutional politicians, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from him, Senator Cruz, and another Utah Constitutional politician, Congressman Jason Chaffetz.
    Hopefully they will be able to influence the rest of the GOP.

  16. kanawah says:

    It needs to start with the big money on the right.
    They are buying the US government.
    We must stop the likes of the Crotch (Koch) brothers and Sheldon Adleson for buying our government.

  17. jreb57 says:

    Communism, the ultimate crony capitalism

  18. Mad Mmaxxx says:

    Americans have been calling for an end to Crony Capitalism for a long time. Problem is that we hjave not used the power of the vote to make it happen.
    Want term limits? Vote them out after 2 terms and never vote for them again. Problem served.
    Put the lobbyists out of work. Want campaign reform, flood your congress person’s email queue’s and phone messages about the kind of reform you want.
    I suggest that campaigning before prior to 6 months before an election be made illegal.
    Campaign season should be limited to 4 months. I
    f you can’t get your meddage out to your constituents in 4 months you are to stupid to run for office. The 4 month period takes away their ability to taylor their message on the fly
    Drasticly limit campaign contributions by not allowing unions, and big business to contribute at Most of all, hold them accountable at the polls when they don’t deliver .

  19. Cranky Steven says:

    *yawn*, I’m calling for the return of the brontosaurus. Let’s see which happens first.

  20. Linda Pfister says:

    To patrick i really like your post yes at least 10 % goes to our churchs this stinking money grabbing anti- AMAERICAN ANTI -GOD MUSLIM LOVING GOV WILL PAY THE ALTIMATE PRICE FOR TURNING THEIR BACKS ON GOD THEY WILL ALL BURN IN HELL

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