Republican Who Supports A Transgenders Military

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) informed CBS that she does not agree with President Trump who banned most transgenders from serving in the military. Ernst stated, “I support allowing those transgenders that can serve I believe they should serve.”

Partial  transcript as follows:
BRENNAN: You also sit on the Armed Services Committee and late Friday the president did announce that he was changing his position but still banning essentially transgender people from serving in the military. Do you support that?
ERNST: Well, I support allowing those transgenders that can serve I believe they should serve. We do want to make sure that they meet physical requirements. We can’t wave that. That is true across any demographic within our military. Making sure that they are physically fit and they meet the mental standard. But I’ve asked transgenders myself, if you were willing to lay down your life beside mine I would welcome you into our military. Again, there are standards that have to be met I will support the president and the administration on making sure that standards are met. But if there are transgenders that meet those qualifications certainly I would gladly have them serve in our United States Military.
RENNAN: Will you ask the White House to change its position?
ERNST: Well, I think that the White House has done very studied analysis of how we have the best qualified people coming into the military and so I’m happy to have those discussions with the administration. But again making sure that those standards are applied fairly across the spectrum of every citizen that wants to join our United States military.


  1. Sorry, but Transgenders in our Armed Forces is not only a Bad Idea, but it is demoralizing and seriously unfair to the millions of American servicemen and servicewomen who do not need any mentally and spiritually ill people in their ranks who think that they’re born into the wrong bodies-that kind of bullshit is NOT the proper venue for the Military to be doing, and calling honesty bigotry and other social outrages isn’t going to change the way life and reality has been set up! former President Obama and his flawed administration has done more than enough damages to America and throwing Gay and Transgender rights in the Civil Rights laws of our Nation is the proverbial “oil and water” example of non-reality, and as long as our country foolishly chooses to defy spiritual and social reality, then we are headed for serious trouble, and allowing a group of dysfunctional people into our Armed Forces will cause and create divisions that will harm and undermine morale, and that is not worth the problems that it will cause! assaulting spiritual Christian principles so that a specific minority isn’t offended is also the main example of non-reality and the Bottomline here is that you don’t fight God and get to win because only fools believe that God doesn’t exist, and these are the same fools who will be destroyed in the end, and it is still non-reality to cater to a self-chosen group of people who have nothing to do with Race or anything else that is relevant to anything, and it has absolutely no business in any part of our Nation’s Armed Forces, or the fools who have allowed this insanity to breed!

  2. DonRS says:

    Joni Earnst is a HUGE disappointment! She promoted herself as a conservative. Should have been honest – she’s a left leaning RINO!

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