Republicans Begin Sounding Off On Trump Summit

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) is claiming that America now looks like a “pushover” after Trump’s summit with Putin.

Corker stated, “I got here last night and was here to watch it I, too, want us to have good relations with Russia. I think everybody would like to see that happen, but I was disappointed especially by the comments made after the formal presentation. I felt like that everyone who’s dealt with Putin understands fully that the best way to deal with him is through strength. I just felt like the president’s comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. I was disappointed in that.”

“When he had the opportunity to defend our intelligence agencies, who work for him, I was very disappointed and saddened with the equivalency he gave between them and what Putin was saying. So I was very disappointed in that. You know, Congress has spoken strongly. Very few bills around here pass 98-2, but we led on pushing back against Russia for many of the things they’ve done, which have been counter to U.S. interests. I just felt like the president should have been more forceful in talking about those grievances.”

“Putin only understands strength. I did not think this was a good moment for our country.”


  1. DonRS says:

    Spoken just like the little PUSSY from Tennessee, on his way back, as Tennessee voters, TOO, have had enough of him – he couldn’t get re-elected, so he can’t pass a microphone without shooting off his discredited mouth. Sen. Corker, the Republican Senator that enabled Obama to give away the store to Iran. Talk about weak Senators and Presidents!

  2. James in Texas says:

    Sad day when any Republican shows how much of a coward they are. The facts are that our elected elites believe that they are above the people and only each one of them really knows everything. Corker has outlived his time and the peoples of his state have come to know that he makes fools of them when he make “noise”, which he thinks makes him look like one of “Big Boys”!

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