Anti-Fracking Lawyers Accidentally Let Something Slip – This Changes Everything Forever

25110692_sProgressives have long sought to keep American energy in the ground with unfounded allegations of well water pollution supposedly caused by fracking fluid from natural gas production.   Environmental activist have often cited Dimock, PA as the prime example of ground water destruction from fracking fluid, but that narrative is melting fast.

From the Daily Caller:

For years, environmentalists have pointed to the town of Dimock, Pa. as the “ground zero” of bad things having to do with hydraulic fracturing.

But the lawyer representing the families suing the drilling company that allegedly impacted their drinking water made a stunning admission in court: The water’s not actually contaminated.

“This is not a case — this is not a case about toxic materials ending up in the water,” lawyer Leslie Lewis told the jury Tuesday while arguing her case before the court.

We do not have proof of that,” Lewis said. “We don’t have proof of that. This is not about fracking fluid appearing in the water. Hydraulic fracturing materials, we don’t have proof of that.”

Ouch! That’s not exactly what the left was hoping to hear from the very lawyers on their side

The Daily Caller continues:

The news was first reported by journalist Phelim McAleer, who also created the documentary “Fracknation.” McAleer has been following the fracking debate for years, and has even called out activist filmmaker Josh Fox for not including some inconvenient facts in his anti-fracking film.

“This is hugely significant because Dimock has been characterized as ‘Ground Zero’ for fracking contamination of water,” McAleer wrote in an email detailing the admission by families suing Cabot Oil and Gas.

“It has featured in the documentaries Gasland 1 & 2 and has been the subject of national and international news reports,” McAleer added. “Countless celebrities have also pushed the lie that Dimock’s water was contaminated with fracking fluid. The question now is whether these activists and celebrities will apologize for their damaging and misleading claims.”

Clearly the facts have changed in the fracking debate but it remains to be seen whether or not opinions will change.  Fracking fluid hysteria should be a non-issue since many companies such as Halliburton now offer non-toxic fracking fluid but that fact hasn’t stopped the left from cultivating fear about fracking fluid.

Judging by the rhetoric from left wing organizations such as Think Progress it appears that the real reason the left wants to stop horizontal hydro-fracking is because of climate change concerns not ground water pollution.  However, alleged ground water pollution was the most powerful anti-fracking argument progressives could pitch in rural areas to more conservative citizens who are skeptical of climate change alarmism.

The admission that Dimock ground water was NOT contaminated by fracking fluid deals a major blow to a longstanding environmentalist myth!!

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