Rodman Says He Can ‘Straighten Things Out’ With N.K.

The bad news is, as we’re distracted at home, fighting over the debt ceiling and worrying about killer hurricanes, North Korea appears to be planning yet another test of its weapons arsenal. The good news is, we have an emissary ready and willing to handle the situation.

Dennis Rodman, a frequent guest of North Korea’s pint-sized dictator, Kim Jong Un, says he’s keeping his phone by his side just in case President Donald Trump calls; he’s ready and willing to serve as the head of America’s diplomatic relations team in North Korea and diffuse the ongoing battle of wills between the two nations.

“I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together,” Rodman told a British talk show, hosted by Piers Morgan, on Wednesday. He went on to suggest that Trump talk to the North Korean leader one-on-one, because communicating over Twitter and through spokespeople can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Rodman says he has no doubt the two leaders could find “common ground.”

But, though Rodman says he can accomplish great things diplomatically, he did tell Morgan that when he and Kim Jong Un hang out, they almost never talk shop — at least, Kim Jong Un’s shop.


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